How To Record On Windows 10


How to Capture Video Clips in Windows 10

It is quite straightforward and quick to take a screenshot on Windows 10, but recording video of your screen activity is more difficult. Microsoft has made it easier by including a built-in video capture capability, known as Game Bar, in its operating system. Games played directly on your PC or those streamed from an Xbox console were the original purpose of Game Bar, but it can also record video of screen activity from your web browser, Windows apps, and any other software. When you record screen activity, the video recording is immediately stored as an MP4 video file.

A message may appear if you attempt to utilize Game Bar and your computer isn’t up to the task.

But don’t worry, there is a technique to get past this restriction.

Enable Screen Recording

You must first ensure that Game Bar has been activated before you can begin using the function. OpenSettingsGamingXbox Game Barand toggle the switch labeled “Enable Xbox Game Bar” to the “On” position. Use the Xbox button on your gamepad to activate Game Bar if you have an Xbox 360 controller or an Xbox 360 controller with the appropriate driver installed on your computer. Check the option labeled “Open Xbox Game Bar using this button as a controller” to make the functionality available for use.

Record Your Screen

Open the application that you want to record using. It is possible to start a recording from the majority of applications and windows, however it is not possible to start a capture from the Windows desktop, File Explorer, or specific Windows applications, such as Weather. To access the Game Bar, press Win + G at the same time. Several Game Bar widgets appear, providing access to features such as screenshot capture, video and audio control, and checking your Xbox social account. The source for the video capture is identified by the name of the program, file, or window that is currently open in the pane.

  • Instead of navigating via the Game Bar pane, you may just hit the keys Win + Alt + R to begin recording your session.
  • To enable gaming features for this app to record gameplay, choose the checkbox next to Enable gaming features.
  • The Game Bar widgets are no longer visible, and have been replaced with a small floating bar in the upper-right corner of the screen, which allows you to control the recording of the game.
  • A notice comes informing you that a video clip of the game has been captured.
  • To see the video, simply press the Play button.

If you don’t like the default place where video captures are kept, you may simply change it to a different location. Go to the SettingsGamingCaptures section. To open a different folder, click the Open folder option and select a different folder.

PCMag-Recommended Windows Accessories

Have you ever completed a task on your computer and wished you’d taken a picture of it right then and there to remember it? If you want to remember what happened on your screen in the previous few seconds or minutes, you may use the Windows 10 Game Bar to accomplish so. Prior to doing so, you must first provide permission for the computer to record your activity while you are not looking at it. Re-enter the settings menu and selectGamingCapture, then check the option labeled Record in the background when I’m playing a game.

You’ll never have to worry about missing another moment again.

A video is created based on the amount of seconds or minutes you specify.

Customize Game Bar

Game Bar allows you to see your video captures, decide which widgets display on the screen, and configure a variety of settings all in one convenient location. To access the Game Bar, press Win + G at the same time. To see a list of all of your captured films, select Show All Captures from the Capture widget’s drop-down menu. After that, you may choose any video you wish to watch. When the Game Bar is engaged, you may customize which widgets appear on the screen. Close any widgets that you don’t want to view from the Game Bar display by clicking on them in the Game Bar display.

Certain widgets may also be enabled or disabled at any time by selecting the relevant icon from the top widget toolbar.

You may access and modify the Game Bar’s accounts, shortcuts, theme, recording choices, alerts, and other features from this section of the menu.

Game Bar Workaround

It is recommended that you consult Microsoft’s ” Troubleshoot Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 ” web page if you are experiencing difficulties with Game Bar or if the tool is not allowing you to capture your screen activity. In the event that your device does not fulfill the hardware requirements for recording clips, however, there is a workaround available. Given that you won’t be able to upgrade your computer’s hardware or video card, your next best choice is to seek assistance from a third-party application known as Game DVR Config.

Select Force software MFT (16 FPS + VBR) from the setup page when you first launch the program after installing it.

Select Gamebar Presence Writer from theProcesstab drop-down menu, then click End Task.

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Record the screen

Screenshots are wonderful, but a fast how-to video might convey a more effective message in some cases. Microsoft Stream allows you to record brief screencasts of up to 15 minutes in length, which include your camera and microphone, without the need for any extra software or hardware. Important:In order to record your screen, you must be using the most recent version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Windows 10 or macOS. Learn about the browsers that are supported, as well as their restrictions.

Get started

  • In Microsoft Stream, go to the Create Record screen and choose it. When your browser prompts you, choose AllowMicrosoft Stream to allow the streaming service to utilize your camera and microphone. If you chooseBlock, your camera and microphone will be turned off immediately. Enabling them is as simple as clicking the lock symbol in your browser’s address bar and selecting Allownext to the appropriate device. To configure your webcam and microphone, click on the Webcam or Microphone icons on the toolbar. You must make sure your USB camera or microphone is connected in and selected from the menu before you can start recording. Additionally, if you do not want your camera or microphone to be included in your recording, you may turn them off. You’re now ready to begin recording your session
  • Choose which camera and microphone you wish to use for the recording. When you select your desired camera and microphone from the dropdown lists, the drawings in each dropdown list will be updated.

Record the screen

If you have chosen to share audio, the microphone will catch up on any sounds or background noise, such as typing. Please keep this in mind. Any physical movement detected by the webcam will be recorded, even if you have decreased the recording because you have chosen to share your camera with others.

  1. To begin recording, press theRecordbutton on your keyboard. Share material from your screen by selecting what you want to share (your full screen, an application window, or a browser tab) and then clicking the “Share” button. Select the option Share audio if you want to incorporate audio from your computer in your recording. If you’re running Mac OS X Catalina, you may need to enable screen recording rights in System Preferences to ensure that your recordings are properly captured. Learn more about the rights available in macOS Catalina. Wait for the recording to begin when the countdown has finished. Once you begin, the timer will indicate how much time you have left. Alternatively, you can switch to the program or window that you desire to record. Switch back to the Microsoft Stream screen recorder tab in your browser after you’re finished recording, or whenever you want to take a break. To continue working on other tasks while recording, open a new tab in your browser. If you need to do any activity while the recording is in progress, you must return to the screen that is being recorded. At any point, you may pause the recording of the screen, audio, and camera by selecting the Pauseicon. To resume play, use thePlayicontoResume button. When you’re finished, click Next to listen to your recording again.

Review the recording

  1. On this page, click on thePlaybutton to listen to the recording again. If you’re not pleased with the results and wish to try again, selectRecordagain. SelectUpload to Streamto go to the next step when you’ve finished editing your recording

Keep in mind that you may always cut the video after it has been uploaded and processed by the software.

Upload screen recording

The file you will get after you have recorded the screen will be yours to do with as you like. It may be uploaded to a favorite Stream channel or emailed to a coworker to share.

  1. Your video will begin uploading to Stream when you reach theUpload to Streampage. While you’re waiting, you can do the following:
  • Keep an eye on the progress of the uploading
  • Make sure to fill out the details form with the video name, description, and language
  • Anyone who works for you will be able to see your video after it has been made publicly available. If you want to make the video available exclusively to you, uncheck the following checkbox: Allow everyone in your workplace to view this video
  • It will benefit everyone. To configure custom rights, groups, channels, and other settings, choose Update video information from the drop-down menu.
  1. Following the completion of the upload, you have the option to publish or save your work as follows: a. Press the Publish button. Your video is now complete and available for viewing! ChoosingGo to Video will take you to the video page on Stream, where you may watch or share your video. If you want to trim your video after it has been processed, you may do so by selecting the Moreactions menu and then clicking Trim video. b. Select “Save as draft” from the drop-down menu. If you are not yet ready to post your video, you can still do so. Your video will be kept toMy ContentVideosin Stream, from which you will be able to upload it whenever you like

We’d love to hear from you

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See also

Upload a video to Microsoft Stream and edit the video’s metadata, settings, and rights. Support for screen recording in the browser

The Easiest Way to Record Your Screen in Windows 10: A Step-By-Step Guide

Creating tutorials is one of the many uses for screen recording, which can be found in a variety of applications. If a snapshot is worth a thousand words, then screen recording goes a step further by capturing the entire screen. In this post, we’ll teach you how to: 1. Screen record on Windows 10; and 2. Screen capture on Windows 10; and 3. Screen capture on Windows 10? What is the best way to record video on a Windows 10 or other PC? Third, learn how to transform your screen recordings into professional videos in minutes.

1. How to screen record on Windows 10?

When you use the built-in function – Game Bar – on Windows 10, you may capture what is happening on your screen. It was created primarily for the purpose of recording PC and Xbox gaming sessions, but it may also be used to record other applications or activities. First, make sure that Game Mode is enabled on your system: Step 1: Select settings from the start menu by pressing the Windows key + I. Step 2: In the Settings box, select the Gaming option. Step 3: Navigate to the Game Mode menu and select Game Mode.

  1. To access the Settings menu, go to the Start menu and select Settings.
  2. Background recording will be available under the Captures menu item.
  3. You’re now ready to begin recording your screen.
  4. This implies that after you’ve begun recording, you won’t be able to go to another window or use the ALT + TAB keyboard shortcut to navigate.
  5. With that out of the way, let’s get down to the specifics of how you may record your screen by utilizing the Game Bar.
  6. Close all other windows and make sure there isn’t any unwanted audio that will end up in your recording before you begin.
  7. This should cause the Game Bar to appear.
  8. Press Windows + Alt + R to start recording your screen after clicking the circle with a dot (or pressing Windows + Alt + R).
  9. The microphone will be used to record comments by switching on and off external noises.
  10. Step 5:To stop recording, use the stop button or the Windows key + Alt + R combination once again.

Step 6:A pop-up window will appear on the right side of the screen, stating that a game clip has been captured. By clicking on the pop-up, you will be able to see that your screen recording is saved in the ‘Captures’ folder in your File Explorer folder.

2. How to record video on Windows 10 or any PC?

Having discussed screen recording on Windows 10, let’s look at how you may record movies on Windows 10 or any other PC. Simply take these straightforward steps: Start by selecting the ‘Camera’ app from the All Apps list, which is also accessible from the start menu. Step 2: 2:After the camera is launched, there are two options to pick from on the right: photo mode or video mode. Click on the photo mode option to select it. You will be able to record for a total of three hours with this app. Step 3:Once you have done recording your video, it will automatically be stored to the Camera Roll folder on your computer.

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Using this incredibly simple method, you can record your screen while also taking a video at the same time.

Take a look over here to discover InVideo’s selection of the top webcam recording softwares currently available on the market.

3. BONUS: How to turn your screen recordings into professional videos in minutes?

You’ve completed your recording as well as your screen capture. To really create an impact and go the additional mile, you should transform your screen recordings into fully-edited films that include music and text in addition to the screen captures itself. That’s where an online video editor, such as InVideo, may be really useful. Even if you’ve never edited a movie before, you can effortlessly make professional-quality videos in minutes using Adobe Premiere Pro. Following are some examples of how you may make a significant difference withInVideo: If you haven’t already, sign up for an InVideo account by clicking here.

  1. To upload media, either click on the “Upload Media” button or drag & drop your files into the editor’s center.
  2. A pop-up window will appear and ask if you want to reduce your video.
  3. And with that, your images are complete.
  4. To do so, click on the music icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
  5. The fifth step is to drag and change the timeline so that the music is in harmony with your text and graphic components.

Choose a typeface or a typography from a variety of available options. Step 8: Congratulations, you’re finished! You may either download the video or post it straight on your social media accounts.

Wrapping up –

Finally, you’ve learned how to screen record on Windows 10 and you’ve also discovered how to record movies on Windows 10 as well as other computers. Interested in learning more about the best webcam recording softwares for 2022? Check out this page, which goes into further depth on the subject. Lastly, if you have any further questions or would want to continue the topic, go over to theIV community, where you’ll be able to interact and learn from over 25K other designers and marketers that are exactly like you.


1. Is it possible to capture my screen on Windows 10 for no cost? You may record your screen on Windows 10 for free by utilizing the in-built application Game Bar, which is available in the Start menu. Up to 4 hours and a single program can be recorded at a time on your computer’s screen. Screen recording of your desktop or file explorer is not possible. 2. What is the location of screen recordings in Windows 10? By default, all of your screen recordings are kept in the Captures folder on your computer.

  • Captures is one of the choices offered on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • 3.
  • You may record your screen for up to 4 hours at a time with the Game Bar application.
  • What is the best way to record video and audio on my laptop?
  • The built-in camera will automatically record all audio while the video is being recorded.

How to record audio files in Windows 10 for free

The recording of audio is straightforward with Windows 10. All that is required is a microphone and software to record the input data. You are not required to spend money on a sound recording program, on the other hand. Of course, there are excellent premium apps available, but you can get by just fine with free options. This is especially true if you intend to do very minimal editing in your final product. Because not all sound recording apps offer the same amount of functionality, we’ve selected two that may be used for both basic and more complex purposes.

Furthermore, both options are completely free to use.

Voice Recorder

The process of recording with Voice Recorder is quite easy. As part of Windows 10, you’ll have access to this dead-simple sound recording application, so you can get started right now. To begin, press the Windows key (or click on the Start button), type voiceorrecorder to bring up Voice Recorder as a search result, and then press the Enter key to begin recording audio. It is as simple as clicking on the huge blue microphone icon in the left-hand portion of the window to begin recording. In its place will be controls for pausing and stopping the recording, as well as a counter that indicates how long you’ve been recording for.

An alphabetical list of recorded clips will appear in the main window.

Using the Sound settings in Windows 10 will help you if you’re having problems recording through your microphone, or using the right microphone (Windows key, then typesound settings.) Check sure the microphone that is currently in use is selected as the active device under Input.

Immediately available as.m4a files, the files captured with Voice Recorder may be played on most current devices using their native applications.


Audacity may not have a smooth, modern appearance, but it boasts a plethora of capabilities that more than make up for its uninspiring user interface. Audacity may not appear to be much on the surface, but the intricacy of this well-known free audio recording application resides in its feature set. To begin recording, just launch Audacity when it has been installed and press the red record button. The most essential fundamental controls are readily visible and accessible in this primary window, thanks to Audacity’s design: You can simply change which microphone you’re using as an input device and which output device you’re using to listen to playback.

  • You can also quickly change which microphone you’re using as an input device.
  • The most significant advantage of Audacity is its capacity to accept more elaborate recording configurations, such as several tracks and/or numerous input sources, as well as more intricate edits and tweaks than other programs.
  • Learning the ins and outs of Audacity can be time-consuming, but the effort put forward will pay off in the long run by making it simpler to get the most out of your recordings.
  • Keep in mind that, in contrast to Voice Recorder, Audacity does not instantly store recordings as playable audio files after they have been made.
  • Check out our Audacity primer for additional in-depth information on how to take advantage of the vast array of tools available in Audacity.

Recording tips

Keep the following suggestions in mind for higher-quality recordings:

  • Record at a quiet location where there is no background noise or echo. As strange as it may sound, the interior of a closet stuffed with clothing really works rather nicely
  • Maintain a close proximity to your microphone
  • Going too far away from it might result in a hollow recording. Hardware does play a factor in sound quality, so if you have the money to spare, switching from a laptop, webcam, or headset mic to one of ourbest USB microphone selections will allow your voice to shine through more clearly.

Please keep in mind that if you make a purchase after clicking on links in our articles, we may receive a small fee. For additional information, please see our affiliate link policy. Alina Yee is PCWorld’s resident bargain hunter, and when she’s not writing about PC construction, computer components, mini-PCs, and other topics, she’s out looking for the finest prices in technology. Her writing has previously featured in publications such as PC Gamer, IGN, Maximum PC, and the Official Xbox Magazine.

Windows 10 has a built-in free screen recorder that you might not know about

You’ve most likely been using Windows 10 for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you’ve taken use of all of the features it has to offer. Although the operating system is jam-packed with functionality, there are a few that are so well-hidden that they may be construed as secrets. The screen recording feature is one such hidden gem. What? You didn’t realize that Windows 10 has the ability to record movies of on-screen action, did you? You are not alone in your feelings. The screen recorder is integrated within the Game bar, and you may not have seen it before.

If you’ve ever wondered how to record video of what you’re doing on your computer, this is the program you’ve been looking for. Here’s how to get to it and how to utilize it, as well as the location of a hidden keyboard shortcut. Likewise, see:

  • Microsoft offers a $39.99 upgrade to Windows 10 Professional for a limited time. Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7 one year from today. How to make reserved storage in Windows 10 inaccessible

You won’t find the screen recorder in the Start menu because it is not a stand-alone application, so look in the Applications folder. You will, however, be able to locate the Game bar – however, if you are not a player, you may have passed over this feature without giving it any notice. Look in the Start menu and type “Game bar” into the search box, or, if you prefer keyboard shortcuts, press the Windows key and the G key simultaneously to get the Game bar. There will be an appearance of the Game bar, and the subtitle “Game capturing” that is shown beneath the time in the window that appears offers an indication as to what is conceivable.

  • In fact, you don’t even need to activate the Game bar to begin recording screen activity; you can simply press the keyboard shortcut to begin recording.
  • Because gaming functions have not been enabled, it is likely that a warning will appear telling you that screen recording is not accessible at this time.
  • Simply check the option in the pop-up window, and the recording will begin immediately.
  • You may also access the recordings by using the Game bar on the left side of the screen.
  • Normally, switching from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro is a significant financial investment.

How to Record Your Screen on Windows 10 with Sound [Free]

What if you don’t know how to capture your Windows 10 screen? This section will provide you with two fast approaches that are both simple, free, and do not need the acquisition of any new skills. Screen recording on Windows 10 is a convenient way to share information or create lesson films, which is especially valuable for young people who want to share content with others through a variety of social media channels. To record the screen, you’ll need the best equipment possible to assist you. What is the best screen recorder software to use on Windows 10 to record the screen?

The post demonstrates two simple methods for recording your screen on Windows 10 for free.

Another option is to use a professional screen recorder to record screen in multiple formats, ratios, and quality.

How to Record Your Screen on Windows 10 with A Native Screen Capture Tool

Even after having used the Windows 10 operating system for a long time, some users are unaware of the existence of a built-in screen capture tool – the Xbox Game Bar. As its name implies, it is primarily intended for gamers who like to capture gameplay footage from video games. Despite this, it is simple to use and performs well in the vast majority of apps that are used as screen recorders. Let’s have a look at how to locate the native screen capture tool on Windows 10 and how to record screen on Windows 10 using that tool.

  1. Step 1.To access the Settings, click the Start button at the bottom of the screen, followed by the Gear symbol.
  2. After that, the Xbox Game Bar area is automatically loaded.
  3. If it says “Off,” click the toggle to the right to activate the video capture function.
  4. Then follow these instructions to resolve the problem of “how to record your screen on Windows 10” using the Xbox Game Bar.
  5. The program does not record all of the actions that take place on Windows 10.
  6. In order to begin, hit the shortcut key to open the Xbox Game bar, keeping in mind that you must first open the program that you wish to record.
  7. Afterwards, you might follow the instructions to instantaneously record the screen in Windows 10.
  8. Step 2:To begin recording your screen in Windows 10, click the Start Recording option (or enter the shortcut key Windows Key + Alt + R).
  9. Three: On the top right of the computer screen, you will notice Capture Status, which will show you how long has passed since the recording was started.
  10. The video you’ve captured may be viewed by pressing the Windows Key + G and opening the Xbox Game bar.

The MP4 format is used to store these videos. The Captures subfolder inside the Films folder in Windows 10 is another location where you may discover your captured videos in the operating system. The following are disadvantages of using the Screen Capture Tool:

  • It is not possible to record the entire screen or to define the resolution to capture
  • It is not possible to halt the recording while it is taking place. Video editing capabilities are limited. In some cases, Windows desktop users will be unable to use some gaming capabilities.

How to Record Your Screen on Windows 10 with Free Screen Recorder Software

We offer a professional and free screen recorder for Windows 10 to assist you in recording screen and sound on Windows 10 with more choices and flexibility (suited for other Windows operating systems too). ITop Screen Recorder is a screen recorder that is completely free to use. Screen Recorder for Windows is a high-quality service that records video with high-definition visual performance without lagging on the frame. It is designed to record your screen on Windows, including Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

You have the ability to capture HD recordings with no watermark and no duration restriction.

  • Make a screen recording that includes sound. When you first launch the program, you have the option of recording system noises, microphone sounds, and mouse clicks. All sounds can be captured in their entirety
  • Capture the screen in order to record more freely. The screen recorder provides four options for selecting the screen region to record: the entire screen, a specified region, a preset ratio (4:3 and 16:9), and a custom ratio. Support for a wide range of output and conversion formats. After recording, you have the option of saving the video in one of more than 12 formats that are compatible with most common digital devices. Audio may be stored in a variety of formats, including MP3, AAC, and others. More than that, it aids you in converting a video to whatever format you choose, including HD video. After you’ve recorded your video, you may edit it. iTop Recorder is capable of much more than just recording. Following the completion of the recording, you may use the Alter button to edit the video using basic editing features and save it immediately. Every single frame is exactly what you’re looking for
  • Upload videos to social media channels as soon as they are finished. Uploading a movie is as simple as right-clicking it and selecting “Upload.” You may share a video recorded using the Screen Recorder on major social networking networks such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook with others. Google Drive and Dropbox are two options.

Following that, we’ll walk you through the process of recording your screen on Windows 10 using iTop Screen Recorder.

Steps to Record Your Screen on Windows 10 with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1: Obtain a free copy of iTop Screen Recorder for Windows 10 or other Windows versions, then install it immediately after downloading it. Step 2: Launch the recorder and customize its settings. More options are available by selecting the Settings button, which allows you to select the video size, format, frame rate, and quality. In addition, you may choose the audio format and frame rate. Step 3:Start the screen recording process on Windows 10 by clicking the red circle record icon in the bottom right corner.

Press the F10 key to pause the recording, then the F9 key to stop it.

You can see all of your recorded videos in the video list, and you can modify a video by selecting it and clicking the edit icon.


“How to record screen on Windows 10” is a straightforward question with an obvious answer. When you want to record your screen on Windows 10, the built-in screen capture tool is really easy. However, if you are looking for a screen recorder program that will allow you to create a professional-looking screencast, iTop Screen Recorder is the finest option. It is compatible with all Windows versions and allows you to capture high-quality films without spending a single dime. To learn how to record your screen on Windows 10 and share it with others, download it for free right now.

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How to Use Windows 10’s Built-in Screen Capture Tool

Windows 10 has the ability to record a video of your screen without the use of any other applications. The following steps will show you how to locate and utilize Windows 10’s simple Capture application to record your screen.

The Game Bar Isn’t Just for Gaming

The Xbox Game Bar has a screen capture feature that is integrated into Windows 10. Despite what the name indicates, the Game Bar serves a variety of functions other than gaming. In this article, we’ll show you how to use it to record screen recordings. With this program, you may record a video of your desktop in the H.264 MP4 format.

RELATED: The New Game Bar in Windows 10 has six excellent features. The “Capture” widget, which can be accessible using the “Widget Menu” feature of the Game Bar, has the ability to record a screen. You’ll need Windows 10’s May 2019 update or later to be able to access the Widget menu.

How to Launch Screen Capture on Windows 10

To begin, hit the Windows key plus G to bring up the Game Bar. Another option is to access the Start menu and select the “Xbox Game Bar” program from the list of options. The Game Bar overlay should display if you go to SettingsGamesXbox Game Bar and choose it.) Check to ensure that the Game Bar is turned “On” in this location. It’s also worth checking out the keyboard shortcut—you can change the key combination that opens the game bar to any key combination you like instead of Windows+G.) See if you can find the “Capture” window in the Game Bar overlay screen.

It seems to be a series of lines with bullet points to the left of each line.

It is possible that the “Capture” shortcut is also located on the Game Bar toolbar.

How to Start Recording Your Screen

Look for the “Capture” widget window in the overlay to complete the capture. The Capture widget has four buttons, which are listed below (from left to right):

  • Snapshot: This command captures a screenshot of the currently active window. Take note of the last 30 seconds: Records the preceding 30 seconds and saves it as a recording
  • Start the recording by pressing the following button: Starts the recording of the currently active window
  • Turn on the microphone while you’re recording: If you activate this option, Windows 10 will collect audio from your computer’s microphone and include it in the recording
  • Otherwise, it will not capture audio.

You’ll see that there is text beneath the buttons. This is how you’ll know which window is now active, and hence which window will be recorded. For example, if you’re browsing the web, the title of the currently active tab will be shown. Choosing whether or not to utilize your microphone before beginning to record your screen is important since it might be handy if you’re attempting to explain anything on the computer screen. Following that, simply press the Start Recording button. The screen recording will begin, and you’ll notice a small toolbar appear in the corner of the screen when it’s finished.

  • When you’re finished, press the Stop button to bring the recording to a close.
  • Your recording will be at the top of the list when it is played again.
  • As a default, these recordings are kept in your Windows user folder, which is located at C:UsersNAMEVideosCaptures by default.
  • To adjust these keyboard shortcuts, go to SettingsGamingXbox Game Bar and choose Customize.

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You have it now.

How to record your screen on a Windows 10 computer and capture your computer’s audio along with it

  • If you have Windows 10, you may record your screen by utilizing the Game Bar or a third-party program such as OBS Studio. Upon booting up your computer, the Windows Game Bar will appear, which can be accessed by hitting the Windows Key + G combination. You may record your screen, the audio from your computer, and other things with OBS Studio, which is a free application. More stories may be found in Insider’s Tech Reference collection
  • Click here.

There are a variety of reasons why you might wish to record your screen while using Windows 10, whether for business or for entertainment.

Fortunately, Windows allows you to produce screen recordings fast and easily using the Game Bar, as well as more in-depth movies using programs such as OBS Studio. Here are two simple — and completely free — methods for recording the screen of your computer.

How to screen record on Windows 10 using the Game Bar

In all new versions of Windows 10, the Game Bar is an app that is included for free and is intended to assist players in keeping track on the overall performance of their computer. However, even if you are not a gamer, you may easily record your screen using the software’s screen recording capability. 1.Start by opening whatever it is that you want to record on your computer. This may be anything from a web browser to a game to an application to a folder or even simply your desktop. Next, launch the Game Bar by hitting the Windows key plus Go on your keyboard at the same time.

  • If it isn’t already there, navigate to the lengthy toolbar at the top of the screen and select the icon that looks like a webcam from the drop-down menu.
  • Business Insider photographer Emma Witman 4.In the Capture box, select the white circle symbol to begin recording your screen.
  • 5.If you wish to record your own voice, you can do so by clicking on the microphone icon, which will start recording audio from the default microphone on your computer.
  • Business Insider photographer Emma Witman To pause recording, click the pause symbol on either the recording timer or the Game Bar menu, whichever is most convenient for you.
  • You’ll be able to locate the new screen recording in the “Videos” section of your computer’s “Captures” folder.
  • You may view the location of the video on your computer by selecting “Open file location” from the drop-down menu underneath the video.

How to screen record on Windows 10 using OBS Studio

There are plenty of programs available for Windows that allow you to record your screen. OBS Studio, on the other hand, is a free, professional-grade tool that is ideal for anyone who needs to record on a regular basis. Opening the game or program you wish to record on Windows 10 is the first step. Afterwards, if you haven’t previously done so, download and run the OBS Studio application. (2) In Open Broadcasting System, there is a window named “Sources” at the bottom of the screen. Select “Display Capture” from the drop-down menu after clicking the “+” symbol.

  • You may also select “Window Capture” if you’d want to record a single app without recording the entire screen.
  • You’ll be asked what you want to call the source when it’s revealed.
  • If you wish to give it a unique name, pick “Create New,” enter in a name, and then click the OK button on your keyboard.
  • In the event that you have several monitors, choose which one you want OBS to record and whether or not you want the mouse pointer to be recorded as well.
  • If you record the monitor on which OBS is running, your preview will consist of an unending series of recording windows, as shown below.
  • The “+” indicator appears when you go back to the Sources box after adding audio from the PC.
  • 6.Name your audio source once more, or keep it as the default setting.

The Audio Mixer, which can be found at the bottom of the screen, will display the volume of your audio sources.

After you’ve finished setting up everything you want to record, click “Start Recording” in the “Controls” window on the right.

When you’re finished, use the “Stop Recording” button.

Business Insider photo courtesy of William Antonelli The video will be stored to the “Videos” folder on your computer without your intervention.

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How to Record a Screencast in

At first glance, recording your computer screen may appear to be a difficult task. This is especially true if you do not have the appropriate tools at your fingertips. When you’re practicing your speech, you could wish to record a presentation, or you might want to share a bit of playtime with your pals. Whatever it is, capturing your screen in Windows 10 is a cinch thanks to its intuitive interface. You can start recording whenever you want if you know the exact sequence of keyboard keys to press on your computer.

How to Record Your Screen in Windows 10 with Built-In Software

Screen recording software is included with Windows 10 as a standard feature. Originally designed to record your gaming sessions, you may now use it to record everything else you do on your computer, including web browsing. The first step is to make this option available in the Windows settings menu by selecting it and pressing Enter.

  1. By pressing theStartbuttom on your keyboard and then beginning to type “Settings,” a link to theSettingsapplication will emerge. To access the Gamingoption, go to theSettingsmenu and choose it. The menu for the game bar will appear
  2. Record game clips, images, and broadcasts using the Game barby simply switching the toggle switch to the On position.

A keyboard shortcut may also be used to bring up the Settings menu as an alternate method of bringing up the menu. The menu will show if you simultaneously press the Windows key and the letter I. Following the complete completion of the Game bar enablement process, it is now time to begin recording.

  1. Select the app in which you wish to record your actions and click on it. A desktop, a web browser, a video game, or even a movie that you are now watching on your computer might be considered
  2. To accomplish this, hit the Windows + G keys on your keyboard at the same time. This will bring up the recording overlay on your screen, which you may then record using. Several widgets, such as Capture, Audio, and Performance are included in the package. After clicking theRecordbutton in the Capture widget, you may simply click anywhere on your screen to conceal the Game bar overlay, which will begin recording. A little widget will appear on the right side of the screen, displaying the time that is currently being recorded. It also allows you to pause and resume recording, as well as turn on or off the microphone if you have one. Once you have finished recording, click the Stopbutton on the little widget
  3. A message stating that a game clip has been recorded will display. If you click on it, a folder will appear in Windows Explorer, where you may see the video file that you have just recorded
  4. If you don’t click on it, nothing will happen.

Of course, you are not required to bring up the game bar every time you wish to record a game. An available keyboard shortcut allows you to start and stop screen recording with a single click. Simply hit the Windows key together with the Alt and R keys at the same time to start the recording. When you want to stop recording, just hit the same combination of keys again: Win + Alt + R.

The Best 3 rdParty Options

If the built-in recorder in Windows does not give you with the amount of customization you want, there are several more solutions to explore. In accordance with the features you desire, below are three apps that will unquestionably meet your requirements:

OBS Studio

OBS Studiois the undisputed king of screen recording, and it is entirely free to download and use. Because Open Broadcaster Software (abbreviated as OBS) is an open-source application, it has a number of advantages. That means there are no advertisements, and the upgrades continue to go out, making it more powerful with each version of the software. It is compatible with the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating system platforms.

FlashBack Express

With FlashBack Express, you obtain a free version of software that would otherwise cost you money. It is simpler to use than OBS, making it ideal for those who have never worked with similar software before. Among the many advantages of the free version is that it does not impose any time limitations on your recordings and does not display any watermarks on your video.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft’s recorder, in contrast to OBS Studio and FlashBack Express, is not a standalone piece of software. As an alternative, you may access it directly through a web browser on your computer.

However, although it may not be the best option for shooting any gaming footage, it is fantastic for everything else. This online application is excellent at what it does, whether you’re recording a presentation or having a video chat.

Additional FAQ

The capture of computer audio is enabled by default in the vast majority of screen recording tools. Consequently, you will not have to wander around with choices to enable audio capture as well, thanks to this. If you do not want computer audio to be included in your recording, there are two options for you to choose. In certain cases, depending on the program you are using, you may be able to turn off the computer noises while you are recording. The ultimate result will be a video that is absolutely devoid of sound.

How can I also record voiceover and match it to my screencast?

You will need to connect a microphone to your computer in order to be able to record your voice over video. In the event that you are using your laptop to record, the odds are good that it already includes an embedded microphone. When you begin recording using the built-in Windows recorder, just hit the Unmute microphonebutton on the little widget to end the recording session immediately. The contents of your microphone will be recorded until the recording is terminated. Of course, you may mute and unmute the microphone input at any time throughout the recording process if you require it.

How do I target a specific monitor for recording?

If you have numerous displays connected to your computer, you will be able to select which one you want to use to capture the video. There may be some variations in the procedure depending on whatever app you are using. In essence, you’ll need to navigate to the list of video sources that your software detects and choose the exact monitor that you wish to work with. If your second monitor is not automatically recognized by the program, you may need to manually configure it. Adding a new source to your recording program and designating the monitor you wish to capture to that source is how you accomplish this.

Can I record more than one monitor at once?

Yes, it is possible. Once again, depending on the program you are using, the process of doing this can be either automatic or manually performed. Alternatively, if the procedure is automated, you only need to specify which monitors you wish to utilize for the capture. It’s possible that you’ll have to designate the recording canvas that you’ll be using for the manual setup. For example, if you wish to record two Full HD displays side by side, the canvas will need to be twice as wide as the monitors themselves are.

Therefore, the recording size will have to be twice the width of 1920, which is 38401080 pixels, or three times the width of 1920.

Wrapping Up

Knowing how to record a screencast in Windows 10 allows you to outsource this operation to either the built-in recorder or a third-party application. The ability to record video calls with your pals or document a replay of your favorite game will be a snap now that you have this capability.

Have you ever tried to capture a screencast on your computer and had success? Are you making use of the built-in Windows recorder or one of the third-party tools suggested above? Please express your ideas in the space below the article’s main body.

13 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows 10: Free & Paid

There are several other names for the same program that allows you to record the output of a computer screen, including screen recording software, screencasting software, and screen capture software. While screen capture programs vary in terms of price and usefulness, they all have a number of functions in common, such as the following:

  • Video frame that may be adjusted
  • Editing capabilities that include cut-and-paste
  • And a limitless amount of recording time
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If you want to create an excellent video instructional, develop an online course, sell your business to internet clients, or even capture a new maneuver in your favorite game, which screen recording tool should you use? We investigated and analyzed the 13 best screen recording software for Windows (both free and paid) in order to assist you in finding the best match for your unique needs. We have compiled a list of the best screen recording software for Windows (both free and paid) for your convenience.

How to Record Your Screen in Windows 10

If you are running the Windows 10 operating system, you already have a built-in screen recorder, which is known as Xbox Game Bar, at your disposal. In terms of features, it is fairly restricted; notably, it does not allow you to record the complete desktop or File Manager. You may, however, use it with any desktop application or software that has been downloaded from the Windows Store. Let’s look at ways to go about it: 2. At the same time, press theWindowskey and theGat key. 3. The Xbox Game Bar menu will now appear on your screen.



In the Videosfolder, under the Capturessubfolder, is where you’ll discover it.

Free Screen Recording Software that Saves Money

Whether you’ve spent a lot of money on software after trying out trial versions and finding that you didn’t get nearly as much bang for your buck as you expected, or you’re just looking to save some money, there are a plethora of free screen recorders that can get the job done with satisfying results without draining your wallet’s bank account completely. Warning: Some software providers may force you to purchase an upgrade after you download their “free” product, so be cautious while doing so.

1.Free Cam

OS:WindowsFree Camis is a very basic free screen recorder that also includes an audio/video editor in the same package. With the help of the visually appealing and easy UI, you can produce screencasts with the ease of a professional. Despite the fact that this program is free, it does not have any watermarks and does not contain any advertisements.


  • There are no watermarks, time limitations, or advertisements. Recordings of voice-overs and computer noises are made. High-definition image resolution
  • Users have the option of saving videos as WMV files or uploading them straight to YouTube. Removes video fragments that are no longer needed
  • It eliminates background sounds. A large number of audio effects are available.


Take a look at this demonstration to see what you can accomplish with Free Cam: Now is a good time to get Free Cam.

2.DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder

OS:Windows Full-featured yet lightweight free screen recorder from a developer known for its free converter software, Free Screen Video Recorder is a great choice for screen recording. It is capable of recording Skype conversations without any restrictions, making it particularly handy for Skype interviews and online conferences.

It is also possible to isolate and capture specific parts from distinct Windows apps. A simple, user-friendly image editor is included, which is surprise useful for achieving a professional appearance.


  • Provides a quick screenshot function
  • And Screen and video recording options are available in a variety of formats. It is possible to record Skype chats using this software. On the website, there are detailed step-by-step directions. Available in ten different languages. MP4, BMP, TGA, JPEG, PNG, and GIF are among the output formats supported.


  • Only the sound of a microphone is recorded. Excessive advertisements may cause you to lose focus while working. It only saves recordings in AVI format
  • It lacks a logical user interface and a built-in media player. During the download process, it is possible to download and install unwanted software. When a user’s connection is lost, there is no notification.

Listed below is a video demonstration of how to record your screen using Free Screen Video Recorder:


OS:WindowsShareX is an open-source, ad-free screen recording program that has nearly as many custom capabilities as some of the more expensive commercial screen recorders. Because ShareX is primarily intended for developers and sophisticated users, a typical client may become disoriented among the various technical tools and editors available.


  • Record the entire screen, a window, a monitor, an area, a freehand drawing, or a scrolling path
  • Hotkeys are included to make navigating easier and more efficient. Supports a large number of URL sharing services. It allows you to import existing films, audio, or photographs. Custom watermarks and color effects are supported
  • A number of different export choices


  • Game recording is of poor quality, and it is difficult to utilize for the typical user. There will be no webcam recording. It has been reported that the upload of huge files fails. There is no video editor.

In this video, you will learn more about ShareX:


Operating System: WindowsCamStudiois a suitable solution for one-time or infrequent users who only want minimum editing capabilities. This open-source screen recording program is small and lightweight, and it records videos in the AVI format, which may subsequently be converted to SWF. While some people like its compactness, others believe it should be further developed and given more technological assistance.


  • Window’s CamStudiois a fantastic solution for people who just need to edit video once in a while or who only need to edit video on occasion. This open-source screen recording program is small and lightweight, and it records videos in the AVI format, which may subsequently be converted to SWF format for viewing online. While some people like its compactness, others believe it should be further developed and supported with more technical assistance.


  • It has been reported that it spreads hazardous viruses and malware. Only AVI files are produced, with a conversion to Flash thrown in
  • There are several browsers that are incompatible with the output
  • The audio has become out of sync
  • Inability to connect with or use animation features

Watch this video to learn more about how to use CamStudio: Ezvid

5. Ezvid

OS:Windows Ezvid advertises itself as the world’s most user-friendly screen recorder, and that claim may not be too far off the mark. In addition to its clarity, Ezvid’s quickness is an asset: it is particularly intended to save users’ time, and it will assist you in producing and uploading films directly to YouTube within minutes. As a result, the application has gained popularity among gamers and movie enthusiasts who are interested in creating video clips on a regular basis in the shortest amount of time feasible.


  • Provides computer-generated voice for use in narrative situations. High-quality resolution (1280 x 720p HD) is automatically selected
  • Control over the speed of the output videos
  • Interface that is both sleek and contemporary
  • Uploading videos to YouTube in real time
  • There is a selection of popular music tracks included


  • Extraneous noise has been reported by reviewers. Bugs and inconsistencies of a minor nature
  • There is no option to play in fullscreen mode.


Windows and Macintosh operating systems TinyTakeby MangoApps is a powerful screen recorder that allows you to take photos and movies from your computer screen, annotate them, and share them with others in a matter of seconds. TinyTake comes includes a cloud-based gallery where you can keep all of your screen grabs and recorded movies, which you can access from any computer.


  • File sharing in bulk
  • It is possible to share the public URL
  • Images, movies, and documents may be viewed online using the built-in file viewer. It enables you to design your own own shortcut keys. Devices having mobile capabilities are supported by the video player.


  • Video recording is limited to five minutes in the free edition. Video files are only stored in the MP4 format. There are only a few editing options

An example of how to utilize TinyTake for video recording may be seen in this video:

7.OBS Studio

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux are the supported operating systems. OBS Studio is a sophisticated open source video recording and live streaming software that is free to use. Using custom transitions, you may construct scenes made of many sources: photographs, texts, window grabs, browser windows, cameras, capture cards, and more. Then you can effortlessly move between them using the transitions you define. OBS Studio, in contrast to many of its free rivals, includes a large number of functionality and configuration options.


  • Allows you to create several scenarios and use a variety of different sources. Includes an integrated audio mixer with source-specific filters
  • The application provides comprehensive configuration options. It does not include any watermarks. There is no time restriction for recording
  • Supports a number of different streaming providers.


  • Several people have expressed dissatisfaction with the UI
  • For non-technical people, the learning curve is severe. It has been reported to crash on a regular basis. Screen recording at a rapid pace is not recommended.

Take a look at this video to learn more about OBS Studio and how to utilize it:

Because of the abundant supply of screen recording solutions available on the Internet, it is almost certain that one will be able to locate both free and low-cost alternatives. Many consumers, on the other hand, are willing to spend their money on purchased software when they are looking for high-quality performance, a detailed presentation, and knowledgeable technical assistance.

Here are six paid screen recorders that have earned the confidence of consumers and critics alike and are continuing to grow their already dominant position in the industry.

8.iSpring Suite

The iSpring Suite is a fully-stocked authoring toolset that is specifically built for eLearning. An online training platform that contains a professional video studio, as well as a collection of additional resources for online teaching, such as a course authoring tool, a quiz creator, a conversation simulator, and an interaction editor The video studio enables you to create screencasts with voiceovers, video lessons with annotations, and screencasts that are accompanied by a presenter video, among other types of content.

After a screencast has been produced, it is simple to modify it: you may reduce background noise, insert media objects and annotations, delete unneeded parts, and add transition effects.


  • It is possible to record two videos at the same time: a screencast and a video taken with a webcam a recording of a narrative In order to edit video, it has a multi-track timeline. Imagery, visual cues, infographics, and subtitles are all included. Smooth transitions between scenes are achieved. There are no time restrictions for recording


  • There are just a few interactive and animation elements accessible
  • Only the mp4 video format is supported.

Watch the following video to have a better understanding of iSpring Suite and its features: The cost of the full toolbox is $970 per year. Trial period of 30 days is provided for free. (There is no requirement to use a credit card.)


Check out the following video to obtain a better understanding of the iSpring Suite and its features: Annual subscription fee: $970 (includes the whole toolset). Try it out for free for 30 days! (There is no requirement to use a credit card. )


  • It is equipped with a webcam. Separate tracks for audio, video, and cursor may be created and altered. It allows you to import films, music, photographs, and PowerPoint slides that are already on your computer. Captions, callouts, and quizzes may be added to your videos. Editing on a frame-by-frame basis
  • The company maintains a collection of royalty-free music and sound effects.


  • A screen recorder that is among the most costly in the world
  • There has been a reported slowdown on large and heavy projects
  • A multi-track interface that is constantly busy

Here’s a quick rundown of what Camtasia is all about: Price:$249. Trial for a period of 30 days is completely free.

10.Filmora Scrn

Windows and Macintosh operating systems Filmora Scrnis a dependable screen recording program that is particularly popular among gamers and other gamers. Using it, you may capture fast-moving scenes (at up to 60 frames per second on the Mac) while concurrently recording a webcam video. It also has a simple video editor that allows you to alter the appearance of the video as well as instructive tools that may assist you in drawing attention to the most important elements on the screen.


  • Can record from both your PC and your webcam at the same time
  • It supports over 50 file types for import and export, and it exports in a variety of formats. Picture-in-picture mode is a feature that allows you to take several pictures at the same time. Frame rates ranging from 15 to 120 frames per second
  • Supports recording in high definition and even 4K


  • It does not have advanced editing capabilities. There is a noticeable influence on performance in games
  • When editing, it has been reported to slow and freeze

Examine the following video instruction to learn how to use Filmora Scrn: Price:$19.99 for a one-year license or $29.99 for a lifetime license (whichever is greater). Trial period is completely free.

11.Movavi Screen Recorder

Windows and Macintosh operating systems A screen capture program that is simple to use, Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to record computer displays, capture camera and audio, save recordings as films or GIFs, and create screenshots. You may upload your records to Google Drive or YouTube and then share them with your audience using social media platforms like as Facebook and Twitter.


  • It has a camera and has the ability to record both the screen and audio at the same time or independently. Saves video in high definition and supports a variety of file types, including AVI, MP4, MOV, and MKV. Takes screenshots and makes changes to them
  • Scheduled recording is possible. The recording includes a mouse cursor display.


  • There is no video editing feature built in
  • You must use a third-party software. The trial version has a time limit of 5 minutes for recording. There have been reports of occasional crash concerns

In this video, you will learn how to utilize Movavi Screen Recorder: Price: $39.95 for a single computer. Free seven-day trial period.

12.My Screen Recorder Pro

OS:Windows My Screen Recorder Pro is a feature-rich screen recording utility that captures anything that appears on the computer screen, including the full desktop, menus, cursors, and video with sound, among other things. Also possible is the simultaneous recording in high-definition resolution of your camera or mobile screen in addition to the desktop screen.

Along with industry-standard formats such as AVI, WMV, and MP4, the screen recorder now supports WebM video, which is ideal for sharing or posting to your website or blog.


  • It is possible to record camera or smartphone screen in addition to desktop screen recording. Video output in the AVI, WMV, MP4, and WebM formats are supported. Scheduled recording is possible. Recordings are automatically uploaded to any FTP account
  • When the screen is hidden, it is possible to safely monitor it.


  • There are few editing options available
  • There are no animations or transitions

Watch this video to learn more about the choices and settings available in My Screen Recorder: Price:$129.95. Free trial with a restricted number of features.


FlashBack is a full-motion screen recorder with a straightforward, user-friendly interface that runs on Windows. You may record your screen, as well as your webcam and microphone, and then improve the recording with the help of a built-in video editor by adding words, arrows, photos, and highlights to the video.


  • Several monitors are recorded
  • Includes a webcam
  • Allows you to apply distinctive and customized watermarks to your photos
  • Upload videos to YouTube or FlashBack Connect in seconds, or export them as MP4, GIF, WMV, QuickTime, AVI, or Flash. Provides zooming and panning capabilities


  • It is difficult to make changes to current demonstrations. Only files in the FBR format are permitted to be imported. It does not keep track of the movement of the windows that are now open.

Price: $49 for a single computer. Trial for a period of 30 days is completely free.


Both free and paid tools from the best screen recording software can be effective methods of capturing the work-related or entertainment activities that take place on your computer’s screen in real time. Whether or not you should spend money on one of the goods listed above will depend on the type of the jobs you need to do. Professionals who are working on eLearning video projects may find theiSpring Cam Proscreen recorder to be of the most assistance. Users that are well-versed in technology and possess strong technical abilities may want to use the free ShareX screen recording application.

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