How To Refund Minecraft Windows 10


How to get a Refund on Minecraft windows 10

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Choose SettingsApps from the Start menu by pressing the Start button twice.

Log in to your Order history () and select Request a return from the drop-down menu.

See the Microsoft Terms of Sale for further information.

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How to Get a Refund for Minecraft

It’s possible that you’ve purchased Minecraft but haven’t had time to play it, or that you just don’t enjoy it, and that your next natural move is to seek a refund. However, due to the fact that Minecraft is accessible in a variety of versions and on a variety of platforms, the refund procedures might differ. If you’re wondering how to receive a Minecraft refund, you’ve come to the right place. This post will go through the situations under which you can seek a refund as well as the actions you must take to complete the request.

How to Get a Refund for Minecraft Windows 10

For Minecraft Windows 10, you’ll have to submit a refund request using your Microsoft account. Under specific cases, Minecraft will grant refund requests, but only in certain conditions:

  • You have a reasonable justification for asking a refund
  • Since the purchase, it has just been a little more than 14 days. You only spent a little more than two hours playing the game. We’re certain that you did not acquire the game from an unlicensed vendor.

If you meet the requirements, please follow the steps below to seek a reimbursement:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Account by visiting the Microsoft Accountpage. Select “Order History” from the drop-down menu under “PaymentsBilling.” Locate Minecraft and click on the “Request a Refund” button. You must specify the reason for returning it. If required, provide a more detailed description of your circumstance. To complete the request, follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Get a Refund on Minecraft Marketplace

It is dependent on what device you were using when you made the purchase if you have purchased the incorrect item in the Minecraft Marketplace or wish to receive a refund for Minecraft Coins. The method is as follows: Because Minecraft Marketplace is available on Windows 10 and all devices that support the Pocket Edition, you’ll need to get in touch with the customer service department of the store where you purchased the item to obtain a refund.

  • It is dependent on what device you were using when you made the transaction if you have purchased the incorrect item in the Minecraft Marketplace or want a refund for Minecraft Coins. It is necessary to contact the support team of the respective shop in order to obtain a refund since Minecraft Marketplace is accessible on Windows 10 and all devices that can run the Pocket Edition.

How to Get a Refund on Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The fact that Minecraft Bedrock Edition is accessible on a variety of platforms means that whether or not you are eligible for a refund is dependent on the company’s policy. A refund must be requested within 14 days of the purchase date and only if you have played the game for less than two hours, according to the terms of most firms.

The Bedrock Edition is available for download on Windows, iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices, among others. To learn more about each company’s return policy, click on the links provided below:

  • For Windows, go to this link and sign into your account
  • For Mac, go to this link and sign into your account
  • For Linux, go to this link and log into your account
  • For iOS devices, go here
  • For Android devices, go here
  • And for Fire OS devices, go here.

There may be no refund options available on certain platforms, while others may give partial returns within a specified time period. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, it’s critical to take action as soon as possible to avoid more damage.

How to Get a Refund on Minecraft Dungeons

Although some sites do not issue refunds, some do so on a limited basis and with strict time constraints. Because of this, acting quickly after understanding you’ve made a mistake is essential.

  • Since you purchased it, it has just been a little more than 15 days. That identical purchase has been made two times. Someone else exploited your account to make the transaction without your knowledge or consent
  • Even after troubleshooting, you are unable to play the game.

Fill out a refund request form, including your contact information and an explanation of the problem. We encourage that you provide photographs to substantiate your allegations.

How to Get a Refund on Minecraft Xbox One

After purchasing the Minecraft Xbox version, you can seek a refund using the Xboxsupport website. You must keep in mind that you are only eligible if the game has been purchased less than two weeks and you have played for less than two hours. Otherwise, you will not be eligible. The following is the procedure for requesting a refund:

  1. Visit the XBox Support website for further information. To sign in to your Microsoft Account, click here. Select “Minecraft” from the list of “Purchases that may qualify for a refund.” Then select “Request refund.” The name of the product and the order number will be filled in automatically
  2. Provide a thorough explanation of why you’d like a refund. Also included are images to back your allegations
  3. Simply click “Submit.”

How to Get a Refund on Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mobile users may play Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is the game’s mobile version. Despite the fact that it is no longer known by that name, the game is still accessible for Android, iOS, Windows phones, and Amazon Fire tablets. The mobile app provides a gameplay experience that is nearly identical to that provided by the PC and console versions. When seeking a refund for Minecraft Pocket Edition, you’ll need to get in touch with the firm that sold you the game in question. Refund procedures vary depending on the firm you’re dealing with, just like they do with other games that are accessible on various platforms.

  • Apple iPhone and iPad customers should utilize this page to submit a refund request
  • Those using Android devices can obtain a refund by going to this link. If you purchased Minecraft on your Fire Tablet, you may receive a refund by clicking on this page.
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Act Quickly When Requesting a Refund for Minecraft

It is possible to request a refund for Minecraft, but whether or not you will receive one is dependent on a number of variables. How long it has been since you purchased the game and whether or not you have previously played it for a specified amount of time determine your eligibility for a prize. In the majority of circumstances, you’ll need to file a refund request to the firm from which you originally obtained Minecraft. We hope you found our post to be informative and that you have learnt how to receive a Minecraft refund.

What steps did you take to resolve the situation?

Learn How To Refund Minecraft And Know What is Minecraft Refund Policy

Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games, having sold about 200 million copies across many platforms and boasting more than 125 million active players. This platform, created by the Mojang Studios, allows its users to explore a blocky, 3D world with an endless amount of terrain, as well as extract raw materials, construct structures, and produce equipment. Nevertheless, if you have already purchased the Minecraft gameplay and now desire to seek a refund, you must first determine whether or not the Minecraft gameplay is refundable.

As a result, we recommend that you read this article through to the conclusion in order to clear up any questions you may have about Minecraft’s request for a refund.

Minecraft Refund Policy:

Minecraft is a video game that is available on a variety of platforms and has around 15 different editions. As a result, the return policy may change based on the version of the book. Its most notable incarnations are the Java Edition, as well as the Xbox Edition and Windows 10 for mobile devices.

Can you Refund Minecraft Java Edition:

Yes, you have the option to seek a refund for Minecraft Java Edition. If you request a refund from Mojang Studios within 15 days of making your purchase, you will receive a full refund from them. It is important to note that reimbursements are only available in limited conditions.

How to get a refund for Minecraft:

If the reason for the refund is within the company’s refund policy for Minecraft return Java, you may submit a request for a refund. The following are the actions that must be taken in order to receive a refund for Minecraft Java:-

  1. In the first instance, navigate to the Minecraft Customer Support Service website
  2. Fill in your email address and first name, which are associated with your Minecraft account. Afterwards, from the selection list, select the one you want to be returned as “Minecraft Java Edition”
  3. After that, type in the in-game name of the Java account. The Transaction ID must be entered in the next step. Afterwards, pick ‘Refund Request’ from the drop-down selection that appears. There will be a place where you may elaborate on your refund request and even attach any files or images to your submission. Take note that you must provide both the Transaction ID and the Order Number in this area. Finally, press the ‘Submit’ button to complete the process.

Can you refund Minecraft Windows 10:

In order to obtain a Minecraft refund for Windows 10, you must do it using your Digital Microsoft Store, just as if this were the location where you purchased the game. Before we can discuss how to receive a refund on Minecraft for Windows 10, you must first complete the following requirements:-

  • Returning a game for a valid cause might include the following: you purchased it by mistake, someone purchased it without your knowledge, or the game is not functioning properly. In order to return the game, it must be returned within 14 days after purchase. The total amount of time you spend playing on all platforms cannot exceed 2 hours. In order to receive a refund, only the original Minecraft game itself is eligible, not any of the downloadable content or add-ons.

How to refund Minecraft Windows 10:

The following are the main things to consider while determining whether or not to refund Minecraft Windows 10 Edition:-

  1. In the first instance, go to the Microsoft website. After that, go to Microsoft’s account page and sign in using your credentials. Afterwards, go to the ‘PaymentBilling’ tab in the top area of the screen. Select ‘Order History’ from the drop-down menu. Look for your Minecraft game that you purchased
  2. Once you’ve located it, click on the ‘Request a Refund’ button. On the following screen, you must pick a cause for the game’s return from a dropdown selection
  3. And Fill out the textbox with any extra information you may have. Continue to follow the on-screen directions until you reach the last step.

The refunding Minecraft Windows 10 service is a self-service option, and if the request does not violate the requirements of a refund, the refunding Minecraft Windows 10 service will be accepted instantly.

Can you Refund Minecraft request for other Edition of Minecraft Game:

As you are aware, Minecraft is a game that can be played on a variety of platforms; thus, the method for obtaining a refund is dependent on the business from where you purchased the game. Learn that seeking refunds on platforms like Amazon’s Kindle, Apple, or Nintendo is not a possibility while using a digital device. Other platforms may give a refund if you cancel within a certain time frame or if you request a partial return.

  • Refunds for Minecraft: Android Edition may only be acquired during the first 2 hours of playtime, according to the game’s terms and conditions. If you purchased Minecraft playtime for the PlayStation 4 and desire to seek a refund, you may do so using the ‘Chatbot’ that can be found on the PlayStation Store Customer Support page within 14 days of your purchase.

We hope that this information has assisted you in submitting a proper request for a Minecraft refund given the conditions.

Can you get a refund for Minecraft Windows 10? – ElectroAnswers

For those who have purchased Minecraft for Windows 10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Kindle/FireTV, iOS, or Android and wish to receive a refund, they must go to the website of the platform on which the game was purchased and manage their account there. Inquiries about the Microsoft digital shop are handled by the company’s customer service staff here.

How do I fix Minecraft Windows 10 not working?

How Do I Resolve the Minecraft Won’t Launch Issue on Windows 10? Solution 1: Preliminary Corrections. Solution 2: Log into Minecraft as an administrator. Solution 3: Put an end to all Minecraft processes. 4. Run the game in Compatibility Mode to see whether it works. Solution 5: Install the most recent graphics card driver. Solution 6: Uninstall the mods. Solution 7: Reinstall Minecraft on your Windows-based personal computer.

How do I get a refund from Minecraft?

Log in to your Order history (and select Request a return from the drop-down menu).

If you do not see the option to Request a return, it is possible that your purchase will not be eligible for a refund. See the Microsoft Terms of Sale for further information. When your return is approved, we will credit your account with your refund.

How do I get a refund from Minecraft marketplace?

You’ll have to get in touch with Store support for the device that you used to make the transaction. Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible for a refund. prior to 3 days

Can I refund Minecraft dungeons?

If you believe you have purchased the game on the incorrect account, please contact our support staff here, and we will be pleased to assist you in obtaining a refund for your purchase. You will be able to re-purchase the game on the proper account in this manner. Please be advised that there is a 15-day return policy from the time of purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

Can you refund Minecraft bedrock edition?

If you contact Microsoft support, they will issue a refund within 14 days of your purchase. Have you contacted them and requested assistance first? You may play Minecraft Bedrock Edition on this website. Minecraft Bedrock is available in a variety of versions on the Microsoft Store, including versions for the Xbox, PC, and phone.

Can Minecraft Java play with Windows 10?

As long as “Minecraft: Java Edition” is still supported on Windows 10, you may opt to play Java Edition instead of the main Minecraft game from the Windows Store on your PC, even if it is running Windows 10. Short version: “Minecraft” can be played on any platform, while “Java Edition” can only be played on a platform that supports “Java Edition.”

Which is better Minecraft Windows 10 or Java?

The Java edition of Minecraft consumes significantly more resources than the Windows 10 edition of the game. This appears to be more of a Java problem than a Minecraft problem. Consequently, if you don’t want to make any more modifications to the game, choosing the Windows 10 edition is a preferable option. Everything in Minecraft Java Edition versus Windows 10 is covered in this article.

What to do if you bought the wrong Minecraft?

If you wish to replace your purchased version for a different one, you must contact the appropriate support team in order to obtain a refund and exchange your copy for the new version you choose.

Can Java and bedrock play together?

To exchange your bought copy for a different version, you must first contact the appropriate support team to seek a refund and exchange your copy for the new version you wish to use.

How do I know if I have bedrock or Java?

both world BARS (with a name, version, and an image) are used on the world menu; however, Bedrock refreshes the picture and Java does not. For those who like console editions of games, Bedrock offers the paper doll located in the upper left corner of the screen. It is also possible to have coordinates under the doll if the player chooses to enable it in the world settings.

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Should I get bedrock or Java?

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is the best option for the majority of casual users. If you’re a die-hard Minecraft fan who enjoys experimenting with the game’s code and seeing new features before the rest of the world, the Java Edition is the best option for you.

Is Minecraft Java Edition dying?

The Java version will not be phased out as long as there is no non-10 Windows version available.

There are more Windows users playing Minecraft without 10 than there are with it, and the game just isn’t compelling enough to convince someone to upgrade their entire operating system to it. They will not destroy Java until a version is available for the majority of operating systems.

Why is Minecraft more expensive on PC?

Minecraft is pricey due of the fact that it is highly investable. If you make some Minecraft contributions (such as a Minecraft broadcast, maps, or mods), you may be eligible to receive donations.

Self-service digital refunds are on the way to Xbox One and Windows 10

The Xbox Insider Program previously revealed that when you purchase an app or game on either Xbox or Windows 10, you will soon have the option of getting your money back without having to contact a Microsoft support staff first. Requesting a refund will be a straightforward procedure:

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account at ChoosePaymentBillingfrom the drop-down option on the left. Order History
  2. SelectOrder History
  3. Locate the app or game that you purchased and then selectRequest a refund

If you want to get a refund, you must meet the following requirements:

  • In order to receive a refund for games and applications purchased within two weeks of the date of purchase, you must have fewer than two hours of usage across all accounts on that device. DLC, season passes, and DLC are not eligible for refunds through the self-service system. Before claiming a self-service refund, the game or application must have been downloaded and launched at least once. Before claiming a refund, you must wait at least one day after the game or app’s release date has passed. Certain Windows 10 programs may not be eligible for a self-service refund if they are purchased through the Windows Store. Presumably in response to the developer’s requirements
  • In addition, Microsoft stresses that it maintains the right to deny access to customers who misuse the self-service refund feature. Consequently, users who regularly purchase and then return games in order to try them out are likely to face a ban on the site.

In an age where physical material is being phased away, digital refunds are becoming increasingly crucial. The cost of providing Microsoft with an automated way for recovering these reimbursements is likely to be less expensive than the cost of having a person determine whether or not the requests are real and genuine. There is a good chance that Microsoft will employ some type of mechanism to guarantee that the system isn’t exploited, so don’t anticipate this to be a platform-wide demo opportunity.

Please let us know if you are able to view it as well in the comments!

It was not going to work.

5 reasons why Microsoft canceling ‘Project Andromeda’ was the right choice

Because of our reporting, Microsoft’s Project Andromeda was given a thorough reveal. While many Microsoft fans are disappointed with the company’s decision to terminate the project, there are very few grounds to assume it would have been a success. Here are five explanations for why it was a good idea to murder the operating system. Still on the chopping block

We take a look at Microsoft’s canceled Andromeda OS project

Ever wondered what Microsoft’s scrapped version of Windows for the Surface Duo would have looked like? Well, now you can find out. We now have our very first hands-on look at a pre-release build from mid-2018 operating on a Lumia 950, putting an end to all of your questions. Andromeda OS has previously been revealed to you in mockups, and now it’s time to witness it in action on video.

Question: How To Mod Minecraft Windows 10?

How to Install Minecraft PE Mods / Addons for the Windows 10 Edition of the game.

  • Locate the More Chairs By file on your computer’s hard drive
  • Select both of the two folders and then click “Extract” to begin the extraction process. Choose the place where you wish the two folders to be extracted, or leave the default location alone. Open up your “Downloads” folder once more and look for the folder labeled “More Chairs by Genta.”

Do Minecraft mods work on Windows 10?

This version of Minecraft is fundamentally different from the Minecraft: Java Edition, which was released earlier this year (also known as the PC Edition). This means that any modifications or saved games created in the Java Edition will not operate in the Windows 10 Edition. In-game, you may purchase add-ons that are particularly designed for the Windows 10 Edition, if you so want.

Can you mod Windows Minecraft?

Additionally, because Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta is developed in C++ rather than Java, as was the case with the original PC version, it will be more difficult, if not impossible, for players to create their own custom modifications. The revelation hasn’t gone over well with Minecraft aficionados.

How do you install Minecraft mods?

Using the Minecraft Forge, you may add modifications to your game.

  1. 1. Confirm that Minecraft Forge has already been installed on your computer. A Minecraft Forge mod may be obtained either through this site, the Minecrft Forums, or any other location. Find the minecraft program folder on your computer. Drag and drop the MOD file you just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder on your computer

How do you download Minecraft mods on Windows?

To open the Run window, hit Windows + R at the same time, then type percent AppData percent and click Enter.

Double-click on Roaming, and then on.minecraft to launch the game. The modifications folder may be found in this location. The files you’ve downloaded should be placed in the modifications folder.

Is there mods for Minecraft Windows 10?

Minecraft Marketplace delivers all of those Java-based modifications to the Windows 10 Edition of the game – but at a cost. In a joint announcement, Microsoft and Mojang have stated that they will be creating an official Minecraft shop where community producers will be able to sell their material to gamers. This includes adventure maps, skins, and texture packs, among other things.

Can I play Minecraft on Windows 10?

There are two versions of Minecraft that may be run on Windows 10: the conventional desktop version and the Windows 10 Beta version (which is currently in beta). Both are available for download through the download page. Windows 10 Beta includes cross-platform play with Pocket Edition, and you can acquire a free download voucher from your Mojang account if you already have one.

Can you mod Minecraft realms?

At the time, Minecraft Realms does not accept modifications, but it does feature a large number of custom games and worlds created by people that participate in the Realms community. It is compatible with both vanilla Minecraft and modded Minecraft server environments.

Are Minecraft mods free?

Minecraft mods are modifications and additions to the 2011 Mojang computer game Minecraft that are created independently by users. There are many of these modifications available, and anyone may download them for free from the internet.

How do you get a mod on Minecraft PC?

  • Install the Minecraft Forge add-on. Installing the right version of Minecraft Forge on your Windows or Mac computer is required in order to run modifications on your computer. Choose the mod file from the drop-down menu. Make a copy of the file Launch the Minecraft launcher on your computer. Select Launch Options from the drop-down menu. Select the most recent release
  • Select “Game directory” from the drop-down menu. Open the “mods” folder on your computer.

Where is the mod folder in Minecraft?

Locating the Minecraft mods folder on your computer. Before you can install a mod, you must first locate the minecraft folder on your computer. Start by typing percent appdata percent into the location box of the Windows Explorer (on Windows 7) and by clicking Open in Minecraft (on Mac OS X).

How do I add mods to forge?

How to Install Mods for the Minecraft Forge Environment.

  1. Step 1: Double-check that Minecraft Forge has been successfully installed. Minecraft Forge to be downloaded and installed. Download a Mod for Minecraft Forge
  2. Step 3: Locate the Minecraft Application Folder
  3. Step 4: Install the Mod. Step 4: Drag and drop the mod you just downloaded (a.jar file) into the Mods folder. Step 5: Select a Minecraft Mod Version to Install

How do you download mods on Windows 10?

How to Install Minecraft PE Mods / Addons for the Windows 10 Edition of the game.

  • Locate the More Chairs By file on your computer’s hard drive
  • Select both of the two folders and then click “Extract” to begin the extraction process. Choose the place where you wish the two folders to be extracted, or leave the default location alone. Open up your “Downloads” folder once more and look for the folder labeled “More Chairs by Genta.”

How do you install mods on PC?

Modifications must be installed.

  1. On the Nexus website, you may look for modifications. Ensure that you thoroughly read the description of each mod. Select the Files tab from the drop-down menu. Select “Download with Manager” on the appropriate file(s) for the mod that you require
  2. Wait for the modifications to download in NMM before continuing. Select the mod you wish to install and press “Install” to complete the installation.
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How do you add mods to Minecraft jar?

Installing Minecraft modifications is simple.

  • Step one is to download the modifications. Step 2: Locate the minecraft.jar file on your computer. Preserve an extra copy of the mincraft.jar file (optional) in Step 3
  • Changing the minecraft.jar extension is the 4th step. Step 5: Using the archive program, open the minecraft folder as well as the mod file. Step 6: Replace the minecraft.jar files with the new ones.

Are Minecraft mods safe?

Some modders maintain personal websites from which you may download their mods directly from the source, although it might be difficult to determine whether or not a personal website is secure. Going to a site such as The Minecraft Forum, where mod developers publish their mods, is the safest way to obtain Minecraft modifications for your game.

Will mods come to Minecraft bedrock?

Because Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) never gets modifications and only gets add-ons, and because the blocks and things are restricted, it’s difficult to figure out why. Modding is making changes to the game’s core files, which are frequently created by amateur developers. Mods are available for Minecraft Pocket Edition, but you will need to install a modified version of the game in order to use them.

Will Minecraft console get mods?

No, modifications will never be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (which is no longer available for purchase), Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3. A lot of people believe that mods will never come to the Minecraft Xbox One Edition, especially since that the Xbox One Edition will no longer get any further updates with the release of the new Better Together Update for Xbox One.

How do I get a refund for Minecraft Windows 10?

Sign in to your Microsoft Account if you have one.

PaymentbillingOrder history may be seen via the top-level menu bar. You may request a refund by going to the game or app you’d like to return and selecting “Request a refund.”

Can you still get Minecraft Windows 10 for free?

Minecraft on Windows 10 is now available. Minecraft: Java Edition owners who purchased the game before October 19th, 2018 will be able to get Minecraft on Windows 10 for free by logging into their Mojang account. You can claim your gift code by logging into your account at and selecting “My Games” from the drop-down menu.

Can I play Java Minecraft on Windows 10?

Java Minecraft has a tremendous community that resides on thousands of servers throughout the world. There is currently no way to play with individuals who are running Java Minecraft, but that’s fine – join into your Xbox Live account and play against up to ten pals in a realm, which is really simply an encrypted server managed by Mojang.

How do I get regular Minecraft on Windows 10?

Here’s how you go about it:

  1. Access your Mojang account by signing in. You should be able to view the details of your Mincecraft purchase at the top of the page. If you look towards the bottom of the page, you should see “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.” After that, all you have to do is click on the box that says “Claim your free copy.”

Can you mod Minecraft on the switch?

That is not to imply that the Minecraft Switch edition is without flaws, though. Due to the low-powered hardware on the PC, it has far smaller worlds than its console equivalents. It is also significantly less accessible to modders than any of its console competitors. Minecraft is now available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch.

How can you get mods on Minecraft PE?

  • Install the MCPE Addons application. It is possible to download and utilize Minecraft modifications straight from your iPhone with this software. Open the MCPE Addons folder. Look for a moderator
  • Choose your favourite modification
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD button. If at all possible, get out of the advertisement
  • To begin, press the INSTALL button. Select “Copy to Minecraft” from the drop-down menu.

How do you install Pixelmon on Minecraft?

What is the best way to install Pixelmon Mod?

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge API on your computer before you begin. Go to the Start Menu and type percent appdata percent /.minecraft into the search box. Pixelmon mod jar file may be downloaded from the link provided below. Make a copy of the.jar file and place it in the.minecraft/mods/ directory
  2. Open the launcher and pick the Forge profile from the drop-down menu. Have a good time

How do you add mods to a Modpack curse?

Technology Launcher is used to install modifications.

  • Start the Technic launcher and choose the modpack you want to use. Select Modpack Options from the drop-down menu by clicking on the gear symbol. To open the modpack file path, click the Open button to the right of the path. Navigate to the mods folder and double-click it
  • Make a copy of the mod that you downloaded and put it into that folder. Start playing your game

How do I open a.jar file?

You must have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer in order to open a jar file in Windows. As an alternative, you can access the files included within the jar package by using decompression tools, such as an unzip application.

How do you mod Minecraft with twitch?

Locate your game profile in the Minecraft portion of the Twitch App and then click on the picture to open it in your browser. If you hover your cursor over it, a View Profile popup window will emerge. In most cases, you should be on the Mods page by default, and if you haven’t already, you should see a GET MODS button in the center of the window.

How do I find my minecraft folder on Windows 10?

Press Win+R, then type percent appdata percent.minecraft into the Run box, and then hit Enter. Select ‘Go to Folder’ from the Go menu in the Finder, then input the path /Library/Application Support/minecraft into the Go box and press Enter.

How do I add mods to Factorio?

In-game access to the Mod Portal: Mods downloaded from the Mod Portal website may be accessed via the “Mods” option in the game’s Main menu. When you click the “install” button, a list of the mods that are currently accessible on the Mod Portal will be shown. Players may browse through modifications, which will then download and install themselves for them.

Can I refund Minecraft Windows 10 edition?

When you purchase an app, game, movie or television program from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 or Xbox One, you are not entitled to a return unless the offer or relevant legislation specifically indicates that you are eligible for a refund. I had expressly requested the Java edition, and he ended up paying $40 for the Windows 10 edition.

Can Minecraft mods give you a virus?

Mods: Additional material for Minecraft may be obtained through the use of’mods,’ which are unofficial modifications to the game that can be either tiny or huge in scope.

While there is a slight danger that you will unknowingly download viruses or malware onto your computer if you download one of these’mods,’ there is no reason to be concerned.

What age is Minecraft appropriate for?

Minecraft has been certified as acceptable for children aged 7 and up to 13 years old, depending on the version of the game being played. When children sign up, they are not required to provide proof of their age.

Do mods damage your computer?

Some modifications contain faults that might cause crashes, although the reason is not particular to the mod in question. It might be as simple as dividing by zero to solve the problem. They can cause damage to a computer if the user overloads the system (for example, by causing the graphics card to overheat), but they are otherwise rather safe. “Flickr” provided the image used in the article.

How To Refund Minecraft Java

a rating of one out of five stars Minecraft does not function properly – do not attempt it! On August 7, 2019, a review was conducted in the United States. UPDATE: There has been no reimbursement yet. There is still no software. I’m still irritated. In any case, while Amazon and Microsoft both claim that I never purchased anything, at the very least it is a “confirmed buy” review. Do not, under any circumstances, purchase this code if you value your time or your money. The code does not function properly.

My e-mail had the access code, which I entered after clicking on the link and then following each and every step in exactly the same way.

The code did not function properly.

The code did not function properly.

In the end, I was able to speak with an actual human at Microsoft after being on wait for an hour.

After a second hour of troubleshooting with Microsoft customer support, there was still no resolution to the problem.

While I waited for them to address their server troubles (which took a day or two), I gave it another go.

This time, I received an error message stating that the “code has already been used.” At this time, I was really fed up with the situation and decided to contact customer support once more.

I made sure to follow the directions to the letter.

A couple of days later, I received an e-mail from Microsoft informing me that my refund request had been declined because they couldn’t locate any evidence that I had purchased this program from them.

Despite this, the code did not function.

All that’s left is a dissatisfied youngster, a few pointless e-mail conversations, a faulty phone, and a code that doesn’t even function.

This code should not be purchased.

Better still, avoid purchasing this or any other product that Microsoft would “serve” since you will simply be left with a lighter wallet and a stress level that will leave you unable to function normally.

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