Intune Hybrid MDM – Reset iPhone Passcode from ConfigMgr console

When an iPhone is enrolled with Intune (or other devices such as iOS/Android/Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1) using Hybrid MDM, ConfigMgr provides the ability to be able to reset the passcode. This is very helpful if a user has forgotten their passcode.

This post will show how to clear the iPhone passcode using ConfigMgr Current Branch 1610 with an Intune subscription. When clearing the passcode on an iOS device, the passcode is actually cleared. A temporary passcode is not created.

Select the iPhone in the ConfigMgr console and right click, select Remote Device Actions, then select Reset Passcode.


The following warning will be displayed


One of the nice new features in ConfigMgr Current Branch 1610 in a hybrid deployment is the ability to request a policy sync for a device enrolled with Intune rather than having to do it from the Company Portal. 

Right click on the device, select Remote Device Actions, then select Send Sync Request


You see that the Passcode Reset state is set to Pending.


Once the passcode has been reset, you can see that the reset state is Succeeded.


From the iPhone now, previously if there was a passcode set, the passcode is now removed. On my device, I would usually need the passcode to unlock the device. Now I can unlock the device without a passcode and set a new passcode.


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