How can I view information, errors and warnings about my Intune tenant?

Intune now has a new Tenant Status section. This new section will give you information about your Intune tenant such as

  • Tenant Name
  • MDM Authority
  • Tenant Location
  • Service Release (the Intune build, this is handy to see if the latest Intune build has been released to your tenant)
  • Total Licensed Users
  • Total Intune Licenses
  • Total Enrolled Devices

You can also view the Connector Status of the Auto Pilot last sync date and Windows Store for Business last sync date and others.

Intune Service Health is on the Tenant Status, this will let you know of any issues or active incidents.

Intune News is also there. This includes categories like Stay Informed where you can see whats new in the later builds of Intune, and Prevent or Fix Issues where you can view known issue and resolved issues.

For more information see

To get to the Tenant Status screen to view information about your Intune Tenant, you will find it in , under Intune, then Tenant Status. Here is what it looks like:


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