Intune – Deploying Office 365 ProPlus

Intune makes it easy to deploy the Office 365 ProPlus suite to your Windows 10 Intune enrolled machines. A while ago you had to use the ODT (Office Deployment Tool) to create a custom XML to configure the Office 365 ProPlus suite. Now in Intune you can easily select the Office 365 ProPlus products you would like to include or exclude, choose either 32bit or 64bit, select the languages, select the update channels and other settings.

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This post will show how you can configure and deploy Office 365 ProPlus to a Windows 10 machine enrolled in Intune.

In the Intune portal ( select Intune, Mobile apps, Apps, then click Add.


For the App type, select Windows 10 underneath Office 365 suite, then under Configure App Suite, select the Office 365 apps that you would like to include or exclude. You also have the ability to select the additional apps such as Project Online Desktop Client and Visio Pro for Office 365.


Under App Suite Information, give the suite a name and a description. Intune will add the Office 365 ProPlus logo for you automatically.


Under the App Suite Settings, select the Office Version you would like and the update channel. I have selected Semi-Annual (which use to be called Deferred). For an overview of the Office 365 Update Channels, see

I have also selected to automatically accept the EULA. I am not using shared computer activation which is usually used for remote desktop farms.


Next step is to assign the app to a group. I have added a group I created in Azure AD which has a dynamic rule to include Windows 10 devices. I have also made this app as Required.


After doing a Sync on the Windows 10 machine, we can see the Office 365 setup running.


The Click-to-run setup will begin downloading the Office 365 ProPlus bits.


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