How To Set Gif As Wallpaper Windows 10


How To Use an Animated GIF As Your Desktop Background on Windows 10

Customizing your desktop backdrop is one of the most effective methods to make Windows 10 seem more like your own computer or laptop. You’ve probably heard about beautiful static backdrops, but have you ever thought about animating your wallpaper instead? Learn how to use an animated GIF as your desktop backdrop on Windows 10 to add some life to your desktop environment. Unfortunately, the usage of animated desktop wallpaper is not supported by Windows 10 out of the box, as previously stated.

In this post, you’ll discover how to leverage third-party solutions to set an animated GIF or a movie as your Windows 10 desktop wallpaper using a third-party application.

Method 1. Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine – Tutorial & Testimonials Wallpaper Engine is one of the most technologically advanced tools available for creating your desktop wallpaper. It enables you to design your own backdrops, as well as import films, webpages, and other media from other people. A one-time fee of $3.99 USD will be charged for the use of the application. Download: Wallpaper Engine is available for purchase from the official website for $3.99 USD. Following the download and installation of Wallpaper Engine, you may begin personalizing your desktop.

  1. Wallpaper Engine will be launched. Alternatively, if you purchased the application through Steam, you will also need to download the Steam launcher. Select the monitor that you wish to personalize from the list. Choosing the option to clone your wallpaper will allow you to utilize both displays simultaneously. To locate new desktop backgrounds, navigate to the Discover and Workshop sections. Because of the wide search features, it is simple to find animated backgrounds that you like. Click on theSubscribebutton once you have chosen the backdrop you wish to use for your subscription. Using this method, you will be able to use the animated backdrop on your computer. Each theme has a number of customizable options, such as animation speed, soundtrack, and other elements to experiment with. Experiment with different settings to further personalize your desktop and create an atmosphere that is compatible with your setup.

Method 2. Plastuer

Plastuer is being introduced. Plastuer is a simple tool that allows you to quickly and easily put animated GIFs as your desktop backdrop. Additional feature allows you to designate even HTML5 websites as your setup’s wallpaper, allowing you to take use of the robust WebGL support that is available. Create dynamic, animated desktops for the cheap price of $2.00 USD with this software package! Plastuer’s creators have made it possible for you to choose your own pricing for the program. Download: Purchase Plastuer from the official website for a minimum of $2.00 USD to pay the PayPal costs that will be incurred during the transaction.

Method 3. BioniX Wallpaper

UniqueTutorials BioniX GIF Wallpaper Animator is a free tool that allows you to create the animated GIF wallpaper appearance you like. It’s a useful piece of software that allows you to set any GIF or movie as your desktop background. It’s highly user-friendly, and it makes an otherwise difficult task much more manageable. Download: You may get the most recent version of BioniX for free from the company’s official website.

Method 4. VLC Media Player

Despite the fact that VLC is primarily a media player, it contains a plethora of hidden features that you are probably unaware of. For example, you can use a video as your desktop wallpaper, which is one of these features. Download: You may download the most recent version of VLC Media Player for free from the official website.

To set your desktop wallpaper after downloading and installing the VLC Media Player, open it and go to the video you wish to use as your desktop backdrop. We propose that you look for an infinite loop from one of the following resources:

Following the acquisition of a looping movie that you wish to utilize as your desktop backdrop, follow the instructions in the following tutorial.

  1. If you want to run the Run program, simultaneously press the Windows and the R keys on your keyboard
  2. Copy and paste the following route into the text box, then press the OK button: % appdata % MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup
  3. % appdata % MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup
  4. Next, open a new File Explorer window and travel to C:Program FilesVideoLANVLC, where you will find thevlc.exe file
  5. Then close the File Explorer window. Right-click on vlc.exe and select “Send to Desktop” (create a shortcut on your computer’s desktop). Make a copy of the VLC Media Player shortcut on your desktop and drag and drop it into the Startup folder you previously created. Properties may be accessed by right-clicking on the shortcut and selecting Properties. The Target field should be modified to look something like this, except instead of the highlighted information, you should enter your username and the location of the video you wish to use as your background: C:Program Files (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN (x86)VideoLAN “C:UsersSoftwareKeepDesktopVideo.mp4”
  6. Then clickApply to save your changes and dismiss the window. Whenever requested, grant administrator permission for the shortcut to be created.
  1. Do you require assistance? See our tutorial on how to make a local user an administrator in Windows 10 for more information.
  1. Double-click on the shortcut that you just created and saved. Your dynamic wallpaper should appear on your computer’s desktop right away.

Final thoughts

If you require any more assistance with Windows 10, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you. Continue to visit us for more in-depth articles on topics such as productivity and current technologies! Would you want to be notified about promotions, offers, and discounts that will allow you to purchase our items at the best possible price? Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter by providing your email address in the box below.

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How do I set a gif for background windows 10

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Hello According to what I understand, and according to what has been read, you can achieve it with the help of external applications. If you choose, you may use VLC to make a movie your desktop wallpaper. Simply open the movie and seek for the “put as wallpaper” option under the video menu. Please keep in mind that this is not a Microsoft website. The material on the page appears to be true and safe to access. Keep an eye out for advertisements on the site that may promote things that are usually labeled as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Products).

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How to Set an Animated GIF as Your Wallpaper in Windows 10

Are you searching for a quick and simple method to add some personality to your Windows desktop? You should experiment with using a GIF as your background. An excellent compromise is struck between the more intense nature of video backgrounds and the static high-quality of a normal image in terms of quality. While it may be simple to set a GIF wallpaper on a smartphone, Windows does not natively allow this, necessitating the use of third-party software to accomplish this. On Windows 10, here’s how to set a GIF as your desktop background.

How to Set a GIF Wallpaper on Windows 10 Using Plastuer

Plastuer can assist you in setting up animated GIFs, movies, and HTML5 webpages as your desktop background. To generate animation on the desktop, it makes use of WebGL and the open source Chromium web browser. It will cost you $5, and you will receive a download link in your email inbox. You just have an hour left before the download link expires, so don’t waste any time waiting. Plastuer, on the other hand, may be used continuously after the ZIP file has been downloaded. Multiple displays are supported by the program.

Once you’ve chosen a monitor, you may choose an animated GIF in a variety of ways.

  • Use theURL field to direct it to a source for a GIF (we’ve included a list of some excellent GIF providers later in this post)
  • Using theCreate Playlistfield, you can also add several URLs at the same time. Select a GIF file from your computer by clicking on theSelect File option. Alternatively, you may choose a GIF from the Plasteur collection by selecting Browse Gallery.

Any time you want, you may turn off the current wallpaper by selecting it and pressing theDisable Wallpaper button. In addition, you might wish to go into the settings (by clicking the sliding buttons symbol in the top-right corner) and configure the behavior of the wallpaper while a full-screen or maximized program, such as a movie or a game, is running. By default, Plastuer automatically identifies full screen and maximized programs, allowing you to halt animations and save RAM while you work.

How to Set a GIF Wallpaper on Windows 10 Using BioniX Wallpaper Changer

BioniX Wallpaper Changer is a piece of software that allows for a plethora of personalization choices. You may design themes, distribute wallpapers to friends quickly, download wallpapers in bulk, and perform a variety of other things. For the sake of this article, we’ll concentrate on the functionality that allows you to set a GIF as your wallpaper. Install the program when it has been downloaded. It’ll start up on its own without any assistance. When it happens, press the keys Ctrl + F to look for a GIF file on your computer’s hard drive.

  1. It is necessary to double click your image once it has been put into the playlist area in order to make it your Windows desktop wallpaper.
  2. You are not need to use a single animated GIF.
  3. Then, select theCountdowntab to determine how frequently the wallpaper will be changed.
  4. BioniX Wallpaper Changer may be downloaded here (Free)
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How to Set a GIF Wallpaper on Windows 10 Using Rainmeter

Rainmeter is one of the most widely used desktop personalization programs on the market. While it is possible to utilize it to set up an animated GIF wallpaper on Windows, the procedure is difficult for a novice user to get through.

Consider checking out our article on how to utilize an animated GIF wallpaper with Rainmeter if you’re up for a challenge. However, unless you want a really sophisticated solution, you should stick to the various approaches indicated above.

Make Your Own GIF Wallpapers

One of the quickest and most straightforward methods of creating your own animated GIF wallpaper is to start with a movie. The use of GIF tools, such as Giphy’s GIF creator, may help you transform videos into animated GIFs. As an alternative, you may obtain them through websites such as:

Ensure Your System Is Powerful Enough for a GIF Wallpaper

Keep in mind that animated wallpapers might unexpectedly consume a significant amount of your computer’s resources in order to produce the visuals. The more detailed and detailed the animation, the more resource-intensive it will be. If you find that your computer is running slower than usual, the animated wallpaper could be to blame; whether this is the case, remove the wallpaper and check if your system returns to normal. For those who have a powerful graphics card and sufficient system memory (at least 4GB), animated and video wallpapers may be a great addition to their desktop.

  1. Learn how to customize your live wallpapers.
  2. Want to add some life to your Windows 10 desktop with animated backgrounds and wallpapers?
  3. What you need to do is as follows.
  4. He is best known for his role in the film The Great Gatsby (807 Articles Published) Joe was born with a keyboard in his hands and began writing about technology very shortly after birth.
  5. Joe Keeley has more to say.

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How to set a GIF as a wallpaper in Windows 10

Hello there, everyone! As part of our ongoing series on Windows 10 hacks, we’re going to teach you how to get rid of those pesky static wallpapers that you see everywhere. Starting today, you will be able to set animated GIFs as your backgrounds on your computer. This one, for example. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve already learned that GIFs are not supported as desktop backgrounds in Windows 10. As a result, we will download a third-party software that will do this function for us.

They are nearly identical, however BioniX is completely free, whereas Plastuer is a little investment of time and money.

Paying that amount results in a more user-friendly interface and software that is a bit easier to navigate.

Alternatively, you may click here to get directly to the Plastuer procedure.

What is BioniX?

Hi everyone! I’d like to welcome you all to my website! Our next installment in our ongoing series of Windows 10 tips and tricks is a tutorial for removing your standard static backgrounds. You will be able to use animated GIFs as your background starting today. This one, for instance. In the event that you’re reading this, you’ve probably already noticed that GIFs as desktop backgrounds are not supported by Windows 10. So we’re going to download a third-party software to take care of it on our behalf.

They are nearly identical, except BioniX is completely free, and Plastuer is only a few dollars.

If you wish to pay any amount, the minimum is 2 USD. Paying that amount results in a more user-friendly interface and software that is slightly easier to operate. Let’s start with Bionix, who was selected as our Free selection. You may simply go directly to the Plastuer technique by clicking here.

  • Set up a playlist of backgrounds (which can include animated GIFs) that you can switch between
  • Decide how frequently the modification will be implemented
  • Specify whether the order of the wallpapers will be determined by chance or if they will be swapped in accordance with the order you specify. There are many additional characteristics as well, but for the sake of this essay, we’ll concentrate on the ones listed above. We invite you to experiment with the application
  • It is entertaining and quite simple to use.

How to download BioniX?

Organize a collection of wallpapers (which may contain animated GIFs) that you may switch between. Establish the frequency at which the change will be implemented. Specify whether the order of the wallpapers will be determined by chance or if they will be swapped in accordance with the order you specify; There are other additional characteristics as well, but for the sake of this post, we will concentrate on the ones listed above. We invite you to experiment with the application, which is both entertaining and very simple to use.

How to install and use BioniX?

  1. Set up a playlist of backgrounds (which may contain animated GIFs) that you can switch between
  2. Determine how frequently the modification will be implemented
  3. Decide whether the order of the wallpapers will be determined by chance or if they will be swapped in accordance with the order you choose. There are other additional characteristics as well, but for the sake of this essay, we’ll concentrate on the ones listed above. We invite you to experiment with the application, since it is entertaining and quite simple to use.

What’s Plastuer?

Plastuer is yet another way for making your GIF wallpaper work; it is accessible as PWYW (Pay What You Want) software with a minimum donation of 2 USD to get started. In our own testing, we discovered that it is nearly identical to BioniX, but that its interface is more user-friendly and attractive in design.

How to download Plastuer?

  1. Continue to scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page, where you may enter the amount of money you wish to pay, with a minimum of 2 USD, and then click on theBuy nowbutton. Now provide your personal email address because, once you have completed the PayPal purchase, you will get an email with a download link. ClickConfirm

How to run and use Plastuer?

Please note that we did not mention installation when we stated “run and use,” and this is due to the fact that Plastuer is a portable software, which means that it does not require any installation in order to function. In general, the user interface is straightforward and straightforward, and it guides you through the process step-by-step. We were quite pleased with how nicely everything went. Take a look at what we found:

  1. Right-click on the downloaded zip file and select Extract all from the context menu. To extract this file, select the location where you want it to be extracted and then clickExtract
  2. The software may be launched by double-clicking on thePlastuer.exe file located in the extracted folder. We’ll start by selecting the displays that we’d like to be able to manage using Plastuer. Select the GIF you wish to use as your desktop wallpaper by clicking on the Select File button. For those who want to enter the GIF URL straight into the top bar since they don’t have it on their local computer, skip to step 7
  3. Otherwise, skip to step 8. ClickOpen after navigating to the desired GIF’s location and selecting the desired GIF. Now, click on the Save button. Choose the wallpaper arrangement and the backdrop color that will be shown behind the GIF image. We will return to step 5 and create a Playlist now that you have finished setting up your background. To add wallpapers to your playlist, you may now explore and pick them from your computer’s hard drive, or you can paste a URL, and the software will add the online wallpaper to your playlist immediately. Remember that you will have to pick the layout and the background color for each wallpaper that you add
  4. This is a necessary step. After you’ve finished creating your playlist, click Save. Save your playlist by navigating to the location where it will be saved, giving it a name, and then clicking Save. To begin working with your playlist, click Save. Determine the time of each wallpaper in the playlist, as well as whether the wallpapers should be shuffled or played in the order they were added. This may be accomplished by selecting the appropriate checkbox. Finally, the application provides a gallery of free wallpapers
  5. If you want to browse through them, go to the main menu and selectBrowse Gallery from the drop-down menu
  6. Finally, clickSave. You may now select a wallpaper from a selection of options
  7. That’s all there is to it. Your animated GIF backgrounds will now function flawlessly as long as the application is active on your computer. You may check if it is running by looking in the lower-right corner of your screen. The icon may also be changed to another wallpaper by right-clicking on it and selectingChange wallpaper from the menu that appears.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of factors that might prevent your microphone from operating as it should in Windows 10 and Windows 11 simultaneously. If you want to ensure that you obtain the finest possible solution, no matter what the issue is, you should read our complete advice first. If everything else fails, it’s possible that your microphone isn’t functioning properly or that your laptop’s internal microphone has to be replaced. Always consult with a professional in these situations to prevent wasting money on additional, unneeded repairs and replacements.

What can I do if my Windows 10 or 11 OS won’t shut down?

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to this difficulty, just as there are in many other similar circumstances. This exhaustive problem-solving tour will not reveal which one it is until you have thoroughly tested each and every option available. You’ll have to try each and every choice until you find one that appears to be working for you, regardless of what the scenario may be. If, for whatever reason, you are still unable to locate a solution, you might want to consider posting your question on this topic.

Can I remove the Xbox app from Windows?

The quick answer is that sure, it is possible. The way through which you may do this, on the other hand, may not be as evident as other approaches. Find out how to do it right here.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, putting a GIF as your backdrop in Windows 10 is simple as long as you are familiar with the apps that are required to make this feature work. Despite the fact that there are several similar applications available, these should suffice for the time being.

How did things turn out? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment area below. What did you do if none of these options worked out for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’re always delighted to engage in a dialogue with members of our community.

How to set a GIF as a Wallpaper on Windows 11/10

It is possible to modify the Windows desktop in a variety of ways. For example, Live Wallpaper, Windows 10 skins, themes, and a plethora of other options. Also included is GIF Wallpaper, which is a moving image format. Windows 11 does not natively support the setting of a GIF image as a wallpaper. Even if you try to set a GIF as your wallpaper, it will fail. Then Windows will select a single frame from the GIF File and display it onscreen. You don’t have to worry anymore because you can now set a GIF as your backdrop using some third-party software.

  1. However, it will need the usage of certain resources in order to make it function.
  2. Also, if you’re working on a laptop, The laptop battery will thus deplete quickly as a result of the animated GIF backgrounds.
  3. Then you should avoid using GIF as your desktop backdrop in Windows 11 and Windows 10.
  4. However, if you want to give your windows a more appealing appearance.
  5. What exactly is a GIF?
  6. However, there are a few things that you should be aware of when dealing with it.
  7. In each image, it is represented using a bitmap image format with an 8-bit per pixel resolution.

Using the 24-bit RGB color space.

The most advantageous feature is that the GIF format employs lossless data compression.

However, it does not make any concessions in quality.

Then, using this straightforward definition, you’ll be able to comprehend GIFs.

The visuals in this loop are constantly changing, one after another.

But believe me when I say that GIF will improve the appearance of your desktop.

Set a GIF as a Wallpaper on Windows 11/10

BioniX Wallpaper, also known as GIF Wallpaper Animator, is a free freeware program that allows you to display animated GIF files as animated GIF wallpaper. Wallpapers in the formats of GIF and AVI are supported. The best thing is that this program consumes very little RAM (about 0.02 GB) and very little CPU. GIF Wallpaper Animator is compatible with all Windows operating systems (XP, 7, 8,10, and Windows 11). Additionally, it may be installed on a USB drive. Furthermore, it may be used without having to install anything on your hard drive.

  1. Alternatively, you may install it on your hard drive.
  2. If this is the case, do not install it on your hard drive.
  3. BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator is a free download.
  4. (Size of the file: 3.50 MB) The BioniX Desktop Background Switcher will be available for download on the website.

That is included with the GIF / Video Wallpaper Animator program. However, instead of downloading the entire program, you may get just the parts you need. It is recommended that you only download the wallpaper animator application.)

Software Installation.

1.After you have downloaded and installed Video Wallpaper Animator, be sure to start it as administrator. 2.At this point, the setup will prompt you to select a target folder. When utilizing a USB drive, make sure you choose the drive from your list of options. If you don’t want to alter anything, don’t change anything. Simply click on the “Install” button. 3.After the installation is complete, the BioniX Wallpaper Animator application will be launched immediately.

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Download GIF from GIPHY.

You will now require a GIF image in order to import it into this program. In order for you to be able to set a GIF as your desktop background. When it comes to downloading a GIF image, there are several options. Moreover, you may save GIFs from Twitter. GIPHY, on the other hand, is the primary source of GIFs. So, here’s how to get GIFs from GIPHY and save them locally. 1. To begin, navigate to the GIPHY website and search for the GIF that you wish to download. For example, you may look up the term “Iron Man.” 2.


Right-click on the GIF and select “Save Image As” from the drop-down menu.

Navigate to the location where you want to save the GIF file, type in the file name, and then click on the Save button.

Set a GIF as your background windows 11/10.

For this program to work properly, you must first import a GIF picture into it. In order for you to be able to set a GIF as your desktop wallpaper. GIF images can be obtained from a variety of sources. Even GIFs from Twitter may be saved. GIPHY, on the other hand, is the most popular source of GIFs. So, here’s how to get GIFs from GIPHY and save them. 1. To begin, navigate to the GIPHY website and search for the GIF that you wish to download. 2. Try searching for the term “Iron Man” as an example.

The GIF will be displayed in full screen mode when it has been loaded.

Navigate to the directory where you want to store the GIF file, type in the file name, and then click on the Save icon.

Lively Wallpaper.

In addition to Lively Wallpaper, there is another free and open-source tool that allows you to set a gif as your desktop backdrop in Windows 11. It is available for download through the Microsoft Store. Officially, this app was created to be used as a live wallpaper setting. However, it does work with GIFS and video files as well as other formats. 1. Download the Lively Wallpaper App from the Microsoft Store and install it. 2. Launch the application and complete the basic setup process. 3. Once the Lively Wallpaper App has been launched, click on the Plus symbol in the left pane to expand it.

Select the Browse option from the drop-down menu.


6. In a new window, the creator of the GIF Wallpaper as well as his or her website will be requested. By selecting “OK,” you will be able to skip it. The GIF you choose will now be your desktop wallpaper, and you may close the window thereafter.

GIF Wallpaper Windows 11/10 – Summing up.

So, those were the two programs you could use to make a GIF your background image. There is also some other software available that does the same functions. However, some software programs are not available for free. That is why I have chosen not to include them in this essay. If you want to make a GIF your desktop wallpaper, Lively Wallpaper is the program to use. It is just a matter of selecting GIF File and setting it as your desktop backdrop. If you know of any better software, please let us know about it in the comments section.

How to make Animated GIF into Windows wallpaper

Customizing your Windows desktop wallpaper is one of the most effective ways for making your computer seem more like your own. You’ve probably heard of stunning static wallpapers or backgrounds, and the majority of us are fans of high-definition static wallpapers and backdrops. Have you ever considered changing the background of your Windows desktop wallpaper to make it more animated? Please continue reading because we will show you how to make your Windows wallpaper more animated by utilizing animated GIFs.

What is an Animated GIF?

TheGIFfile format, which is pronounced gif or jif, was originally intended for graphics, but it is now frequently used to produce simple animated visuals. Consider GIF as a small video that plays continuously in order to grasp how it works and what it does. Because GIFs are not technically ” videos,” we refer to them as ” animated pictures.” A GIF is a picture that does not have any sound attached to it. Furthermore, this file format was not meant to be used for animations; it just happened to be that way by accident.

GIFs have become more popular on all social media platforms.

As an example, consider the following scenario: Given that you spend the most of your day in front of a computer, it is almost certain that your Windows wallpaper is something that you enjoy looking at.

Can we set an Animated GIF as Windows wallpaper?

Unfortunatley, animated GIFs are not supported as backgrounds in Microsoft Windows 10. However, a variety of third-party programs are available for securely modifying your Windows wallpapers without the need to spend money or take up valuable CPU resources.

Can we convert Animated GIFs to Windows wallpapers?

Yes, without a doubt! For example, you may convert animated GIFs to Windows wallpaper using a variety of third-party programs like as Bionix, Lively wallpaper, Platuer, Stardock deskSpecs, and others.

How to convert Animated GIFs to wallpaper in Windows?

Check out the following information about the third-party software that was discussed earlier. So, let’s get started on this trip together!


There is no charge for this service.

  • Bionix is a publicly downloadable utility that can be used to convert GIFS images into Windows wallpaper
  • It can be downloaded here. It gives you the option to zoom in and out on the animation
  • Using Bionix, you can create animated GIFS and set them as your Windows wallpaper in a matter of seconds. Paint the GIF animation over or under your Windows desktop icons with this feature. It is compatible with a number of different Windows versions, including versions 8 and 10. Despite having all of these features, this program consumes a relatively little amount of RAM and CPU.

The following portion of this post will illustrate how to use Bionix to convert an animated GIF into a Windows background image.

Making an Animated GIF to Windows wallpaper using Bionix

Step 1: First and first, we must download the Bionix GIF wallpaper Animator from the company’s website. Step 2: Select the Bionix installation folder from the drop-down menu and press the ” Install ” button. After the installation is complete, step 3 is to wait for a couple of seconds. Step 4: Select the ” English ” language from the drop-down menu and click ” OK.” The sort of user interface for this Bionix wallpaper Changerapplication may also be customized in Step 5. The following is an example of how the Bionix GIF wallpaperinterface would look: As a result, you should have a collection of your best animated GIFs, from which you may choose one to use as your Windows wallpaper.

On this website, I want to look for the animated cartoon that I find the most entertaining.

In this step, you will upload the GIFs that you have downloaded to Bionix.

Lively Wallpaper

There is no charge for this service.

  • It is a free and open-source desktop utility that may rapidly modify the appearance of your Windows desktop by employing a magnificent animated GIF wallpaper without compromising system performance. It comes with a number of tools for creating an entirely new animated desktop backdrop
  • For example, This program includes built-in support for importing video files, allowing you to create eye-catching animated backgrounds with ease. You may rest certain that your system hardware will not be subjected to any additional burden.

Now, let’s have a look at how to use Lively wallpaper to convert an animated GIF into a Windows wallpaper.

Making an Animated GIF to Windows wallpaper using Lively wallpaper

Firstly, you need download the Lively wallpaper from the link provided above. Step 2:Now, on your computer, download and install Lively wallpaper. Step 3:Run the Lively Wallpaper program that you downloaded earlier. Step 4:The following is an example of how the Lively wallpaper interface would look: It is the animated GIF ” Eternal Light ” that I have chosen to be my Windows Wallpaper: Step 5:You may also upload a beloved GIF from your computer’s system file or by utilizing a URL. Step 6: I’ve uploaded my own favorite animated GIF to the program.

We were able to effectively set an animated GIF as our Windows background by utilizing Lively Wallpaper.


Price: Paid (starting at 5 dollars)

  • Plastuer is a helpful tool that converts GIF images into desktop wallpapers for Windows. When it comes to displaying GIFs on displays, it serves as your personal helper. It is a paid piece of software with a starting price of $5 and an increase in price depending on how many more features you want. It also has the capability of detecting the screen resolution associated with your computer, allowing you to show various GIFs on different displays.

Stardock DeskSpecs

Price: $10, with a free 30-day trial period included

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As soon as your computer is turned on, the first thing you see is your desktop wallpaper, which may have a profound impact on your mood for the rest of the day. Depending on your mood, you may wish to set a GIF as your desktop wallpaper, which may be anything from your favorite scene from the movie to something completely different. In Windows, however, you are unable to set an animated GIF as your desktop background. The steps outlined in this article will help you through the process of creating animated GIFs for Windows wallpaper.

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How to Set a GIF as Your Background in Windows 10

When using a Windows computer, your wallpaper or background is the image that appears in the background of the Desktop or Start screen. Personalizing your Windows desktop with a backdrop image of your choosing is just one of the numerous customization options available to you. Users may set whatever image files they wish as their Desktop backgrounds on any version of the Windows Operating System, as long as the images they want to use are in a format that is supported by Windows. Unfortunately, GIFs, on the other hand, are a completely other matter.

  1. Until recently, the Windows Operating System did not support the use of animated GIFs (or movies, for that matter) as Desktop wallpapers.
  2. Even if you explicitly instruct Windows 10 to use a GIF file as your desktop wallpaper, the operating system will only use a single frame from the animated GIF as your background (inherently, this will be the first frame of the animation).
  3. When it comes to playing animated GIFs as a computer’s desktop wallpaper, there are a number of tools that are compatible with Windows 10 that may be employed.
  4. On a Windows 10 PC, you may use a GIF as your desktop backdrop by following these steps:

Using BioniX Animated Wallpaper

It is important to note that BioniX Animated Wallpaper works exceptionally well when converting GIFs of smaller size (generally, GIFs that will not take up the entire screen) into Desktop wallpaper; however, if you convert a GIF the size of your entire screen into Desktop wallpaper, the program may end up displaying the wallpaper over your desktop icons. The fact that BioniX Animated Wallpaper is freeware is perhaps the most notable feature of the application – it will cost you nothing to download and use the program after you have installed it.

  1. Please visit theDownloadsection of this webpage and download theDesktop Background Switcherpackage, which contains theGIF Wallpaper Animatorprogram
  2. Once the program’s installation package has been successfully downloaded, travel to the location where it was saved and double-click on it to launch it. Follow the onscreen directions to complete the installation of the application by navigating through the installation wizard. The software should be launched immediately after installation. Once you have entered the software, select ToolsWallpaper animator from the menu bar. Directions: Navigate to the folder that contains the animated GIF file that you wish to use as your Desktop background
  3. To choose a GIF file from the list of GIF files that displays on the left, click on the GIF file that you wish the application to use as your Desktop backdrop. The GIF file will be set as your desktop wallpaper as soon as you complete this step. Several characteristics, like playback speed, quality and magnification, are customizable in the Wallpaper animatorwindow. You can even choose where on your desktop the GIF file will be animated by dragging and dropping it on the Desktop.
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You may then dismiss both the Wallpaper animator window and the main application, both of which will vanish to the notification area on your taskbar, where they will continue to operate in the background until you close them down. Changing your wallpaper is as simple as bringing up theWallpaper animatorwindow by clicking on the red dragon symbol in your taskbar on your taskbar.

Using Stardock DeskScapes

Compared to BioniX Animated Wallpaper, Stardock DeskScapes is a paid, but far more polished and sophisticated alternative. GIF conversion is only one of the many functions that BioniX Animated Wallpaper has to offer, while Stardock DeskScapes was created particularly for the purpose of converting GIF files into desktop backdrops, and as a result, it performs far better than its competitors in a variety of ways. Stardock DeskScapes is a considerably more powerful tool for the task than any other program available.

The good news is that you won’t be entering into anything blindly – Stardock DeskScapes offers a free 30-day trial so that potential customers can understand precisely what Stardock DeskScapes is all about before deciding whether or not it is something they want to spend their hard-earned money on.

Exceptional track record of completing many large-scale mission-critical projects on schedule and on budget in a timely manner.

How to set a GIF as wallpaper on Windows 10

In the event that you are weary of your computer’s static backdrop, you should be aware that there is a really simple technique to obtain a more active background by employing a GIF as your background image. Setting a GIF as your desktop backdrop isn’t as difficult as you may think, and we’ll teach you how to achieve it in today’s article.

Can I set a GIF as my PC background?

Windows 10 is, without a question, the finest Windows version ever created; it is colorful, configurable, and, in short, there is nothing to criticize. But what if we wanted to push the boundaries of personalisation to their limits? In the spirit of personalisation, wouldn’t it be lovely to have an animated GIF as a background image on the site? The GIF picture format is not supported as a desktop wallpaper in Windows 10 by default. In order to get around this restriction, we must rely on third-party programs to assist us.

While DeskScapes is a paid-for program, we may make use of BioniX, which is a free program that performs admirably.

How do I set a GIF as my background Windows 10?

  1. To begin, download and install the BioniXWallpaper application. Please make certain that you have obtained or made some high-quality GIF pictures prior to launching the app. Open the BioniX program and select the Toolsmenu from the drop-down menu. Select theWallpaperAnimatoroption from the drop-down menu, and the following window will appear: Find the folder in which your GIF images are stored and open it. Choose the one you wish to use by modifying the various options, such as the animation speed, magnification, and so on
  2. With the View demo photos button, you can now see the effect in action. Remember that the BioniX application must be active in order for GIF backgrounds to be shown properly. You may also configure the program to start automatically when Windows is launched.

How to set a GIF as your background Windows 7

In order to begin, download and install the BioniXWallpaper. Make sure you have obtained or made some high-quality GIF images prior to launching the app. Open the BioniX program and select the Toolsmenu from the left-hand navigation bar. Select theWallpaperAnimatoroption from the drop-down menu, and the following window will appear:; Find the folder in which your GIF pictures are saved and copy the path to that folder into your browser. Make your selection by modifying the various options, such as the animation speed, magnification, and so on.

Remember that the BioniX application must be active in order for GIF backgrounds to be used.

  1. Set up an image folder in which you will place all of the photos that you intend to utilize for your dynamic background. Now, right-click on your desktop and select Customize from the context menu. You will need to select Desktop background from the drop-down menu in the bottom left. Select the photographs you wish to use by clicking onBrowse and selecting them. To save your changes, click OK. Make any necessary adjustments to the size of your photographs. If you want your animation to be smooth, you’ll need to set the rotation interval to a low value. Make a copy of your modifications

Additionally, you have the option of utilizing the Okozo desktop suite, which will allow you to quickly and simply get a much more pleasing result. In order to get started, simply follow these instructions to install the 2.7 Mb application and set it up on your computer.

  1. Start the application
  2. Start the application. A number of other categories will be available to you through Okozo desktop, including Abstract, Cartoon, Movies and Galleries as well as Interactive and other options. Identify the desired category as well as the necessary plug-ins. The download procedure will now begin
  3. Click here for more information. Be careful to confirm your decision to activate the wallpaper at the conclusion of the operation
  4. Otherwise, the procedure will be terminated.

Last but not least, it must be stated that no matter whatever process you pick to animate yourWindows 7background, the system will invariably suffer in terms of overall performance. Because of this, only those who have a powerful CPU, an exceptional dedicated graphics card, and enough of RAM should consider implementing this adjustment. If you enjoyed the article, please leave a comment below and let us know which techniques you used to set a GIF as your backdrop on Windows 10 in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to put a GIF as your wallpaper in Windows 10? Yes, despite the fact that this is not a Windows feature, there is a solution, which is demonstrated in this article. What is the best way to make a GIF my desktop wallpaper
  • As demonstrated in this basic tutorial, you may use a specialist tool to set a GIF as your desktop backdrop
  • However, this is not recommended. What is the best way to make a GIF my lock screen on Windows 10? Whilst Windows 10 does not allow you to have an animated lock screen, you may set your lock screen to a slideshow and switch it off to allow you to set your account picture to a short movie. To do so, navigate toSettingsAccounts. Create your picture and then switch the webcam to video mode to complete the process. You may create a 5-second video to use as your account image by recording it on your phone. Is it possible to use animated backgrounds in Windows 10? Although Windows 10 does not provide this capability by default, you may create an animated desktop with theWallpaperEngine application.

How To Set GIF Wallpaper Windows 10?

Do you want to make your desktop wallpaper more vibrant? Let’s have a look at the next post since we will offer several methods for setting GIF wallpaper on Windows 10. Are you tired of looking at the same old, same old desktop wallpapers?

You want to replace them with animated GIFs, films, or animations in order to make them more vibrant every time you switch on your mobile device. In the next section, we will provide some straightforward instructions on how to set GIF wallpaper on Windows 10. Let’s continue reading!

How To Set GIF Wallpaper Windows 10

How can I make a GIF my desktop background on Windows 10? You may use the BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator program or Stardock DeskScapes to create your own custom wallpaper. We will provide you with thorough instructions on how to use both of these tools to set a GIF as your Windows 10 desktop backdrop.

Method 1: Use BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator

BioniX is widely recognized as the most widely used and fundamental tool for setting GIF images as Windows 10 wallpaper. This free software has up to 250 distinct features that allow you to customize your computer screen in a variety of ways, in addition to setting GIF pictures or AVI backdrops. So, how can you use this software to set a GIF as your Windows 10 wallpaper? To create a dazzling desktop wallpaper, simply follow the procedures outlined below. Obtaining and installing BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator on your PC is the first step.

  1. Here is the link to the download page.
  2. Open the BioniX software folder by selecting it in the File Explorer window.
  3. Let’s go ahead and double-click on the VideoWallpaper option to choose it.
  4. Step 3: Make a list of all of the things you want to do.
  5. It is then necessary to identify the Folder section, and you will need to go through the catalog until you find your GIF backdrop.
  6. Make use of BioniX.
  7. After that, click on Start, and the animated GIF wallpaper Windows 10 will be installed on your computer’s desktop.

Method 2: Use Plastuer

In addition to BioniX, Plastuer may be used to create an animated background for your website. However, unlike BioniX, this program is not free, and there is no free trial period, so you will have to pay a charge if you want to use it. How can I use Plastuer to put a GIF as my desktop wallpaper? Allow us to demonstrate using easy , uncomplicated procedures. Step 1: Download Plastuer from any web browser of your choice. Before you can begin installing the program, you must first unzip the package and then double-click on the software’s icon.

Choose a display device.

  • Fill in the blank area with a valid URL containing the GIF source to choose any animated GIF you choose
  • Add a large number of URLs after selecting the Create Playlist option. Select the Select File title option to go to the GIF file on your computer’s hard drive. Select a GIF from the Internet by selecting Browse Gallery from the drop-down menu.

Create a GIF background for your computer.

In order to complete the procedure, press the Save button on your keyboard. Note: If you do not want to utilize that GIF, you can disable it by selecting it from the Disable Wallpaper option.

How To Install Various GIF Pictures As Desktop Wallpaper Windows 10?

How can you create a GIF as your wallpaper from a collection of images? The directions will be published further down this page. First, begin the download of the BioniX Desktop Background Switcher by clicking on the Download button. Then you need download and install it on your smartphone. Step 2: Launch BioniX and then select the BioniXWallpaper section from the menu bar. A welcome message will appear instantly; let’s press the OK button to accept the message. BioniX may be accessed by clicking here.

  1. Create a GIF background for your computer.
  2. Create a GIF background for your computer.
  3. Select the picture on the right side of the window to see how your wallpaper will look before you purchase it.
  4. Click on the Full-screen magnification option in this window, as shown in the illustration below.

How To Switch Video Into GIF?

If you prefer a certain scene from a video, how can you convert it into a GIF? Here’s everything you need to know. Step 1: Download and install the free Video to GIF converter program. Free video to GIF converter is available online. Step 2: In the Browse Video section, select the video that you want to convert from your computer. Make any necessary adjustments in the Extract Frames box before selecting the Next option. Convert a video into a GIF format. Select Frame1 and then click on Remove if you wish to remove the GIF frame from the image in step 3.

After you have converted your movie to a GIF, you may use it as your computer’s desktop backdrop by clicking on the Make GIF button.

Wrapping Up

We’ve included some suggestions on how to change the GIF wallpaper on Windows 10. They may be long, but they are the most effective and practical ways available anywhere. In addition, further manipulations relating to this issue, such as transforming movies into GIF wallpaper, are addressed. We hope that you will be able to use these helpful strategies to make an excellent and visually appealing GIF backdrop for your computer. Perhaps you are considering a career in

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