How To Convert Jpg To Pdf On Windows 10


How to Convert a JPG to PDF on Windows 10

In most cases, screenshots and photos acquired from the internet are stored as JPG or PNG images. It is possible that you may need to convert these files to the PDF format at some point. Here’s how you accomplish that with Windows 10 using the Photos app that comes pre-installed. Photos is the default photo viewing application in Windows 10. When you double-click an image, it should open in the Photos app on your iPhone or iPod touch. Locate and double-click the JPG file that you wish to convert to a PDF on your computer’s hard drive if you haven’t already done so.

RELATED:How to Change the Default Apps in Windows 10 (Part 2) It is necessary to access the Images app the old-fashioned manner if you changed the default app for viewing photos in the past.

If you wish to convert numerous JPG images into PDF format at the same time, you must first launch the Photos app and then choose the files from within the app.

Locate the picture file that you wish to convert from the image collection from this point on.

  • Alternatively, if you wish to convert numerous JPG files to PDF at the same time, click the “Select” button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Images with a check mark in the top-right corner of the image are those that have been picked.
  • If you prefer, you can utilize the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut.
  • Select the “Printer” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Microsoft Print to PDF” from the drop-down menu.
  • No, you will not be printing the photo; nonetheless, this step is required in order to save the image in a PDF format.
  • If you look closely, you’ll find that the “Save as Type” box indicates that the file type is a PDF Document.
  • The process of converting a JPG to a PDF on Windows 10 is rather straightforward.
  • Try it out and see how it goes!

How To Convert JPG To PDF On Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, converting photos (such as JPG or JPEG, PNG format) to PDF is a simple process. If you choose to do so, you may convert photos to PDF without the need to download any third-party software to do so. This is accomplished through the usage of the Microsoft Print to PDF function. With the aid of this capability, you may convert web pages, any documents, and picture files into PDF format for viewing and printing. However, it is a function that is not widely understood among users.

  • Method No.
  • To begin, please follow the steps outlined below.
  • Step 2: Open it using the default picture viewer on your computer (It can be a Photos app, Microsoft Office Picture Manager or an editing tool like Paint).
  • Alternatively, you may access the “Print” Dialog box by using the “Ctrl + P” key combination.
  • Step 5Select the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option from the “Printer” drop-down menu and then click on the “Print” button to begin with the printing process.
  • Then, give the file a name and choose where it should be saved by clicking on the “Save” button.
  • 2.
  • Step 3: After you’ve finished editing, you may save it.

Create a PDF/XPS document from a file or save it to a folder. Step 4: Create a PDF or XPX file. A popup with the title “Publish as PDF” will appear on the screen. Then, to proceed, give the file a name and a location and click on the “Publish” button to start the process.

Convert Multiple Images to PDF

Method No. 1: Using the Photos Application Step 1: From the Search results, launch the Photos App. Choose many photographs by selecting them with the “Select” button in Step 2. Step 3: Select “Print” from the drop-down menu. During Step 4, a “Print” window will come on the screen with a number of different options. Step 5Select the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option from the “Printer” drop-down menu and then click on the “Print” button to begin with the printing process. On the screen, a new pop-up window will emerge in the sixth step.

  • Method No.
  • Second, insert the photographs or images and resize them to fit your needs.
  • Afterwards, export to a pdf file using the FileSaveSendCreate PDF/XPS Document command.
  • Step 4: A popup titled “Publish as PDF” will appear on the screen.

How To Enable Microsoft Print to PDF Option

For those who are unable to locate the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option, it is necessary to enable this capability by following the procedures outlined below. Step 1: From the Start Menu, type “Control Panel” into the search box. Step 2: Select Programs from the drop-down menu. Step 3: Select the “Turn Windows Feature On or Off” option from the drop-down menu. Step 4Click on the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option and then on the “OK” button to confirm your selection.


You may convert picture files (JPG or JPEG, PNG, or TIFF) to PDF on Windows 10 by using one of the techniques listed above. I hope you found this information interesting. Follow CCorner to learn more about Windows 10’s unique and innovative features. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

How to convert a JPG file to a PDF file on a Mac or Windows 10 computer

  • It is necessary to alter the default photo-viewing application on your computer’s default photo-conversion software in order to convert a JPG to PDF. It is possible to complete this procedure in the built-in Photos program on Windows, and it is also possible to do it in Preview on MacOS
  • It is also possible to convert JPG images into other file types, such as PNG or TIFF, using these photo-viewing applications. More stories may be found in Insider’s Tech Reference collection
  • Click here.

If you have a JPG image and want to convert it to a PDF file that is more printer-friendly, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ll show you how. You may complete the procedure using the photo-viewing application on your computer, and there is no need to visit a third-party application or website. Here’s how to accomplish it on a computer running Windows or Mac OS X.

How to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10

1.Right-click on the image you wish to convert to a PDF and select “Save target as.” The image should open in Photos, which is the default photo-viewing application for Windows 10 (see screenshot). If it doesn’t, open the Photosapp and pick the photo you want to convert by clicking on the file name. If it doesn’t, it’s likely because you’ve changed your default application. 2.Click on the printer symbol in the top-right corner of the Photosmenu bar, or use the shortcut key on your keyboard. Control + P will do the trick.

SelectMicrosoft Print to PDF from the drop-down menu, then clickPrint. 4.Make certain that PDF is chosen as the Save as type in the File Explorer pop-up window. Make any necessary changes to the file’s name or leave it as is, then select a location for the file and clickSave.

How to convert JPG to PDF on Mac

1.Right-click on the image you wish to convert to a PDF and select “Save target as.” On Mac computers, Preview is used to examine photos, and the picture should open in that program by default. If it doesn’t, open thePreviewapp and pick the photo you want to convert by clicking on the file name. If it doesn’t, open thePreviewapp and select the photo you want to convert by clicking on the file name. 2.In thePreviewmenu, selectFile > Export as PDF. from the drop-down menu. To convert a JPG to another form of file, select “Export” from the File menu.


You may either leave the file name as is or rename it.

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Use This Trick to Convert Any Image to PDF on Windows 10

The process of converting photos to PDFs on Windows 10 computers could not be simpler. You don’t even need third-party applications or programs to use this feature! The process of converting photos to PDFs on Windows 10 computers could not be simpler. The use of Adobe Reader does not necessitate the installation of extra software or the use of resource-intensive applications. Using the following approach, you may convert image formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, and other popular formats to PDF. It is not, however, confined to merely picture files in this case.

If the application includes a print feature, you may use it to convert it to PDF format as well.

How to Convert an Image to PDF

In order to convert a picture to a PDF on Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. The photo should now be opened up in your default image viewer, which might be the Windows 10 Photo app or a photo editing tool such as Paint
  2. To print a picture, use the Ctrl + P keys simultaneously once it has been opened. The printer should be set toMicrosoft Print to PDF, and then clickPrint. Please refer to the section below if you are unable to locate this option. A new dialog box will appear, allowing you to input the file name and pick the location of the file in question. Once you’ve finished, click Save.

Basically, this approach will work with any picture file and with any software that has the ability to print.

How to Enable Microsoft Print to PDF

Depending on whether or not you see Microsoft Print to PDF listed as a printer, you may need to enable the capability first. Perform a system search for the option to switch on or off the Windows feature and choose the match. This will bring up the Windows Features menu. Scroll down the list and selectMicrosoft Print to PDF from the drop-down menu. Then clickOK. It should not be necessary to restart your computer in order for the modifications to take effect.

You Can Convert on Mobile Too

Please keep in mind that while this is an excellent approach for converting photographs to PDF, it also works with other formats on any application that allows printing. Consider using one of these file conversion applications for Android if you want to convert a picture to a PDF or vice versa on your mobile device. The Raspberry Pi can be used for a variety of amazing things. What Raspberry Pi project should you start with? Which one should you start with? Here’s a collection of the most innovative Raspberry Pi applications and projects available today!

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[5 Methods] How to Convert PDF to JPG in Windows 10

Download and run EaseUS PDF Editor, and then import your PDF file into the program. Step 2: Select “Convert””To JPEG” from the drop-down menu. Step 3.Choose the pages you wish to convert and press the “OK” button. Examine the specifics PDF is a file format for documents that is frequently used. You are most certainly familiar with this format because it is used by the most, if not all, of your papers. The problem with this format is that in order to open a PDF file, you must first download and install a PDF reader.

JPG is a photo format that may be seen on almost any platform, including mobile devices.

If your PDF document is in the JPG format, they should be able to see it in any of the image viewer programs that are installed on their devices.

We’ll go through a few of the free methods for converting your papers to photos in this section of the article.

How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10 Offline

Windows 10 has a slew of features that will make it easier for you to deal with your files. With Windows 10, you have a variety of options for converting PDF to JPG without having to leave your current application. The following are some of the methods you may use to convert your PDF documents to JPG photos.

1.EaseUS PDF Editor

It is recommended that you use EaseUS PDF Editor if you are looking for the finest PDF converter for Windows 10. This software supports a wide range of input and output formats, including docx, bmp, pptx, and others, allowing you to convert or create a PDF from a variety of files with a single click. When it comes to converting files, you might be concerned about losing the quality and format of the original. This software can aid you in avoiding the problem since it will not alter the quality, picture, or formatting of the output file when conversion is complete.

Step 1.Open EaseUS PDF Editor and choose the PDF document by clicking “File””Open” on the menu bar.

Step 2.Once the PDF file has been successfully imported, click the “Convert” option at the top of the interface and select the format in which you wish to save it.

When the converting procedure is complete, you will be able to specify the file name and location where it will be saved.

To save time, EaseUS also provides an online application (EaseUS PDF Online) that will convert PDF files to JPG in a matter of seconds if you don’t want to install any desktop software. More information may be found in Part 2 of this article.

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

It is recommended that you use EaseUS PDF Editor if you are looking for the finest PDF converterfor Windows 10. Since a result, you may convert or generate a PDF from 10+ different files with a single click, as this program supports a wide range of input and output formats such as docx, bmp, pptx, and others. Concerns about losing the original quality and format of files are common when converting them. After conversion, this software will not alter the quality, picture, or formatting of the output, which might help you avoid the problem.

1.Open EaseUS PDF Editor and select the PDF document by clicking “File” “Open,” then “Save.” To import a PDF file that you want to convert, you may either choose “Open Files.” or “Add File.” Following successful importation of the PDF file, select “Convert” from the top of the interface and specify where you want the file to be saved.

Followed by a step-by-step selection of the pages you wish to convert that is flexible to your requirements.

TipIf you don’t want to use desktop software, EaseUS also provides you with an online solution (EaseUS PDF Online) that allows you to convert PDF files to JPG in seconds without having to download anything.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Those of you who use Adobe Photoshop to alter photographs will find that this tool can also be used to convert PDF files to JPG. Photoshop is compatible with a variety of file types, including PDF and JPG. It is just a matter of importing your source file into the application and exporting the file to the picture format of your choosing. You may even make changes to your source file before it is exported in the file format of your choice. The first step is to open your PDF in Photoshop. By right-clicking your PDF file in File Explorer and selecting “Open with,” you may open it in Adobe Photoshop.

In the following page, select “JPEG” from the “Format” dropdown menu, check any other choices that you deem necessary, select the folder in which you wish to store your file, and then click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

This is an identical copy of the PDF file that you originally uploaded.

4. Icecream PDF Converter

The Icecream PDF Converter is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a feature-rich tool to assist you with the conversion of your PDF files. You can convert PDF to JPG with this utility, but it also has the capability of converting other files to PDF using the same tool. A wealth of handy features are included, allowing you to get even more out of your current PDF documents with the help of the application. The free edition has certain restrictions on what you can do, but the option to convert PDF to JPG should be sufficient, and you can use it to convert any and all of your documents to a photograph format.

Launch the software and select “From PDF” from the drop-down menu.

You may also import a file into the program by dragging and dropping it onto the app’s UI (see below).

This assures that your PDF file is converted to the JPG format, and not any other format, when it is converted.

Step 3.Finally, click on “Convert” to begin the process of converting your PDF file to a JPG image. If everything goes smoothly, your finished file should be available in the output directory after a short period of time.

How to Convert PDF to JPG Windows 10 Online

If you simply want to convert one or a few of PDF files to JPG, you probably don’t want to go to the trouble of installing software to do this. Fortunately, there are internet tools that you may utilize to complete your converting task. It is one of the web-based solutions that allows you to convert your PDF documents into a variety of other formats, including JPGs. The following are the most important characteristics:

  • There is no need for installation or registration. User interface that is clean and straightforward
  • Allow for the conversion of PDF files to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint presentations, or vice versa
  • Compatible with all operating systems

Using the EaseUS PDF Online service, upload your desired PDF file by clicking “Choose File” in the upper right-hand corner. Alternatively, you can simply drag & drop it here. Step 2.Next, select the “to JPG” option from the drop-down menu. Step 3.Wait for the website to finish converting your PDF to JPG. Upon completion, click “Download” to store the converted file onto your computer’s hard disk.

The Bottom Line

The decision to convert your PDF files to JPG might be based on a variety of considerations. As long as you are using a computer that is running Windows 10, you will be able to conduct this conversion on your computer in a variety of methods. If you want to convert your PDF documents into JPG images, you may do it using either installable programs or web-based solutions.

How to convert JPEG and PNG image files to PDF in Windows 11/10

The conversion of JPEG and PNG images to PDF documents was not always straightforward, and it required the use of third-party software to do the task. Fortunately, with the introduction of Windows 10, this need has been eliminated. Using the default photo viewing software – Windows 11/10 Photos App – users of Windows 11 and Windows 10 now have the option to convert any image file into a PDF document. A function in the app called “Microsoft Print to PDF” allows you to print to PDF without the use of a third-party program.

Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, is the default application for opening PDF files on Windows 10.

Convert Image files to PDF in Windows 11/10

Following these procedures will allow you to convert picture files to PDF on Windows 11/10:

  1. Discover where you saved the photograph on your computer. Double-clicking on it will launch the Photos application. To launch the Print dialog box, using the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer drop-down menu. To print a document, use the Print button. Choose a location where you wish to save the file
  2. Click Save. Give it a name and save it by pressing the Save button.

Continue reading to find out more about these stages in greater detail. As previously said, if you have Windows 10 installed on your computer, you can effortlessly convert any picture file into PDF format without having to install any additional third-party software on your machine. To do so, open File Explorer and navigate to the location of the folder containing all of the picture files that you wish to convert to PDF. Once there, click on the Convert to PDF button. After that, double-click the picture file to open it in the default Windows Photos app, Windows Photo Viewer, or any application that you have configured as the default for your computer.

It is important to note that if you do not see the Devices dialog box, visit to the Windows 11/10 Settings page and choose Devices again.

SelectMicrosoft Print to PDFas your printer from the drop-down menu.

The Save Print Output Asdialog will be shown as a result of this activity.

Finally, give your freshly produced PDF file a good name by typing it into the text box provided and clicking the Save button. Other options such as picture size, quality, and so on are available for you to adjust as well. Click here to learn more.

How do I convert a PNG to a PDF in Windows 11/10?

Any picture reader application may be used to convert a PNG to a PDF on a Windows 11 or Windows 10 machine. Further investigation reveals that you must utilize the Microsoft Print to PDF option or a printer to complete the task. This guide will show you how to convert a PNG or JPG image into a PDF file. It will work with whatever type of file you have.

How can I convert JPG to PNG to PDF?

To convert a JPG file to PNG and then PDF, you’ll need to utilize two separate programs. To begin, you may convert a JPG image into a PNG using the built-in Paint application. After that, you may convert the PNG to PDF by using the Print dialog box in Windows 11/10. Detailed instructions are provided in this article, and you may follow them to complete the task.

How do I convert JPG to PDF on Windows?

The process of converting a PNG or a JPG to a PDF is nearly identical. Follow the same procedures as you did for the PNG image to create the TIFF image. Having said that, you may open the file in the default photo viewer and then hit the Ctrl+P key combination to print it. Then you may pick the Microsoft Print to PDF option and press the Print button to begin the printing process. Tip: You may convert, compress, and sign PDF documents using free Acrobat Online tools, which are available online.

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How to Convert JPG to PDF

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To begin, right-click the JPG file and select “Open With,” followed by “Photos.” “Click on the printer icon, then from the drop-down menu, selectMicrosoft Print to PDF, then clickPrint, and then clickSave.” Continue reading for information on how to convert a JPG file into a PDF.

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While both JPG and PDF are graphic image files, the most significant distinction between the two is that a JPG is an image file and a PDF is a document file. In contrast to the JPG format, which is mostly used for compressing and transmitting digital photos, PDF format is the preferred format for printing them. The next article will teach you how to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10; you’ve arrived at the correct spot. We’ll teach you how to convert your files in a matter of clicks, saving you the time and effort of looking for a reputable file converter on the internet.

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It is efficient, fast, and fully safe to use our program.

How To Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10

The conversion of an image from JPG to PDF may be accomplished on Windows 10 without the need to download extra software or to make use of online file converters. Keep in mind, however, that it will need a little more time and technical skills to do the task correctly. One method of converting a JPG to a PDF on Windows 10 is to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Using Windows 10, you may convert JPG images to PDF documents without the need of any additional software or the need to visit a website that offers file conversion services. It’s important to remember, however, that it will need a little more effort and technical knowledge to do the task correctly. On Windows 10, you may convert a JPG image to a PDF document by following the steps below:

Following the steps outlined below is an alternative method of accomplishing this:

  1. Microsoft Word should be opened and a new document created. Insert a photo that you’d want to save as a PDF file
  2. If required, make any necessary modifications to the image. Right-click onFile and choose “Save As”
  3. Alternatively, choose Browse and set the Save as type to PDF. Save the file by clicking on it.

Using an Online File Converter to Convert JPG to PDF

If the above mentioned procedures appear to be too hard or time-consuming, you can use an online file converter to complete the task. The majority of them merely ask you to upload the file and pick the file format to which you want it converted; the program handles the rest. There are a plethora of converters available online that you may use to complete your conversion. Some of the most well-known are as follows:

What Are the Drawbacks of Using a JPG to PDF Online Converter?

Despite the fact that online converters are handy and simple to use, they do have certain disadvantages that you should be aware of before using them. Some of them are as follows:

  • Poor quality—Images that have been processed and compressed may not have retained all of the original pixels and resolution, resulting in a picture of inferior quality. Large file size restrictions—Some converters impose large file size restrictions (ranging between 1MB and 3MB), requiring the user to convert only specific file formats or to stay within the size restrictions. Low Compatibility—Some programs will be unable to open the converted files due to a lack of compatibility. Limitations in Possibilities—There aren’t as many options available as there would be if you were participating in a specialized program. The possibility of malware infection—The converted files might be dangerous or include malware that could steal your information.

How To Know if the JPG to PDF Converter You Chose Is Safe?

There are several file converters available on the internet, but not all of them are safe to use. By utilizing a shady JPG to PDF converter, you run the risk of downloading malware, viruses, keyloggers, and other potentially hazardous software, which may be included with the converted file. When determining if a website is safe from hackers, the most reliable source of information is to look for reputable information regarding the site’s security, such as this:

  • How long it has been online
  • Who its customers are
  • And how many employees it has. Exactly what type of certificate it holds

Make certain that the URL of the site begins withHTTPS rather than HTTP. This guarantees that the file converter itself is protected from unauthorized access. Don’t forget to read the site’s terms of service and privacy policies before using it. It should be crystal clear as to what information will be collected and how it will be used by the website. The most effective method of avoiding such frauds is to utilize a trusted online currency converter. If you want to know if a converter is credible, seek for reviews written by people who have used it.

DoNotPay Safely Converts JPG to PDF in a Flash!

Whenever you need to convert a file fast, you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out which website or program is the most safe or lose your mind trying to figure out how to follow complex conversion instructions. We’ve built a file converter that’s secure, quick, and simple to use in order to save you the trouble of doing it all yourself.

It is unnecessary to be concerned about your personal information being stored or shared with other parties when you use DoNotPay. After 24 hours, we will remove all of your files from our system. All you have to do to convert your files using our program is the following:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account and click on theFile Converter button to begin. Please upload your JPG file. Choose PDFas the file type to which you wish to convert the document
  2. Obtain your new file from theMy Disputespage
  3. And

What Other Files Can You Convert With DoNotPay?

DoNotPay may be used to convert a plethora of various files in addition to JPG and PDF. These are some examples, which may be found in the table below:

Other File Types to JPG
How To Convert HEIC to JPG How To Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac
How To Convert PNG to JPG How To Convert PNG to JPG on Mac
How To Convert Webp to JPG How To Convert Image to JPG
How To Convert CR2 to JPG How To Convert TIFF to JPG
How To Convert NEF to JPG How To Convert JFIF to JPG
How To Convert GIF to JPG How To Convert PSD to JPG
How To Convert EPS to JPG How To Convert BMP to JPG
Other File Types to PDF
How To Convert PNG to PDF How To Convert TIFF to PDF
How To Convert XPS to PDF How To Convert a Picture to PDF
How To Convert BMP to PDF How To Convert HEIC to PDF
Other File Types to PNG
How To Convert Webp to PNG How To Convert GIF to PNG
How To Convert EPS to PNG How To Convert HEIC to PNG
How To Convert DDS to PNG How To Convert PSD to PNG
How To Convert TIFF to PNG
Other Files You Can Convert With DoNotPay
How To Convert PNG to ICO How To Convert PNG to Vector
How To Convert Webp to GIF How To Convert RAW to JPEG
How To Convert Image to 3D Online Free How To Convert Image to Embroidery File Free
How To Convert a Raster Image to a Vector Image How To Convert PSD to Vector
How To Convert EPS to SVG How To Convert Image to Base64
How To Convert Studio to SVG How To Convert Inkscape to Vector

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Learn how to convert JPG images to PDF documents on your Windows 10 computer in this post. The method we are going to describe to you is completely free and simple. Simply spend a few minutes following the really simple instructions outlined in the photos below. Then you may convert a jpg file to a pdf file all at once. Let’s get this party started. Step 1. To enter the quick-access menu, press the Windows key and the X key together. Then selectFileExplorer from the drop-down menu. Step 2: Navigate to the photographs folder on your computer.

  • Print may be selected by selecting Print from the context menu of the selected photographs.
  • (How to resolve the situation if you are unable to locate Microsoft Print to PDF) Note: If your photographs appear to be cropped, uncheck the box that says “Fit picture to frame.” Then press the Print button.
  • Fill up the blanks with the file name you wish for your PDF.
  • Now navigate to the folder that you created.
  • Note: If you are unable to locate Microsoft Print to PDF in step 3, do not panic!
  • Installing the Microsoft Print to PDF driver is required in order to use it.
  • 2) Select Install Printer.

3) Select “The printer that I want isn’t listed” from the drop-down menu.

Then click on the Next button.

FILE: (Print to File) from the drop-down list should be selected.

6 SelectMicrosoft as the manufacturer andMicrosoft Print To PDF as the printers of choice.

7) Select Use the driver that is presently installed from the drop-down menu (recommended).

8) Select the Next button.

You have now successfully enabled Microsoft Print to PDF.

You may also use it to produce PDF documents right now. Simply said, that’s all there is to it. Now is a good time to try to convert your photographs to pdf on your Windows 10 computer. Any questions or concerns can be addressed in the comments section below, with gratitude.

How do I convert a JPEG to a PDF in Windows 10?

It’s likely that if you’re used to sharing documents on the internet, you’ve observed that certain websites will only accept specific file formats when you try to upload something. This is a typical occurrence on websites where you are required to upload resumes, cover letters, writing samples, and other similar documents.

The prevalence of image files

Assuming that the majority of people save their documents as Microsoft Word files, they will be in a format such as DOC or PDF. Many websites will accept PDF files as a format for these documents, but will not accept images in other formats, such as PNG or JPG files, as part of the submission. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of screenshots and hardcopy scans, a large number of documents are now in the form of image files rather than text files. Essentially, when you take a screenshot of text, you’re saving it as a photo on your computer.

What do you do when you need to convert your JPG image to PDF?

It might be difficult to locate a straightforward method of creating a PDF file. The majority of people regularly send and receive PDF files, but many are at a loss when it comes to converting a PDF file, particularly from an image file. If you know a few methods, it’s actually rather simple to do. The most important strategy to converting a PDF file on Windows 10 requires using the Photo application, the Print button, and a little operation known as “Microsoft print to PDF.”

How to convert JPG to PDF in Windows 10

To begin, open your JPG file by double-clicking on it in your file manager; it should open in the usual Windows Photos application. If it does not, it signifies that it has been designated to be opened with a different application. This item should open in Photos if it is correctly assigned, and you may modify that property if it is not properly allocated. For this, right-click the file and pick “Open With” from the little menu that displays when you do so. Select “Photos” from the list of applications that appears.

  • To print the image, click on this button (or just use Ctrl + P on your keyboard).
  • This is the key to success!
  • As your “printer,” select “Microsoft print to PDF” as the option.
  • Then select a folder on your computer and press the Save button to complete the process.
  • That means it can be read by PDF software, and you may use it to perform whatever editing or converting you want with it if you so want.

Alternatively, if you want to examine your document fast, you can just double-click it, and it will open in your browser by default. You may use the approach we discussed before to change the default app that opens PDFs in order to alter the default program that opens PDFs in.

What if I’m on a Mac?

In the event that you’re using a Mac (or simply aren’t utilizing a Windows 10 system), you will be unable to use the Photos app, its Print button, or the “Microsoft print to PDF” option. You’re also unlikely to be using Microsoft Word, which means that your papers are more likely to be graphics such as PNG or JPEG files rather than text. The usage of an online application such as Soda PDF’s onlineJPG to PDFconverter tool, which converts JPG photos to PDF files, is a quick and simple solution in this situation.

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Any operating system, including Windows 10, macOS, Android, or iOS, will function with this method.

A web browser and an internet connection are all that are required.

How to convert JPG to PDF using the Soda PDF free tool method

  • Visit the Soda PDF website
  • From the home page, select the Online Tools menu option. Select theJPG to PDFicon from the drop-down list of menu choices. Simply drag and drop the JPG file. It will begin converting it to a PDF on its own initiative. When viewing the document, you may also pick and modify the orientation of the pages inside it if you so like. When you’re finished, save the PDF to your computer (you may call it whatever you like) and open it in your browser.

If you compare it to the “Microsoft print to PDF” method, it’s far easier to do — it’s only a click away! There are no other apps required, such as Microsoft Word or Photos, to complete the task.

What if I need to work offline?

For those times when you need to convert a JPG locally (on your computer’s hard drive), you can download and install the Soda PDF Desktop program, which is a desktop application. There is a free trial available, and it will allow you to modify your document while not connected to the internet if necessary. You may also print a paper copy by sending the document to your printer. With the desktop version, you’ll be able to work with larger file sizes, numerous documents, and the ability to distribute content to the web as necessary.

  • To set up the Soda PDF desktop, follow these steps: Click onStart Free Trial on the Soda PDF download page and follow the on-screen instructions to begin downloading and installing the program.
  • You’ll then be able to quickly and effortlessly convert a JPG image to a PDF file when without connected to the internet!
  • Description Using this handy trick from Soda PDF, you can convert a JPEG to a PDF in Windows 10 in a matter of seconds.
  • Take a look at our PDF tools!
  • Name of the publisher Logo for Soda PDFPublisher

How to convert JPG to PDF

You can convert a JPG picture, such as a photo, into a PDF file in a variety of methods. Here are a few examples: One of the simplest methods is to utilize a website (there are many of them) that allows you to upload your image (or a selection of photographs), convert them to a PDF, and then save the PDF to your computer for storage. It is completely free to do so, and you will not be required to download or install any software. However, if you want greater control over the appearance of the photographs, downloading and installing software may be a better alternative for you.

How do I convert a JPG to a PDF?

You might not be aware of it, but Windows 10 comes pre-installed with everything you need to complete your task. It is equipped with what is known as a PDF printer. And it does exactly what it says on the tin: it ‘prints’ any document into a PDF file. The list of printers appears when you visit the print settings in an app that has the ability to print, and one of these printers is titled “Microsoft Print to PDF.” There might be many PDF printers listed on your computer, particularly if you have Adobe Reader DC installed.

  1. Here’s how to go about it: Windows File Explorer (the shortcut is Windows+E) is the first thing you should do.
  2. Locate the JPG file(s) that you wish to convert to PDF format.
  3. It goes without saying that the files must be in the same folder for this to operate.
  4. 3.
  5. This launches the picture printing wizard that is pre-installed with Windows.
  6. If you don’t see Adobe Reader DC in the list, follow the instructions above to install it.
  7. 5.
  8. You’ll watch the printing process unfold as if the file were being printed normally, but at the end of the process, a window will appear asking you where you wish to store your PDF file as a backup.

In addition, you’ll need to specify a file name. After you click the Save button, your PDF will be produced and ready to be shared with whomever you choose.

How to convert JPG to PDF online

There are a plethora of places where you can submit your JPG files and have them all converted into a single PDF document. Alternatively, a PDF may be created from a single picture. All of the websites function in the same way on a fundamental level. JPG2PDF is being used in this instance. It differs from some of these services in that there is no file size restriction and that the PDFs will not be marked with a watermark. Other solutions are Eezzee and Smallpdf, among others. 1. Go to the website by clicking the link above and either drag and drop your JPGs into the appropriate folders or click the Upload Files option.

Once all of your files have been uploaded, click on the COMBINED button, which should really state ‘Download’ because that is exactly what it does.

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2 Easy Ways to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

“Can you tell me how to convert a PDF to a JPG?” “Can you tell me how to save a PDF as an image file?” People frequently choose to store their papers, including text and photos, in the PDF format rather than any other format. However, in this post, we will discuss two distinct methods of converting PDF to JPG on a computer running Windows. Many people convert PDF files to JPG because PDF files are difficult to integrate into web sites and, more importantly, are tough to deal with when working with other files.

Additionally, you always have the ability to make adjustments to the JPG picture, such as adding text to it or simply customizing it according to your preferences.

Method 1. An Effective Way to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

PDFelement Pro is one of the most effective tools for converting PDF files to JPG on Windows systems. How to Convert a PDF to a JPG on Windows 10 may be solved with the aid of this guide. With the aid of this PDF converter, you can simply convert PDF to JPF on a variety of operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and others. This PDF converter also has a powerful OCR capability, which allows you to easily convert scanned PDF files into editable PDF files.

The Step-by-step Guide on How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

In terms of converting PDF to JPG on Windows, PDFelement Pro is one of the best tools available. How to Convert a PDF to a JPG on Windows 10 may be solved with the aid of this tutorial.

You can quickly convert PDF to JPF on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and other operating systems with the aid of our PDF converter. It also has a powerful OCR tool, which allows you to convert scanned PDF files with ease with this PDF converter.

Step 2: Edit PDF File (Optional)

Alternatively, you may alter your PDF before converting it by selecting the’Edit’tab and adding text, photographs, or a signature, or just annotating the PDF contents.

Step 3: Convert PDF to JPG

Begin converting PDF to JPG on your Windows computer. After that, go to’Convert’and pick the’To Image’option from the drop-down menu. A notice will now appear on the screen, requesting that you choose the export format for the image you have just created. You can then select whether you want to “Extract all images from the PDF” or “Each page of the PDF as separate images” by clicking on “Setting.” You can also choose whether you want to “Adjoin all pages into one single picture” or “Extract all photos from the PDF.” After you’ve finished everything, click on the ‘Save’ button.

You may now access the JPG picture that has been transformed whenever you want.

Why Choose To use PDFelement to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

PDFelement is by far the most efficient and straightforward methods of converting PDF to JPG on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and other operating systems. With all of its features and functionalities, it makes life much easier for users, allowing them to edit, convert, manage, distribute, and organize PDF files with ease. It is free to download and use. Despite the fact that this PDF converter is packed with so many eye-catching choices and features that it’ll be difficult to list them all here, some of its most noteworthy ones are included below for your quick reference: The following are the standout characteristics:

  • PNG, GIF, and TIFF are among the image formats that may be converted from PDF files to JPG and other image formats. It also supports a variety of file types, including Excel, Word, EPUB, and PPT. It enables users to convert numerous files at the same time. Because of the use of OCR technology, it is possible to alter scanned PDF files. Text and picture editing, as well as the addition of photos, text, watermarks, and signatures, among other things Multiple PDF pages can be merged into a single PDF file, or a single PDF file can be divided into numerous PDF pages. With the aid of PDFelement on your Windows PC, you may mark up your file or add bates numbering to your PDFs in order to better organize them.

Method 2. Using Microsoft Word to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

Using Microsoft Word on a Windows PC is a simple process. How about converting PDF to JPG on Windows 10? Did you know there’s an app for that? No, I don’t think so. So, here’s how to convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP computers: In the first step, right-click on the PDF file to open it in Microsoft Word. Step 2: Once the file is open in front of you, click onFileSave Asand choose JPG as the output format from the list. As seen below, you can also alter the name of the PDF file and the place where it will be saved from this screen.


To summarize, we would like to point out that the two methods described above may be used to convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 in seconds. This is why we propose that you use PDFelement Pro, which will not only convert your PDF to JPG on Windows, but also provides an extensive set of additional features that will keep you glued to your computer. As a result, simply download it to your Windows PC and it will take care of all your PDF-related requirements immediately after installation.

How to convert JPG to PDF (Convert JPEG to PDF)

Free freeware to convert JPG / JPEG images to PDF documents. Download our freeware programJPG to PDF Converter(570 KB, Version 1.01) to convert JPG to PDF and JPEG to PDF in bulk. It can handle both single and multiple file conversions. The program is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows 8. converting JPEG / JPG to PDF1 is simple. To convert JPEG / JPG images to PDF, create a folder for all of the images you wish to convert. Choose one or more photographs to convert to PDF by right-clicking your mouse on any of the images.

Following that, the Print Wizard will open, in which you will be asked to select a printer, a paper size, and an image quality.

Obtain and install theVirtual PDF Printersoftware if you do not already have it installed on your computer’s printer list.

Users of the Windows 8 operating system must download and install the PDF Printer for Windows 8 software.

By default, you will receive a Full Page Photo (i.e., one photo for each PDF page) in the final PDF file that you generate.


You will be prompted to specify the location of the generated PDF file.

The PrintWizard now begins converting JPEG / JPG photos to PDF, with a progressbar serving as an indicator of progress.

Alubm2011.PDF, 8.


Open a JPEG photo document on your computer.

Select “Print” from the “File” menu on the main menu.

Select the “Virtual PDF Printer” as the printer.




You have completed the conversion of JPEG to PDF and/or JPG to PDF documents.

Virtual PDF Printer is compatible with the JPEG, JPG, JPE, J2K, and JPEG2000 image formats.

(64-bit and 32-bit versions are available). All of our software is free of viruses and Trojans, and all download links are from reputable sources, as stated on the website. From 2000 through 2021, all rights reserved. Wondersoft retains ownership of all intellectual property rights.

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