Intune Conditional Access with Exchange Online for Windows PC’s – User Experience

This post will show the end user experience for when Conditional Access is configured to prevent non-domain joined Windows 7 and Windows 10 PC’s from accessing Exchange Online either from the Outlook client, or OWA web mail.If you would like more information on how to configure Conditional Access and for different scenario’s, see Use conditional access with Intune and Configuration Manager

In a ConfigMgr Current Branch 1610 Intune Hybrid environment, I have configured the Conditional Access in the ConfigMgr console which will then open up the Intune admin console


I have enabled conditional access policy.


Now on a non-domain joined Windows 7 machine when trying to access OWA, the user is presented with the “You can’t get there from here” screen below


And on the same Windows 7 machine, if a user tries to configure their Exchange Online account in Outlook application, they will get the same “You can’t get there from here” screen


This looks the same on Windows 10


The same screen when accessing OWA on a Windows 10 machine


What happens if a machine had Outlook configured and working before the Conditional Access policies were put in place? In my testing, when opening the Outlook app, the same screen was displayed when it tried to connect to Exchange Online


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