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How to download & install Texture Packs on Windows 10 • 2021

It goes without saying that the Java version is not the only one that may benefit from extra material contributed by the community. Aside from the Windows 10 version (which you are currently seeing), the two versions are available for download: an iOS app and an Android app. Each of them is a component of Bedrock, a cross-platform version that brings together a huge number of significant gadgets. Today, we’ll teach you how to add an extension to the Minecraft for Windows 10 version, which you can find here.

Automatic installation is the default.

Installing a Texture Pack with.mcpack

  1. Visit our section on Windows 10 Texture Packs and download a pack that appeals to you. If you see a Texture Pack with the extension “.mcpack” and the Minecraft logo: Windows 10 Edition, choose it by clicking on it. If the game has already been launched, the import process will begin immediately.


Installing a Texture Pack or.rar

  1. Visit our section on Windows 10 Texture Packs and download a pack that appeals to you. The Texture Pack file should be extracted to the following place using 7-Zip or Winrar: C:UsersName of UserAppDataLocalPackagesC:UsersName of User Microsoft.MinecraftUWP 8wekyb3d8bbweLocalStategamescom.mojangresource packs. There are situations when the theresource packsfolder does not exist. In this instance, you must first create a folder for your files.
  1. To begin, launch the Minecraft for Windows 10 edition. After that, select “Settings.” Navigate to the “Global Resources” area in the sidebar and select the texture pack to use.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the installation and are now able to play Minecraft to its fullest extent possible. We hope everything went as easily for you as it did for us. If you have a query, you may either view the installation video on YouTube or leave a comment on this page.

How to install Minecraft Texture Packs

Minecraft texture packs have been officially renamed to resource packs, according to the game’s developers. The functioning, on the other hand, is precisely the same. These packs are a great way to add a little variety to your Minecraft experience. They have the ability to introduce entire themed worlds, concentrate on changing specific aspects of the game, or even make the game appear worse for those who are so inclined. These resource packs for Minecraft can be obtained through a variety of means.

There are also fan-made versions available, which you should use at your own risk.

How to install a texture pack in Minecraft

(Photo courtesy of Minecraft) Users of theBedrock Editionwill notice that the process of installing Minecraft texture packs is changed. These packs are now available for purchase through an in-game store. Instead of having to navigate to an open source texture pack folder, users may just download and install a texture pack straight from the Minecraft shop itself. There are both free and pay for packs available.

Java Edition

(Photo courtesy of Minecraft) Fortunately, users of the Java Edition do not have to go through any hurdles. Texture packs are available for download from the internet in the form of a.ZIP file. Choosing Mods and Texture Packs will be an option in the upcoming Minecraft update. There will be a button to “access texture pack folder” hidden under that choice. Drag the.ZIP file into the appropriate location and restart the game. There will be a new texture pack available for selection.

Windows 10 Edition

(Photo courtesy of Minecraft) The most difficult part of installing a texture pack for the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is getting it to work. The procedure is the same up until the point of downloading the.ZIP file with the required texture back. In order to proceed, gamers will need to press the Windows key on their keyboard and type percent appdata percent, followed by the word Local. SelectPackages/Microsoft.MinecraftUWP/ LocalState/games/com.mojangand then the’resource packs’folder from the drop-down menu that appears.

The texture pack should be at the top of Global Resources in the settings menu when you first start up Minecraft for Windows 10 on a Windows 10 computer. Please give this article a star rating! Thank you very much! To respond, you must first log in. Cancel Reply

How to install Texture Packs in Minecraft Windows 10

Using Minecraft resource packs may be a terrific way to add some variety to your gaming experience when the regular game becomes a little monotonous. Texture packs, as they are commonly called, may be used to enhance the enjoyment of a game and make it more engaging in a matter of minutes. This collection of packs may entirely revamp the Minecraft game, from cleaning up your Minecraft world to making it even more visually attractive by enhancing its aesthetics. There are several alternative methods for downloading texture packs in various versions.

Unfortunately, obtaining texture packs in Minecraft Windows 10 is more difficult than it is in prior editions, as seen by the following.

However, in order to assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the most suitable texture packs for the Windows edition.

Some Compatible Texture Packs for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Knowing that many of the most impressive texture packs are incompatible with the Minecraft edition for Windows 10 is a source of sadness. As a result, many players prefer to play on the Java version of the game. However, there are a plethora of fantastic texture packs available for the Windows version of Minecraft that may completely transform your gaming experience. The following are some excellent texture packs for the Windows 10 operating system:

  • A genuine touch will be added to the aesthetics of the game thanks to the use of this texture pack, EVO. With Ascension HD, you’ll be able to see more clearly and brighter than ever before. Defscape:This texture pack is recommended if you wish to have smooth textures in the game. Flows HD:Are you looking to construct some amazing stuff in Minecraft? Look no further. Install this texture again and let your creative impulses to run freely.

Installing Texture Packs in Minecraft Windows 10

We are now approaching the most difficult aspect of the game, which is the installation of texture packs. To install texture packs on this Minecraft version, simply follow the methods outlined below.

  • Open your web browser and search for and download your favorite texture packs from the Internet
  • To open the zip file, use the Windows key on your keyboard or touch on the Windows icon on the taskbar after it has been downloaded
  • If you want to open it immediately, type percent appdata local percent into the search field and press Enter. After that, navigate to the folder Packages/Microsoft.MinecraftUWP/LocalState/games/com.mojang and choose the theresource packsfolder. Drag and drop the file into this folder to complete the process. The final stage is to make the texture packs available. Explore the Global Resources by going to the Minecraft settings and clicking on the Global Resources button. There will be a list of all of the texture packs that have been downloaded. To activate a texture pack, choose it by clicking on it and tapping on the plus symbol. Embark on a journey around the Minecraft universe in order to produce some spectacular objects with the freshly added texture packs


However, while the Java edition of Minecraft has a lot more to offer, the Windows 10 edition of the game still offers a lot of amazing texture packs to choose from. Furthermore, if you do not like to purchase the texture packs, you may make use of the free fan-made resource packs that are available online. Check their ratings and compatibility with the Windows 10 edition, however, to ensure that there are no future concerns.

How to Install Resource Pack in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, you may add resource packs to further personalize the appearance and feel of your Minecraft environment. Learn how to accomplish it by following the steps outlined below. Despite the fact that many people believe Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is far more constrained than the original Java Edition, you can still accomplish a great deal. One of these features is the option to install resource packs, such as skins and textures, on your computer.

It’s true that there are some incredible global resource packs available that dramatically alter the appearance and feel of the Minecraft world. As a result, without further ado, let me demonstrate how to install a resource pack in the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition game.

Steps to Install and Activate Resource Packs in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Keep in mind that in this article, I’ll be demonstrating how to install the Global Resource Pack. Despite the fact that the vast majority of resource packs available on Minecraft’s official marketplace are paid editions, there are a number of websites where you can get a wide variety of resource packs for free. To utilize the resource pack in Minecraft, you must manually install the files after they have been downloaded. The Dokucraft resource bundle that I like the most has already been downloaded by me!

  • 1.
  • Double-click the resource pack to open it.
  • 3.
  • Once you have completed the process, you will see the phrase “Successfully Imported.” 4.
  • To do so, pick the “Global Resources” option from the drop-down menu after clicking on the “Settings” button.
  • That’s all there is to it.
  • I hope this has been of assistance.
  • If you like this post, you might be interested in learning how to locate the Minecraft save location on Windows 10.

The best Minecraft texture packs to change the look of your world

(Image courtesy of Mojang) The greatest Minecraft texture packs completely transform the appearance of your virtual worlds, allowing even the most plain and uninteresting blocks to suddenly shimmer and become more visually appealing as a result. If you’re looking for a certain theme to tie your surroundings together or simply want to alter things up to add some excitement to your travels, there will be something to suit your needs among the many aesthetic enhancements that are available. If you combine some of the greatest Minecraft texture packs with some of the finest Minecraft skins that we’ve already covered, the ultimate product may appear like a whole other game.

We’ll guide you through the process of finding the greatest Minecraft texture packs available, as well as the fundamentals of installing them, so you can practically transform the world in minutes.

How to install Minecraft texture packs

(Image courtesy of Mojang) If you haven’t played Minecraft in a while, the rules appear to have changed with the Bedrock Editions of the game, where there is a built-in shop with free and paid texture packs for you to use, rather than an open source texture pack folder, as opposed to the previous versions of the game. If you appreciate any of the texture packs featured below, you should consider purchasing them from the marketplace to show your support for the designers that put them together.

It should be available in the texture pack menu as soon as you load up your computer.

Then press the Windows key and enter in percent appdata percent, followed by Local, then Packages/Microsoft.MinecraftUWP/LocalState/games/com.mojang, and finally’resource packs’, which is the folder you want to open.

Insert the suitable zip file into the folder, then start Minecraft Windows 10. In the settings, choose Global Resources, which should be towards the top of the list.

The best Minecraft texture packs

With this texture pack, you may continue the legacy of the legendary texture pack LB Photo Realism, which was extremely popular in the early days of Minecraft. This nice texture swap gives trees a fluffy appearance and grass a lifelike appearance. Because it is such a drastic departure from the original textures, this is an excellent choice if you want to root your game in as much reality as possible without having it appear absolutely ludicrous. Of course, this makes the game more difficult to play, but that’s the price you have to pay for such a significant improvement.

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Sphax PureBDCraft

If you’ve seen any let’s plays of the game or spent any time in the Minecraft custom texture community, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the game’s creator, PureBDCraft. Not only does Sphax’s texture pack include every texture in the game, but it also has an appealing comic book look that many players prefer over Minecraft’s native textures. This pack, which has been there from the very beginning of Minecraft, is simple to suggest because of the comprehensive scope of the package, its pleasant comic-book design, and its clean edges.


Faithful advertises itself as the “most popular texture pack in Minecraft,” and the figures surely support this claim, at least in part. The majority of its attractiveness stems from how little it alters the playing field. It is possible to make little modifications that will smooth out textures and create an experience that respects the original graphic direction of the game while adding a little more gloss to it. CurseForge is where you can get it.


This texture pack is based on the idea of “keeping your environment as pure as possible,” and the outcome is something genuinely stunning. If you’ve been gone from Minecraft for a while, the sound of rippling water and flowing grass creates an altogether distinct mood that helps you rediscover the enchantment of the game. You may get it at the official SapixCraft website.

Modern HD

The Modern HD texture pack is ideal if you want to build brutalist structures and premium real estate in order to transform the wilderness into something lot more comfortable. Creating a cityscape with friends or designing a contemporary home as a secure haven from the untamed country beyond your front door are two examples of when it shines the brightest. It can be found on the planet Minecraft.


CoterieCraft is yet another texture pack that strives to remain faithful to the original vision of Minecraft while refining and upgrading the textures. It is a well-liked aesthetic update that brings plants and construction materials to the forefront of the game. It can be found on the planet Minecraft.

Eternal Hearts

Aside from the fact that it is based on the Kingdom Hearts series, what makes this texture pack stand out is that it does not focus on specific item reskins, but rather on creating an environment that seems close to the JRPG series without being too in your face.

Come have a peek at it for yourself over at Planet Minecraft.


Jolicraft is by far the most visually appealing texture pack available in Minecraft, and it has been around for quite some time. That does not imply that it has become any less adorable. Menus that have been converted into shreds of paper and little fangs protruding out of wolves’ mouths: the entire thing is simply wonderful and ideal for anyone searching for a low-tech, laid-back adventure in the forest. It can be found on the planet Minecraft.


(Photo courtesy of Conquest) Conquest is a medieval-inspired texture pack for Minecraft that is part of a bigger resource collection that transports the player to a distant time period. In order to immerse your planet in a distinct environment complete with candelabras, regal thrones, and wooden trapdoors, this is the renovation you’ll want to do. You may get it on the Conquest website. Minecraft cheats|Best Minecraft servers|Minecraft Realms|Best Minecraft seeds|Best Minecraft mods|Best Minecraft shaders|Best Minecraft skins|Best Minecraft texture packs|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Minecraft Forge|Min

How do you install texture packs on Windows 10?

Open Minecraft and go to the Settings menu. Scroll down the left column and select Global Resources from the drop-down menu. A list of active and accessible texture packs will appear here, which should include the texture pack that was recently relocated to the resource packs folder. Select it, and then click the Plus button to make it available.

Can you install texture packs in Minecraft Windows 10 edition?

It is not as straightforward to install a texture pack outside of the Minecraft shop for the Minecraft Windows 10 version, and you must first ensure that your texture pack is compatible with this edition of the game before proceeding with installation. … The folder you’re looking for is located in MinecraftUWP/LocalState/games/com.mojang, and the name of the folder is’resource packs’.

How do I install texture packs?

Installing a texture pack is a simple process.

  1. Download and install a texture pack.
  2. Launch Minecraft. Texture Packs may be found under Options > Texture Packs > Open Texture Pack Folder, which opens the folder where Minecraft stores all of its texture packs.

How do you download texture packs on PC?

What is the best way to install Minecraft texture packs?

  1. It is possible that the texture pack will be sent as a.Zip file.
  2. Start Minecraft and go to the ‘Options’ menu. Then select ‘Resource Packs’ from the drop-down menu. Now, select ‘Open Resource Packs folder’ from the drop-down menu. Drag the texture pack file into the folder from this point forward. The texture pack should now display in the list of add-ons that may be utilized.

22nd of March, 2021.

What is the most realistic Minecraft texture pack?

The most realistic resource packs for Minecraft are listed here.

  • In this category are Miranda Realism (image courtesy of, Clarity (image by of, NaturalRealism (image courtesy of, Epic Adventures (image courtesy of, and other related categories.

24 еврал 2020.

What’s the best Minecraft texture pack?

Minecraft Texture Packs That Are the Best

  • The following are some of my favorite mods: Jolicraft, Retro NES, JohnSmith, Faithful, Isabella, Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack, Glimmar’s Steampunk, and Glimmar’s Steampunk. Now we’ll get back to the packs that are essentially visual redesigns. …
  • sDokucraft. Dokucraft, a 32x texture pack created by doku, has amassed a significant following.

The 27th of January in the year 2020.

How do you make a texture pack?

Part 2 of 3: Putting Together a Texture Collection

  1. Locate and open the “Textures” folder.
  2. Locate and open the folder containing the texture category that you want to change.
  3. Open the texture in an image editing application. .
  4. Make changes to your texture. Save the picture file over the existing one.
  5. Edit any additional textures that you choose to modify.

What texture pack is Philza?

Ph1LzA’s unique Netherite texture pack, which he now utilizes on his hardcore streams, was created by myself. He just made his texture pack available to the public, therefore you should go visit his twitch’s FAQ for more information on his original pack.

How do you get texture packs for bedrock?

The following folders are required: mojangresource packs (you may need to create the resource pack folder). mojangresource packs (you may need to create the resource pack folder). To activate the pack, restart the minecraft app and go to the settings menu. Scroll down to global resources, tap on the pack, and then press activate. You should be fine to go at this point!

What resource pack does Pewdiepie use?

With the cooperation of many people, including Terminator of sand, LEVIStudios, LucasNagy, TheSur vivor, Arkady and Soup, as well as 398, Dark and Ratchet, the PewDiePack has become a successful resource pack.

There have been 14 versions of the pack released thus far, with the most recent being Update v14.

How do you download Minecraft texture packs on Windows 10?

Open Minecraft and go to the Settings menu. Scroll down the left column and select Global Resources from the drop-down menu. A list of active and accessible texture packs will appear here, which should include the texture pack that was recently relocated to the resource packs folder. Select it, and then click the Plus button to make it available.

How do I install Tlauncher texture packs?

After you’ve started the game, go to the main menu and select “Settings” followed by “Resource Packs.” 7) Select the icon for the new resource pack, which will shift him to the right column. The installation process has now been completed!

How do you download resource packs?

Regardless of the platform

  1. Installing a resource pack should result in the creation of file. Open the folder in which you saved the file after downloading it. Copy the contents of file
  2. Start Minecraft and explore the world. In Minecraft, go to “Options,” then “Resource Packs,” and finally “Save Game.” Select “Open the resource pack folder” from the drop-down menu. Copy the file and paste it into the Minecraft resource folder.

Introduction to Resource Packs

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In this article

Before you can begin developing your first Add-On for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, you must first create a pack that will include all of your unique content. Resources packs and behavior packs are the two different sorts of packs that may be created by a developer. It is a folder structure that will store all of your own models, audio and textures as well as any other customized material you create. You will master the following skills during this tutorial:

  • What is the process of creating a resource pack
  • What goes into the creation of an amanifest file
  • Describes the process of loading custom textures into Minecraft. When working with Add-On material, the notion of Pack Stacking comes into play.


It is advised that you accomplish the following tasks before commencing this tutorial:

Building the Resource Pack

When creating your resource files, you must organize them into a specific folder and file structure so that Minecraft can find and use them. This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating the folder and file structure shown above.

Create a folder

In this step, you will begin by creating a folder named My RESOURCE Pack in your computer’s hard drive. Actually, you aren’t required to refer to it as such. This folder may be called anything you wish, but all of the other folders must be named exactly as specified in this guide so that Minecraft understands where they should be found.

  1. Then double-click the development resource packsdirectory to bring up a window where you can see what is in it. Create a new folder and give it a name. My RESOURCE Pack
  2. To open the * My RESOURCE Packfolder, simply double-click on it.

Create a Manifest File

A manifest file will need to be developed in order for a resource pack to be loaded into Minecraft. When you download the manifest file, you will receive a JSON file that contains the following information:

  • Description: A description of what the resource pack performs within the game
  • The resource pack’s name appears in-game as its name. UUID (Universally Unique Identifier): Universally Unique Identifier
  • Version refers to the resource pack’s current version. Minimum Engine Version: The version of Minecraft that must be used in order for this pack to function properly.

Information from the manifest file is parsed and shown in the Add-Ons area of the game, which is accessible from the main menu. The information included inside the file will be divided into two distinct sections: the header and the modules. The header part will contain the general information about the pack, and the modules section will have the specific information about the individual packages within the pack.

  1. Create a new text document by right-clicking in the Explorer window and naming it manifest.json.
  1. You will need to change the file extension from.txt to.json in order for this to work. The File Name Extensions option under the Viewtab can be enabled to display file extensions in your Explorer window if they are not already visible.
  1. A text editor will be launched when you double-click themanifest.jsonfile. Copy and paste the following code into your document: [code].

“format version”: 2,”header”: 2,”body”: 2 A description of “My Dirt Resource Pack Add-On!” a name of “My Resource Pack”, a UUID of “”, a version of the game’s engine, a list of its modules, and a description of the game’s modules.

[“description”: “My First Add-On!”, “type”: “resources”, “uuid”: “”, “version”: ] [“description”: “My First Add-On!”, “type”: “resources”, “uuid”: “”, “version”: ]


A Universally Unique Identifier, or UUID, is a number that may be used to distinguish between distinct pieces of software. The UUID is used in Minecraft to identify a specific pack and to prevent any duplicate software from creating problems. In order for the header and modules to function properly, two separate UUID numbers must be supplied in each of the”uuid”fields between the quotation marks. You may obtain UUIDs via an online UUID Generator, such as, which can be found at.

  1. Copy and paste a unique identifier (UUID) into the header section. It is necessary to insert the UUID into the”uuid:””field between the quote (“”) marks in order for it to be properly read
  2. Otherwise, it will not work. In order to generate a new UUID for use in the Modules area, you must refresh the webpage. Copy and paste the new UUID into the modules section, in the”uuid”field between the quotation marks, between the quotation quotes
  3. Save the manifest.json file to your computer.

Note If you want to understand more about how a manifest.json file works, you may visit this page in the Addons documentation:manifest.json, which has additional information.

Changing the dirt block

After you have finished creating the manifest file, you may begin adding custom content to Minecraft. Let’s start by applying a new texture to the vanilla soil block to get things started. The initial step in the procedure entails constructing a folder structure to house the texture files in question.

  1. Create a folder called textures in the My RESOURCE Packfolder of File Explorer by typing textures into the search bar. To open the textures folder, double-click on its name. Make a folder called blocks inside the textures folder and put it inside the textures folder. To open the blocksfolder, simply double-click on it.
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Creating the texture

Now that the folder structure has been established, you can begin storing your own textures within it. This little, green square serves as an illustration of the sort of file that will be produced as a result of the subsequent stages. If you want to use it, you may download it and store it in yourblocksfolder, or you can build your own texture by following these steps:

  1. Open an image editor, such as Microsoft Paint, and start editing. SelectProperties from theFilemenu
  2. Then click OK. The width and height should be set to 16 pixels each
  3. Then click OK.

In the editor, you may now create a pattern or any other type of artwork. A basic fill color was used to create the green square on the page. Note: MS Paint is used in this example since it is quick and simple to use; however, if you want to use more complex visual capabilities such as transparency effects or.tga file support, you will need to use a different graphics editor.

  1. Create a pattern or any other type of artwork in the editor now that it has been upgraded. A basic fill color was used to create the green square on the page. To be clear, MS Paint is utilized in this example for the sake of simplicity and accessibility
  2. But, for more complex visual capabilities such as transparency effects or.tga file compatibility, you will need to use a different graphics editor.

Testing the pack

As soon as the pack has both a manifest file and a texture file, you may run Minecraft and experiment with your new resource Add-On. ImportantPack Stackingis the process through which content is loaded on top of vanilla content, resulting in any object that has the same name in both packs being replaced by the most recently uploaded pack to the server. For the sake of this demonstration, the original dirt texture has been replaced by our new texture. If another pack that makes use of the dirt.png file is loaded after My RESOURCE Pack, Minecraft will utilize that pack instead, and you will not notice any difference as a result.

  1. Minecraft should be launched and the Play option should be selected. Create a new world by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to the Add-Ons section of the Settings menu
  2. To see all of the available packs, click onResource Packs. To access it, select MY PACKS from the drop-down menu. SelectMy RESOURCE Packand then click Activate to make the resource pack available to everyone in the world. Create your own planet by clicking on the Create button.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve added a new texture to your Minecraft world, it’s time to investigate how behavior packs affect the behavior of existing entities. In the next part, you will learn how to add aggressive behavior to a cow creature that is generally placid. Check out the MinecraftVanilla resource pack and the MinecraftVanilla behavior pack to see samples of resource and behavior files that have not been modified.


Assuming you’ve already implemented a custom texture into your Minecraft world, it’s time to investigate how behavior packs affect the behavior of existing entities.

A typically tranquil cow entity will be given an aggressive personality in the part that follows. Check out the MinecraftVanilla resource pack and the MinecraftVanilla behavior pack to see samples of resource and behavior files that have not been modified in the game.

How to Install Texture/Behavior Packs Onto Minecraft PE and Windows 10

A significant percentage of players who wish to utilize Behavior Packs and/or Texture Packs in Minecraft are unsure of how to download and install them on their computer or mobile device. This article will walk you through the process of installing these packs on Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

Step 1: Locate Addons You Want

There aren’t many sites to obtain addons at the moment, and some of them may include malicious code. Try “” if you’re looking for a more dependable website. It includes a variety of addons, maps, textures, modifications, and other features. To access the Add-ons area, navigate to the Mods portion of the website by clicking on the three bars at the top right (the whole bar is shown on a PC). You will discover a list of several addons that you may download and use in this section. When you click on an addon, you will be able to see all of its details, as well as what has been altered.

Step 2: Install Addons on IOS

Addons and Resource Packs are installed in precisely the same way as each other, so simply follow the steps above, substituting resource packs for the addons. A green download link with the extension (.MCPac) or something similar should be located at the bottom of the page (.MCWorld). The MCPacks are the behavior and resource packs, and the MCWorld are the maps in the MCWorld game. The majority of addons will require two downloads: one for the behavior pack and another for the resource pack. Both of these are essential.

  1. You should eventually arrive at MediaFire.
  2. Then there should be a blue link at the bottom of the page that says “Open in “Minecraft PE.” It should launch the Minecraft PE application if you tap on it.
  3. When you hit play, you may either create a new world or select an existing world by pressing the pencil symbol next to it.
  4. In the event that you tap on one of the packs, a warning message will display, informing you that utilizing them may do damage to your planet.
  5. You should be OK at this point!

Step 3: Install Addons to PC

Installing Addons on the Windows 10 version is comparable to the iOS experience, however it is a little more time consuming. Begin by downloading the.MCpack you wish to use to your computer’s hard drive. Once you’ve downloaded it, change the addon from “addon.MCpack” to “” to avoid confusion. In order to extract the file, you’ll also need WinRAR. As soon as the file has been extracted, navigate to the following directory: Windows(C:)/Users/NAME/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MinecraftUWP 8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalState/games/com.mojang You should be able to see a handful of files once you get there.

That’s all there is to it!

Step 4: Removing Addons

PC, on the other hand, has an easier time of it. It is just a matter of going to the folder where the addon was installed and deleting the folder. It’s as simple as that. However, there is currently no official way to delete them from iOS devices. It’s possible that there are other extensions that allow you to delete them. Addons can be disabled by using the minus button, however they will still appear in the list of available addons after they have been disabled.

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(Photo courtesy of 1LotS, Scuttles, GKrond, and Misa.) Are you trying to determine one of the greatest Minecraft texture packs to download and install first? Using Minecraft’s resource packs is the most efficient means of changing the appearance and feel of your worlds. Fortunately, they are becoming more simple to install, making it a breeze to give your Minecraft worlds a fresh coat of paint. While nothing can completely remove Minecraft’s blocky appearance, additional textures may completely transform the game’s appearance.

  1. Do you want your Minecraft to arrive on Saturday AM instead of the next day?
  2. Interested in seeing what a real cow looks like when it is plastered all over a Minecraft cow?
  3. If you can think it up, chances are someone has already made it for Minecraft.
  4. Following the simple steps outlined here will give you a fresh new appearance in no time.
  5. Fortunately, you may do so at any moment by using the regular Minecraft launcher, which can be found under the Installations page.
  6. Custom textures are available for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft through the Minecraft Catalog.
  7. Despite the fact that the 1.18 update has just been released, many of these packs will not be updated to the new version right away.
  8. Despite the fact that many texture packs are still on version 1.17, Caves and Cliffs part 2 did not include too many new blocks, so you should be able to play with a 1.17 version texture pack without encountering too many problems.

How to install Minecraft texture packs

  • Download the texture pack (it may be in the form of a.Zip archive). If this is the case, do not extract it)
  • Start Minecraft and go to the ‘Options’ menu. Then select ‘Resource Packs’ from the drop-down menu. Now, select ‘Open Resource Packs folder’ from the drop-down menu. Drag the texture pack file into the folder from this point forward. The texture pack should now display in the list of add-ons that may be utilized.

What’s the difference between texture packs and resource packs?

For the most part, there isn’t much of a distinction between a texture pack and a resource pack in terms of functionality. In the meanwhile, if you’re interested in learning more about Minecraft’s past, Texture Packs are the defunct way for adding new textures to the game.

It’s technically correct to say that all of the packs you’ll find on this list are Resource Packs, which is the new system that enables you to add all sorts of custom assets to Minecraft such as animation and fonts as well as sounds and more, rather than simply textures.

Minecraft default style texture packs

If you want to spice up your Minecraft experience without having to get used to a completely different appearance, a texture pack that is influenced by the game’s basic blocks is the way to go. These texture and resource packs frequently employ higher resolution files than the basic Minecraft game, but they strive to maintain the same design and feel as the original game.

Faithful Pack

(Image courtesy of the Faithful Team.) The current version is 1.18 | The resolution is 32×32 | Download Isn’t it simply your standard Minecraft experience? No, although it’s understandable that you’d be puzzled about them. The Faithful Pack increases the resolution of Minecraft’s textures by a factor of two while remaining loyal to the original source. It is recommended that you use Faithful if you want a somewhat updated appearance for Minecraft that does not deviate too much from the original design.


(Photo courtesy of Schmueles) The current version is 1.17 | The resolution is 32×32 | Download (There is bedrock accessible.) Depixel is another another texture pack with a double resolution that strives to be as similar to the original Minecraft as possible. It does use some artistic license in certain areas, such as with the skeleton’s slightly spookier visage, but it usually adheres to the spirit of the original game in most ways. Consider this to be a step up from the Faithful Pack in terms of the vanilla-to-stylized transition.

Bare Bones

(Photo courtesy of RobotPantaloons.) The current version is 1.18 | The resolution is 16×16 | Download (Bedrock available) When it comes to the topic “do we really need leaves?” Bare Bones provides a resounding “nonsense.” This is another another default-inspired pack, albeit this one goes a step further in terms of artistic license by reducing the default textures down to an even more basic level than the others. Flat colors dominate the design, with no extra hues squandered on frivolous details such as the appearance of texture or a textured background.

JustTimm’s Vanilla Additions

(Image courtesy of Mojang) The current version is 1.18 | The resolution is 16×16 | Download Even while Vanilla Additions appears to make just minor adjustments, the magic is hidden in the finer points of implementation. This pack is intended to keep the original aesthetic of Minecraft while adding tiny details that offer more variation and make the game more interesting. Mods that are more diverse, textures that change based on the biome, and a more dynamic UI are all planned. If you already appreciate the way Minecraft looks, this will only serve to enhance your enjoyment of game.

Minecraft realistic texture packs

When it comes to creating incredibly detailed textures for your 3D block landscapes, some developers have created texture packs with resolutions as high as 512 pixels (or more). These are the most lifelike Minecraft texture packs available right now. Some high-definition texture packs necessitate the use of Optifine, and most encourage the use of a shader pack for the most complete beautifying. You may choose your preferred shader from our collection of the greatest Minecraft shaders. There are a plethora of work-in-progress high-definition texture packs available, some of which will require payment in order to obtain the full versions.

We’ve selected the finest free alternatives for you below, but if you’re committed to living the high-definition life, you should also keep an eye on Stratum and Realistico.


(Image courtesy of Luna HD.) Version: 1.16 | Resolution: 512×512 | Download the latest version LUNA HD is a realistic texture pack for Minecraft that is one of the best on the market. Subscribe to the team’s Patreon to gain access to the high-end packs; you may start by downloading the 32x pack as a sample and then upgrading to higher resolutions after you’ve proven yourself.

LB Photo Realism Reload

(Photo courtesy of 1LotS, Scuttles, GKrond, and Misa.) Version: 1.18 | Resolution: 512×512 | Download the latest version (Bedrock available) LBPR may be the greatest all-around HD texture pack option because to the years of work and history that has been accumulated by a variety of artists on which it has been based. A wide variety of high-resolution textures are used to depict animals, villages, ore deposits, trees, and landscape, with certain artistic decisions that differ from the vanilla appearance.

RTX Ray Tracing Pack

(Photo courtesy of Arkadya) Version: 1.17.1 | Resolution: 1024 x 1024 | Download the latest version Please be assured that this texture pack does not require an RTX-capable graphics card to function properly. This is a set of textures that was initially created by RazzleBerries in collaboration with Nvidia to demonstrate their Minecraft RTX mode for Minecraft Bedrock in the game. Arkadya has changed it into a Java-compatible version. This isn’t a complete texture collection; it just includes a few bricks, concrete, planks, and a few other building elements, among other things.

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Harkenburg City

(Photo courtesy of Bluecolty) Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16×16 | Click here to download Herkenburg isn’t a high-definition texture pack; instead, it uses the same resolution as Minecraft’s default textures, yet it’s incredibly realistic nonetheless. In addition to providing attractive modern-looking bricks and ladders, Harkenburg also transforms other Minecraft blocks into contemporary things. The furnace is transformed into a kitchen stove, the anvil into a toilet, and different species of coral are transformed into traffic cones and fire hydrants.

Minecraft PvP texture packs

Minecraft PvP texture packs differ from the regular resource packs in that they are designed specifically for PvP. The aims of a PvP texture pack are somewhat different from those of other visual overhauls, which tend to favor a certain appearance. Many PvP packs will be reduced resolution in order to ensure that your performance and frame rate remain as good as they can be. It is also worth noting that PvP texture packs have a strong emphasis on reticles that are simple to see, making swords smaller so that they don’t obstruct as much of your vision, and aiding in the differentiation between mineral blocks.

The PvP packs listed below each do the majority of what you’re looking for, however if you’re looking for a fast boost to your PvP game, lesser additions like Short Swords, Clear Hotbar, and Clear GUI might be useful.

TimeDeo 2k

Version: Unlisted | Resolution: 16×16 |Download the original version TimeDeo 2k is an ancient community favorite PvP texture pack that has been around for a long time. It now has a completely redesigned version built by Finlay as well. At a look, you will be able to discern between armors, weapons, and various ores because of the strong contrast between the colors in TimeDeo 2k. The open style reticle is simple to see in the center of the screen, which makes it ideal for games that include a lot of bow shooting.

Bombies 80k

1.7.10+ | Resolution: 16×16 | Version: 1.7.10+ | Download Tory, another regular PvP texture pack creator, has released Bombies 80k, his most recent pack. It has a bright, almost pastel aesthetic to its metal armor and equipment, which helps them pop out, as well as ore boundaries, which help you find resources more quickly in the game. You may even get the short swords version if you want to stand out even more. Aside from that, Bombies 80k features some extremely nice custom sky. Those aren’t going to aid you much in PvP, but they’re still very cool!

Colb’s PvP Packs

(Photo courtesy of Colb) The current version is 1.8.9+ and the resolution is 16×16. There are other PvP texture packs available in Colb, but Dragonfruit has long been a fan favorite. There are several additional varieties, each based on a distinct fruit (and gem), which influence the color of your diamond tools, armor, and ore, as well as their composition. Every single one of Colb’s packs is officially designed for Minecraft version 1.8.9, and as a result, Minecraft will warn you that they are incompatible with subsequent versions of the game.


The current version is 1.16.5 | The resolution is 16×16 | Download Aluzion is a more cartoony-style pack that features some bright colors that are excellent for visibility in low light. In addition to making the patterns on ores more orderly, it makes use of larger blocks of color rather than shading, which is included in Minecraft’s default textures. The use of chunky outlines on different armor designs also aids in the identification of other players. Aluzion also employs a shorter sword style in order to improve visibility during fighting.

Minecraft medieval texture packs

These elegant texture and resource packs take a great deal of artistic license with Minecraft’s blocky canvas, and the results are stunning. Medieval texture packs may transform your Minecraft environments into fantastical playgrounds worthy of your most elaborate castle and town constructions, and they are free to download.

John Smith Legacy

(Image courtesy of JimStoneCraft and John Smith.) Version: 1.18.2 | Resolution: 32×32 | Download Version 1.18.2 | Resolution 32×32 (Bedrock available) We couldn’t end this article without discussing what is perhaps the greatest medieval pack for Minecraft currently available. Whether you’re seeking to construct a castle with a large courtyard or a western theme park complete with deadly robots, the John Smith pack includes everything you need and more.

If you’re looking for build tutorials on YouTube, it’s probable that you’ll run across this bundle, which has become a mainstay for many gamers.


(Photo courtesy of Doku and HickeryDickery.) The current version is 1.18.1 and the resolution is 32×32 (Bedrock available) Dokucraft is a Minecraft texture pack that has been around for a long time and is known for its medieval fantasy RPG style. In the process, it has exploded into several equally interesting variations that are all well worth trying. Dokucraft Light is the most basic of the Dokucraft models, but there are also the slightly more fantastical Dokucraft High and the exceptionally fantasy-inspired Dokucraft Dwarven models up above.

Chroma Hills

(Photo courtesy of SycloneSJS.) The current version is 1.16 | The current resolution is 128×128 |Download A medieval texture pack in the manner of RPGs, Chroma Hills is available at a higher resolution than some of the other options, giving it a more genuine appearance.


(Photo courtesy of FishyMint.) The current version is 1.18.1 | The current resolution is 32×32| Download Mythic has a very dark fantasy feel to it, perhaps even more so than Dokucraft’s darker renditions or John Smith’s work on the subject. Take a look at that witch’s tongue, for crying out loud. The game’s various mobs, weapons, and armor all have a gritty medieval vibe to them, with a touch of steampunk thrown in for good measure.


(Photo courtesy of Mojang and Andre Jolicoeur.) The current version is 1.18 | The resolution is 16×16 | Download (Bedrock available) Jolicraft is a lovely and whimsical medieval texture collection with a fairytale feel to it. It is perfect for children and adults alike. With its yellowish tone, paper-like menus, and a sun that resembles a painting, it’s undeniably a more artistic version of Minecraft than its predecessor.

Minecraft cute texture packs

As if Minecraft wasn’t already too lovely to handle, these charming texture packs bring the sweetness up to 11. The most adorable Minecraft texture packs frequently feature bright, simplistic hues that are a pleasure to see. Some of them are simply very, extremely pink. Here are some of the most adorable Minecraft texture packs available on the market.


(Photo courtesy of Zob) The current version is 1.18 | The resolution is 16×16 | Download Featuring a variety of bright colors and a vaguely medieval vibe, this incredibly charming bundle is sure to please. It’s a fantastic alternative for those who want something a little softer than the other medieval-style texture packs available on the marketplace. It also includes randomized textures for some blocks, like as stone and wood planks, to give your environment a little more variation.


(Photo courtesy of Nongfu) Version: 1.16 | Resolution: 16×16 | Click here to download (There is bedrock accessible.) Hafen’s vibrant colors and clumpy grass textures nearly give the impression that it is inspired on the aesthetics of an old console platformer. Its mobs, with their cartoony small eyes, are also really endearing.

In fact, the interface, with its rounded tabs and light blue color scheme, could be the nicest component of the whole package. According to the designer, the font may be difficult to read for certain people, hence an alternate font option is given in the package.

Rodrigo’s Pack

(Photo courtesy of Rodrigo AI.) Version: 1.16 | Resolution: 8×8 | Download the latest version Rodrigo’s pack has a simplified, cartoon-like appearance and is filled with vibrant colors. The edges of blocks are all highlighted, giving Minecraft an even more blocky appearance than it already had (amazing that was somehow possible). Its textures are stylized as 8×8 blocks rather than the already-small 16×16 pixel squares used by Minecraft, making it one of the lower resolution packs on the market.

Pastel Craft

(Photo courtesy of XradicalD.) Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16×16 | Click here to download (Bedrock available) Think about all of those flat, nice textures. As you might think, Pastel Craft uses only pastel colors throughout, and the results are very stunning.

Minecraft but make it cute✿

(Image courtesy of aricrossingww / mariicx / Mojang Studios) (Credit: aricrossingww / mariicx / Mojang Studios) Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16×16 | Click here to download Minecraft but with a cute twist is a collection of texture packs developed by aricrossingwwof their own texture packs that have been combined with some other community-made texture packs. In the end, we have an ultra-charming, pastel dream world that is so adorable that it has even changed the horrible Nether region of Minecraft into a pink kawaii paradise.

Minecraft themed texture packs

If you want to truly screw with your Minecraft experience, you may use these themed texture packs to make it appear as if it belongs in a whole other world from where you are now playing.


(Photo courtesy of macio6) 128x and 256x resolutions are available in this version (1.17). Macio6 Productions’ MineBricks texture pack transforms Minecraft’s original blocks into Lego bricks, and it is available for free download. Minecraft and Lego have already collaborated to build official physical sets, but the concept that you can now transform your in-game creations into Lego pieces with this texture pack is just fantastic. Download the texture pack here.

MS Painted

(Image courtesy of Stridey.) The current version is 1.18 | The current resolution is 128×128 |Download This Minecraft texture pack may appear to be unattractive, and it may well be, but that is just what makes it so beautiful. This image was produced with Microsoft Paint and a mouse, as its name indicates. It’s certainly ridiculous, but it takes a significant amount of work to create something that is purposefully unattractive without making it uncomfortable to look at.

Retro NES

(Photo courtesy of Puffcap, Befarrar.) Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16×16 | Click here to download (Bedrock available) Minecraft elicits that familiar sense of 8-bit nostalgia that any of us over a certain age are vulnerable to experiencing from time to time. With the Retro NES bundle, you can turn back the clock and relive your childhood memories. It’s a little difficult on the eyes, but it’s a lot of fun. All that remains is for you to travel to the Nether and transform the entire area into a massive Bowser stronghold.

Wind Waker Edition

(Photo courtesy of Pavlovs Walrus.) Version: 1.17 | Resolution: 16×16 | Click here to download For even more Nintendo flare, the Wind Waker pack pays homage to the Zelda video game, whose styling is undoubtedly the most appropriate with Minecraft’s aesthetic. Wind Waker’s cartoony flair is reflected in this pack, which is incredibly bright and colorful in its design.

However, while it will most of the time feel like any other customized Minecraft texture pack, it will include Zelda-inspired colors and designs on the villagers and mobs, which will serve as a good reminder of where it came from.

How to Install Minecraft Texture Packs in Windows

Minecraft is a fun and engaging game. Its unique combination of open-world action and the ability for players to express themselves has garnered it millions of admirers across the world. Players also like the game’s ability to be customized, which adds to its appeal. Minecraft is always being hacked, altered, and reskinned, and this is a good thing. If you know what you’re doing, you can make significant changes to a number of settings. We’ve already shared a couple of our favorite texture packs with you.

Some of them are as easy as copying and pasting, while others need the use of customized applications and patches.

Find a Minecraft texture pack to install

This one might be more difficult than it appears. There are a plethora of texture packs available for download on the Internet. Some are excellent, while others. are not. The following web sites, among others, are dedicated to cataloging Minecraft texture packs for your Spend some serious time looking through their offerings and deciding what you like the most. We used the oCd Texture Pack 1.5 for our straightforward demonstration. It had a cartoonish appearance, yet it was charming.

It doesn’t matter where you look, as long as you can locate it.

Copy and paste

This is a straightforward procedure. Open Minecraft and choose “OptionsTexture Packs” from the drop-down menu. This displays a list of the packs that you have installed. If you haven’t installed any, the only one that should be present is the Default setting. Now select “Open texture pack folder” from the drop-down menu. This will open a new Windows Explorer window with the path “C:Users(your name)AppDataRoaming.minecrafttexturepacks” as the current directory. Now, copy and paste the texture pack’ file into this directory, replacing the original with the copied file.

The new bundle should now appear in your Minecraft library.

Somewhat more complicated

Certain texture packs, on the other hand, need more work to install. One of the most popular texture packs, LB Photo Realism, need the installation of an additional Java software in order to function. Download MCPatcher, which is a separate applet that will be used for the installation process. Open it and wait for the patcher to locate the Minecraft installation location, which may take a few moments. We’re now planning to add the HD texture pack to the game. To add more features to MCPatcher, click the “+”icon at the bottom of the program.

LB Photo Realism should be highlighted with a checkbox next to it when you run the program.

Still, you’ll have to go into the options and choose the HD texture pack.

Final thoughts

Installing a texture pack in Minecraft is a straightforward process. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

External Links

MCPatcher can be downloaded here. LB Photo Realism can be downloaded here. OCD Download Minecraft OCD Download oCd

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