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PXE – PXE-E52: ProxyDHCP offers were received

I was recently trying to PXE build a machine and was getting the error “PXE-E52: proxyDHCP offers were received. No DHCP offers were received”


I checked the SMSPXE.log on my SCCM 2012 R2 Distribution point and I could see that the machine MAC address was in the log, but it wasn’t getting an IP. I checked the DHCP Scope in my DHCP Console for this particular VLAN and noticed this icon DHCP which meant “DHCP server alert. No addresses are available from server scopes because the maximum (100 percent) of the addresses allocated for use are currently leased. This represents a failure of the DHCP server on the network because it is not able to lease or service clients.”

I increased the scope and now the machine could PXE boot successfully.

LocationServices: Failed to retrieve Default Management Points from lookup MP(s)

I was working on a server trying to install Windows Updates from Software Center. When installing anything in Software Center the status would change to failed.

I checked CAS.log in C:\Windows\CCM\CAS.log to see if it could find a distribution point and it had an error of “Failed to send Location Request Message”

I checked Configuration Manager client in Control Panel and there was no Assigned management point under the General tab.

I went back into C:\Windows\Logs and checked Locationservices.log and noticed “Failed to retrieve Default Management Points from lookup MP(s)”. Clientlocation.log showed “Unable to retrieve AD forest + domain membership”

When checking the network settings I realised there was an old DNS server set on this server. The old DNS server had been decomissioned. Once changing it to the new DNS server, I restarted “SMS Agent Host” service and after 5 minutes I could see the logs updating and everything looked ok. I could now install updates/software from the Software Center.

In my case it was DNS issues, but take a look into your network settings.

Task Sequence Failed – Failed to get client identity (80004005)

SCCM 2012 R2:

I had an issue today where a task sequence was failing on a particular machine with the error “Failed to get client identity (80004005)”. Other machines were building today with the same task sequence and PXE point.

First thing I checked before the machine restarted during the task sequence was the SMSTS.log by pressing F8. I loaded up CMtrace.exe in the cmd window and browsed to X:\Windows\Temp\SMSTS.log and the error in interest was Failed to get client identity (80004005)

After finding out a bit more information about the machine, I had heard that a Dell technician came out to replace the motherboard. Previously to that it was working. When checking out the BIOS settings I noticed that the date and time was incorrect. The date was set to 08/08/15 (MM/DD/YY) and time was set to 09:32:48PM. It is currently 03/08/2016 and 01:58PM. After setting the correct date and time in the BIOS and clearing the PXE flag the machine imaged successfully.