Intune Hybrid with ConfigMgr – Deploying required app to iOS from App Store

This post will show how to deploy a required application to an iPhone (or iOS device) from the App Store (Microsoft Excel) and also create a Mobile Application Management (MAM) Policy as Microsoft Excel requires it. My environment below is ConfigMgr Current Branch 1610 with an Intune subscription.

In the ConfigMgr console, go into Software Library, right click Applications and select Create Application


Select the type App Package for iOS from App Store. Paste the link of the app from the App Store. In this example, I have pasted the link for Microsoft Excel. You can browse the other apps from and get the link  and paste it in. Click Next.



You can add the required information here and click Next.


Click Next



Now we will create our MAM (mobile application management) policy for Microsoft Excel, as it is required before we deploy the application. Right click on Application Management Policies and select Create Application Management Policies.


Select the platform as iOS.


I have left the options as default.



Now we can deploy our Microsoft Excel application we created before. Select the Application, right click and select Deploy.


I will be deploying it to my Intune Users collection


In my example, I am deploying it as Required. Alternatively you can deploy it as Available and then download it from the Company Portal app.


All other options have been left as default. Now on the Application Management section I have selected the MAM policy I created before. If you didn’t create this MAM policy then you will not be able to proceed (For Microsoft Excel anyway)


Now I am going to initiate a Send Sync Request to my iPhone.


Once the iPhone receives the policy, because it was a required application I deployed, the iPhone is presented with this screen. Microsoft Excel will begin to install.


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