SCCM TP 1708 – Software Center Customization

With the recently released SCCM Technical Preview 1708, you can now customize the Software Center look including the company name and logo, colour schemes, and hiding different tabs. This post will demonstrate how you can customize Software Center and how it looks.

These settings are configured in the Client Settings. You can see that there is now a Software Center section as displayed in the picture below.

Once you select Yes for Select these new settings to specify the company information, you can configure all the other settings. In my example below, I have set a company name, I have set the colour scheme and also used a logo. If you like, you can also choose to hide certain tabs.


When setting a logo for Software Center, note that the maximum dimensions are 100×400 pixels, and the file cannot be larger than 750kb in size.


This is how my Software Center previously looked without doing any customization.


Now after adding the colour scheme, Software Center logo and company name, the Software Center looks like the image below.


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