Intune Hybrid MDM – Remote Wipe iPhone

This post will show how you can use ConfigMgr (I am using ConfigMgr Current Branch 1610) with an Intune subscription (hybrid MDM) to completely wipe an iPhone if it has been lost or stolen. When doing a full wipe, it will restore the iPhone to its factory settings (removing all company and user data).

In the ConfigMgr console, select the device and right click and select Remote Device Actions, then select Retire/Wipe


The warning below will be displayed where you can either do a selective wipe, or a full wipe. In my example, I will be doing a full wipe.


Another warning is displayed


I will send a sync request from the console to save time (new feature in ConfigMgr Current Brach 1610)


Once the iPhone has received the sync request, you can see it is now doing a full factory restore, removing all company and user data.

iphonewipe5   iphonewipe6



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