LocationServices: Failed to retrieve Default Management Points from lookup MP(s)

I was working on a server trying to install Windows Updates from Software Center. When installing anything in Software Center the status would change to failed.

I checked CAS.log in C:\Windows\CCM\CAS.log to see if it could find a distribution point and it had an error of “Failed to send Location Request Message”

I checked Configuration Manager client in Control Panel and there was no Assigned management point under the General tab.

I went back into C:\Windows\Logs and checked Locationservices.log and noticed “Failed to retrieve Default Management Points from lookup MP(s)”. Clientlocation.log showed “Unable to retrieve AD forest + domain membership”

When checking the network settings I realised there was an old DNS server set on this server. The old DNS server had been decomissioned. Once changing it to the new DNS server, I restarted “SMS Agent Host” service and after 5 minutes I could see the logs updating and everything looked ok. I could now install updates/software from the Software Center.

In my case it was DNS issues, but take a look into your network settings.

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