How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration Windows 10


How to turn off the mouse acceleration feature on a Windows 10 computer, to get more accuracy with your mouse

  • If you don’t find the mouse acceleration function in Windows 10 useful, you may disable it completely. Acceleration (also known as mouse acceleration) is a function that alters the rate at which your mouse pointer moves depending on how quickly you remove the mouse from your computer – which can reduce accuracy when playing games. To turn off mouse acceleration, go to the mouse settings and uncheck the box labeled “Enhance pointer precision.” More articles may be found on the Business Insider homepage.

Generally speaking, the mouse acceleration option in Windows 10 is a useful one; it enhances the velocity of your mouse pointer proportionally to the speed with which you move it across the screen. As a result, you will attain your goal more quickly and work more efficiently. The unfortunate side effect of this is that you are significantly more likely to overshoot your aim, which is inconvenient in everyday situations and incredibly frustrating when playing games where precision is crucial. However, the good news is that it’s simple to stop — all you have to do is disable the hilariously called “Enhance pointer accuracy” setting, which performs precisely the opposite of what its name suggests.

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1.Click the Start button, then the Settings icon, which is shaped like a gear, to access the settings menu. To begin, open the Settings app on your smartphone. Dave Johnson/Business Insider is the source of this information. Then, in the left-hand pane, select “Mouse” from the drop-down menu under “Devices.” 3.Click on the “More mouse options” link. Photo: To access the old-style Windows Control Panel, you must first choose Additional mouse options from the menu bar. Dave Johnson/Business Insider is the source of this information.

Delete the checkbox next to “Enhance pointer precision.” Photo: Disable mouse acceleration by turning off the Enhance pointer precision option.

6.To close the dialog box, click the OK button.

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When it comes to Windows, mouse acceleration, also known as pointer precision, has been there since the operating system’s early days. It was developed with the goal of allowing individuals to feel more in control of their cursor; nonetheless, it has the potential to cause major confusion when playing games. When playing video games, many game experts recommend that you switch off mouse acceleration. However, not everyone is aware of how to do so; this is where we step in to provide assistance.

Why is it recommended for gamers to turn off mouse acceleration?

If you play video games where precise mouse movements give you an edge, such as first-person shooters, you understand how critical it is to ensure that your aim is not interrupted. It is possible to land more hits on your opponents and do better in your game if you make precise moves. The mouse acceleration function in Windows 10 allows your pointer to move based on speed rather than the physical distance traveled by your mouse. A long mouse movement over your entire table, for example, will not cover the same amount of screen real estate as a single little yet quick movement across it.

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This provides you with greater control over your cursor, which immediately improves your game aim. The movement of your mouse will become more natural, resulting in an immediate boost in gaming performance.

What popular games benefit from having mouse acceleration off?

If you play video games where precise mouse movements give you an edge, such as first-person shooters, you understand how vital it is to ensure that your aim is not interrupted. It is possible to land more strikes on your opponents and perform better in your game if you use precise movements. With Windows 10, you may enable mouse acceleration to have your cursor travel based on how quickly you move your mouse rather than how far you move it physically. For example, you may move your mouse carefully over your whole table and it will still not cover as much distance on your screen as a single short yet rapid movement can.

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Increased control over your cursor leads in an immediate improvement in your gaming accuracy.

  • Overwatch. Overwatch’s fast-paced action necessitates that you be on top of your game at all times. Every single second matters in this game. Any time spent attempting to correct your aim as a result of the mouse acceleration throwing you off might result in a loss in Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite is an immensely thrilling game because of the combination of the fast-paced building aspects with the requirement for precise aim and placement. The fact that you must continually modify your mouse movements, despite the fact that you are playing a third-person game, may cause you to lose focus on your adversaries in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. When you have complete control over your mouse, this revolutionary first-person shooter experience is the most fun. When you fail a task because you didn’t move your mouse quickly enough — or you moved your mouse too quickly — it might be really discouraging.

Why you may want to keep mouse acceleration turned on

Yes, we have just discussed the drawbacks of mouse acceleration—however, for some people, it may be preferable to leave the option switched on instead of turning off. If you’re working with a restricted amount of area, such as a small mouse pad or not enough table space, you might consider keeping mouse acceleration on. It allows you to cover more ground on your screen by simply moving your mouse at a higher rate. It will undoubtedly take some getting used to, but it may turn out to be a feature you like having when you are unable to enlarge your physical living area.

Bonus: We’ve included a brief instruction on how to enable mouse acceleration in Windows 10 as an added bonus.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to say goodbye to mouse acceleration, you may follow the instructions in the section below to successfully disable it.

Let’s get this party started right immediately!

Step 1. Open the Control Panel

You must first launch the traditional Control Panel in order to make rapid adjustments to your mouse settings. For those who have used previous operating systems such as Windows 7 or perhaps Windows Vista, this may be familiar territory. Although this panel has been mostly superseded by the Settings app in Windows 10, it is still accessible for usage in Windows 10. The first thing you must do is hit the Windows + R keys on your keyboard at the same time on your computer.

This will launch an application named Run, which is self-explanatory. In this window, you should be able to type in a text box. Type the word “control” into the text box and press the OK button. You should notice the Control Panel appear on your screen soon after clicking on it.

Step 2. Navigate to your mouse settings

When you are in the Control Panel, you must browse to the appropriate option in order to make changes to the way your mouse functions. To begin, make sure that your view mode is set to “Categories” in order to follow along with our instructions. This may be changed in the upper-right corner of the window. Then select the “Hardware and Sound” category from the drop-down menu. The action will redirect you to a new page with a fresh set of menu options. You should notice a “Mouse” link under the “Devices and Printers” title, which you should click on to complete the process.

Step 3. Disable mouse acceleration

You should be in the proper window, but you should be on the correct tab at this point. By default, the “Mouse Properties” window opens with the “Buttons” tab selected in the left-hand pane. This is not the location where the mouse acceleration settings are found. All you have to do is select “Pointer Options” from the drop-down menu that appears in the header part of the window. You should notice a section labeled “Motion” in this area. At first glance, it appears that the slider is just there to allow you to alter your sensitivity; nevertheless, take note of the single choice under the slider.

Making sure that “Enhance pointer accuracy” is not ticked will enough to turn off the mouse acceleration.

Right away, you should notice that your mouse movements are responding in a new way.

Bonus: How to turn on mouse acceleration

If you believe that having mouse acceleration enabled on your computer might be beneficial, we’ve put up a quick instruction on how to do it on Windows 10.

  1. Open theSettingsapplication from the Start menu of your computer. If you want, you may use the Windows + Ikeys on your keyboard. Select “Devices” from the drop-down menu. Make advantage of the left-side panel to get to the “Mouse” tab. Alternatively, you may click on the “Additional mouse options” link, which can be found at the bottom of the page or on the right side of the page. Select the “Pointer Options” tab from the menu bar. Double-check that the “Enhance pointer accuracy” checkbox is selected, then press theApplybutton. You should be able to observe the impacts of mouse acceleration very immediately.

We hope that this article was able to assist you in better understanding mouse acceleration as well as how to disable or enable it on your computer. You can always switch back and forth between the two settings — experiment and see which one improves your game the most. Want to learn more about Windows 10? Check out the links below. Please see our guide on how to fix mouse lag in Windows 10 for more information. If you’re looking for a software company that you can rely on to uphold its integrity and conduct fair business practices, look no further than

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How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

If you want improved mouse precision in Windows 10, you’ll need to turn off mouse acceleration. Here’s how to do it. Despite the fact that tablets and touchscreen devices are becoming increasingly popular, the computer mouse remains a necessary component for computer operation. The computer mouse has evolved significantly since it was first used in 1968, but the fundamental idea that underpins it has remained essentially unchanged. The acceleration of the computer mouse is one of the few recent advancements in computer mouse technology.

Although it is not always necessary, there are some scenarios in which disabling mouse acceleration may be beneficial. In order to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 10, you’ll need to perform the following steps.

What Is Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a method that is designed to make the usage of your mouse more efficient and convenient. When you make quick mouse movements, it operates by shifting the pointer a bit further away from the target. The quicker you move your mouse over the screen, the greater the distance it goes across the screen. Moving your mouse over a huge desktop screen may be made considerably more efficient as a result of this. If you want your mouse to go a great distance across the screen, simply move the mouse more swiftly across the screen.

Should You Turn Off Mouse Acceleration?

There are several scenarios in which deactivating mouse acceleration may be beneficial to you. Although mouse acceleration can be handy when moving your mouse from one side of the screen to the other, there are some situations in which you’d be better off without it. When you’re gaming, for example, one of the most apparent scenarios in which you should consider deactivating mouse acceleration is when you’re using a mouse with acceleration. Unless you plan on moving your mouse at the same pace all of the time, it’s generally best if you disable mouse acceleration altogether.

It might also be useful for other jobs in which precise mouse movements are required, such as gaming.

Instead of being dependent on the pace with which you move your mouse, a set reaction will provide you with more precision while using your mouse.

How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration

Fortunately, turning mouse acceleration on and off in Windows 10 is a straightforward operation that gives you the ability to turn it off in certain instances. Begin by selecting the Windowsstart menu symbol in the bottom-left corner of the screen. From here, select theSettingscog icon from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you may right-click the Start menu and selectSettingsfrom the drop-down menu. In theWindows Settingsmenu, choose theDevicesicon from the drop-down menu. Click theMousetab on the left-hand side of theDevicesmenu.

Uncheck theEnhance pointer precisioncheckbox under thePointer Optionstab in theAdditional mouse optionswindow, which will appear.

When this option is enabled, mouse acceleration will be turned off.

Improving the Windows 10 User Experience

Mouse acceleration may be disabled in Windows 10, but this is only one method of customizing the operating system to your preferences. For example, if you have a limited amount of screen real estate, you might relocate the taskbar to a different location or rearrange the Start menu to free up more space on your Windows 10 desktop screen. Alternatively, if you’re running out of space, you might consider freeing up disk space to accommodate new applications or to store more of your most critical files.

Of course, the quality of your Windows 10 experience is limited by the quality of the device you’re using. For some who find that mouse acceleration does not improve their accuracy, it may be necessary to acquire a new mouse for their PC.

How to turn off mouse acceleration

Mouse acceleration is a nagging little parameter that may be detrimental to certain players while being beneficial to others. In addition to being installed by default on Microsoft Windows systems, this malware is notorious for returning when you least expect it. For the vast majority of users, mouse acceleration will make little effect. While it may not seem like much to those who have a strong interest in first-person shooters — whether it’s Counter-Strike,Call of Duty,Overwatch, orVALORANT — it may be an enormous inconvenience.

  • This creates greater space for irregularity, reduces your muscle memory, and may cause your aim to become erratic or even skewed.
  • Disabling mouse acceleration is a straightforward process.
  • From there, choose your mouse from the drop-down menu and click the Pointer Options tab in the Mouse Properties box that appears.
  • This will take effect immediately and should be applied to all of your games automatically.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

  • Select StartSettingsDevices from the Start menu. Additional mouse parameters may be found by selectingMouse from the left navigation pane. Make a selection from thePointer Optionstab and deselectEnhance pointer precision before selectingApply.

A mouse pointer may become stuck on the screen or move erratically from time to time. This problem can occur in Windows 10 as a result of difficulties with mouse acceleration. Also covered: how to disable automatic mouse acceleration, the Enhance Pointer Precision function and how it might cause issues, and how to disable automatic mouse acceleration.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

If you are dissatisfied with the way this default option affects your computer use, you may disable it by following the procedures outlined below.

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Then choose Settings
  3. Under Windows Settings, click Devices
  4. And then click OK. While you are in theBluetoothother deviceswindow, clickMousein the left navigation pane
  5. When you are in theBluetoothother deviceswindow, clickMousein the left navigation pane Additionally, in theMousewindow, selectAdditional mouse optionsfrom the right navigation pane
  6. Then, in theMouse Propertieswindow, pick thePointer Optionstab and deselectEnhance pointer precision before clickingApply.

In case you decide that you don’t like the way your mouse moves after you’ve deselected this setting, you can always put it back on by repeating the same procedure and choosing it once again. If you’re still having troubles with your mouse, it’s possible that something else is going on with your computer. While cleaning a mouse can sometimes address a wide range of difficulties, there are a number of additional troubleshooting techniques you can do if your mouse is not functioning properly.

How Enhance Pointer Precision Affects Mouse Acceleration

Enhance Pointer Precision automatically adjusts the pace at which your onscreen pointer moves in response to the speed at which you are moving the computer mouse. By default, the Enhance Pointer Precision function in Windows 10 is configured to control mouse acceleration, and this is a good thing. However, because of Windows 10’s automatic speed calculation, your cursor may occasionally scream past something it shouldn’t or may not get to something as soon as you’d want, depending on the situation.

While you may utilize the Windows 10 settings to slow down or speed up your mouse, the Enhance Pointer Precision function can override existing settings and make using your mouse even more irritating. Thank you for informing us about this!

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration, Everywhere – Voltcave

Since Windows XP, a “feature” known as mouse acceleration has caused us to lose our bearings. What is the purpose of having it activated by default? Who knows what will happen? What is the significance of the term “increase pointer precision”? There’s an even larger mystery here. It may be disabled, and the consistency of your mouse movements will become immediately more apparent. This could just be the edge you’ve been looking for to get to the next level in Overwatch or CS:GO. This tutorial will show you how to disable mouse acceleration on nearly every operating system and game that makes use of the feature.

What does mouse acceleration do?

In the case of mouse acceleration being enabled, the greater the speed at which you move the mouse, the greater the distance traveled by the pointer. The usage of this function is beneficial while working with a tiny mouse space, but it might be harmful when performing activities that demand precise mouse movements, such as gaming. When you turn off mouse acceleration, your mouse and pointer will travel at a 1:1 ratio with no relation to speed. This enhanced consistency, according to theory, should allow you to better develop your muscle memory.

How to disable mouse acceleration

You’ll need to stop mouse acceleration in both your operating system and in-game settings if you want to avoid all occurrences of it. Please see the directions below for further information.


Using your operating system’s and game’s settings, you may prevent all instances of mouse acceleration from occurring. The instructions you need may be found further down on this page.

Black Ops 2

You’ll need to stop mouse acceleration in both your operating system and in-game settings if you want to avoid any occurrences of it. Please see the steps below for your specific situation.

Other Tweaks to Improve Your Aim

Your targeting potential has just increased dramatically as a result of disabling “Enhance pointer precision.” It’s really good. However, before you run off and practice your aim with your new settings, you should be aware of the following extra adjustments you may make to aid your cause.

Find your perfect sensitivity

Because acceleration is no longer a concern, your mouse sensitivity has become more constant. It is critical that you set it to a level over which you have complete control. This will differ based on how you hold your mouse and your own preferences. When you have the opportunity, try out the activity shown in the video below by Overwatch professional coachioStux to determine your optimal sensitivity.

Change Up Your Mousepad

The exercise shown above will most certainly lead you to the conclusion that your sensitivity has been adjusted to an excessive level. Using a lower sens will allow you to make more precise and delicate changes, but you’ll need more room to swing your arm about. This may need the purchase of a larger mousepad such as the SteelSeries QCK Large Cloth. In addition to upgrading to a larger mousepad, you could also want to experiment with a different type of mousepad as an alternative. The majority of individuals have only ever used fabric mousepads, and the thought of using plastic or metal surfaces does not even enter their thoughts.

My aim became more exact after only a little period of adjustment, and the variable friction of a fabric mousepad was no longer an issue for me to consider.

It’s possible that your mousepad simply requires a thorough cleaning!

In addition to being unsightly, the crud that accumulates on your mousepad over time adds unpredictable and needless friction to your mouse movement. Maintaining a clean mousepad is simple when you follow our instructions. You’ll be shocked at how much better your mouse moves once you do!

Get a Better Mouse

Despite the fact that this one should be self-explanatory, we thought it was still worth mentioning. If you’re using a terrible Amazon Basics or Chinese-equivalent mouse, no amount of tweaking will help you out of your predicament. Consider purchasing a mouse that is particularly intended for first-person shooter gaming, such as the Logitech G305, which is our all-around pick.

BOOM Headshot

Is this a reference that is too old? In any case, we hope this article will assist you in getting more headshots, or whatever it is that you require better aim for. We want to keep this article up to date so that you may refer to it no matter what operating system or game you’re playing on to get rid of mouse acceleration. Please let us know if there was anything we missed in the comments section below.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 7 and 10

In order. To. Hit. Your. Target. Okay, but let’s be serious. Mouse acceleration is not particularly precise due to the fact that it is nearly entirely dependant on how quickly you move your mouse from one point to the next position. By turning this off, your pointer will accurately represent the motions of your mouse. Because of the way first-person shooter games (FPS) use their cameras, this allows for exceptionally precise aim. It may also be simpler to create muscle memory if you turn off mouse acceleration.

  • When it comes to psychology, mouse acceleration has a significant impact on how your brain perceives and processes your motions.
  • When you have it turned on, your actions aren’t based on a precise place, but rather on the speed and direction with which you moved your mouse.
  • When you factor in the speed threshold for triggering mouse acceleration, you have a lot more information being pushed through your brain during critical, split-second judgments than you may think.
  • To bring it all together in a hypothetical setting, consider the following: Assume you’re in the middle of a game.
  • You can now hear footsteps behind you, and you’re 90 percent confident that you’ll be able to shoot them first.
  • With Acceleration of the Mouse: You tried everything you could to turn around as quickly as possible, but you quietly moved your mouse too quickly in the excitement of the moment and missed your target by a few inches.

Mouse Acceleration is not used in this scenario: you whip around the corner, place your mouse dead center on her forehead, and then take a headshot. You’re no longer alive. It turns out that you weren’t quite as quick as you thought you were. However, you were correct!

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration Completely in Windows 10

In its original form, the mouse acceleration function was known as Point Precision. This tool is still present in the Control Panel of the Windows 10 operating system. Using this function, your mouse cursor will accelerate and travel at a quicker pace than the rate at which you move your mouse. Since the release of Windows XP, the mouse acceleration capability has remained a part of the operating system. It was included to allow consumers to have greater control over their cursor, although it might provide a little difficulty for those who play video games on a regular basis.

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When it comes to turning off mouse acceleration, this article will walk you through the process step by step.

What Is Mouse Acceleration?

In order to place greater emphasis on the distance traveled based on speed rather than on the physical distance covered by your mouse, a new function called mouse acceleration has been introduced. As a result, if the mouse acceleration function is activated, the distance traveled by the pointer will increase as the mouse movement speed increases. This is made possible by the inbuilt sensor in the mouse pointer, and it works wonderfully if you just have a little amount of area to move the mouse about.

If your mouse is stuttering, you have a separate issue on your hands.

Why Should You Turn Off Mouse Acceleration?

Regular gamers are well aware that precise mouse movements are required when playing games. As a First Person Shooter, it is critical that your aim does not become swayed when you are in the middle of the action. The ability to score more hits on your opponents, as well as improve your overall performance in the game, will come from making accurate mouse movements. The mouse acceleration feature in Windows 10 will cause your pointer to travel in accordance with the speed you move the mouse, rather than the distance you move the mouse by.

Improved control over the mouse cursor allows you to better aim while playing as a result of this.

Benefits Of Turning Off Your Mouse Acceleration

Most video games need the usage of your hand-eye coordination in order to be successful in the game’s gameplay. In light of this, mouse acceleration might cause some significant issues in the following popular video games:

  • For most video games, successful performance in gaming necessitates the utilization of hand-eye coordination. When it comes to popular games, mouse acceleration might cause some significant issues in the following titles:

Why Should You Keep The Mouse Acceleration Turned On

Most video games demand you to use your hand-eye coordination in order to perform well during gameplay.

In this regard, mouse acceleration can cause significant issues in the following popular games:

How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10?

In order to permanently off mouse acceleration, you must first read the following tutorial in order to do so correctly. Easy-to-follow instructions make these approaches straightforward, and they will have you free and clear of the mouse acceleration function in no time.

  • Disable mouse acceleration using the Control Panel
  • Disable mouse acceleration via the Registry Editor
  • Disable mouse acceleration via the Task Manager.

Disable Mouse Acceleration Via Control Panel

As a default setting, the Point Precision function in the Windows operating system is enabled. It is, however, simple to switch off the system. To accomplish this, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • By pressing the Windows + X keys on your keyboard, you will be able to get Quick Access. Control Panel may be accessed by clicking on it. Make a selection in theHardware and Soundoption of the Control Panelwindow
  • Select your mouse from theDevices and Printerssection of the Control Panel.
  • From theMouse Propertieswindow, select thePointer Optionstab and click OK. Now, under theMotionsection, uncheck the option next toEnhance pointer precision to make it less precise.
  • From theMouse Propertieswindow, select thePointer Optionstab. Make a note of this in theMotionsection and uncheck the item next toEnhance pointer accuracy.

Disable Mouse Acceleration Via Registry Editor

Alternatively, if the mouse precision appears to be still being accelerated, you may choose to completely off the mouse acceleration option. This will allow you to enjoy your games without having to worry about the mouse acceleration curve interfering with your performance. To accomplish this, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Select Start > Search and type in Registry editor to bring up the Windows search box. Right-click on the first result in the search results and select “Run as administrator” from the context menu. Expand theHKEY CURRENT USERoption in the Registry Editor window, and then expand theControl Paneloption and selectMouse from the list
  • Make a double-click on each of the mousespeed, mousethreshold1, and mousethreshold2 parameters in turn. These may be found on the right-hand side of the screen. Set these values to 0 and then press the OK button.

Following is a description of the different settings of MouseThreshold:MouseSpeed string value1 = ON (Default), 0 =OFFMouseThreshold1 string value6 = ON (Default), 0 = OFFMouseThreshold2 string value10 = ON (Default), 0 = OFFThis will turn the MouseThresholds off. Another option is to make use of pre-configured registry entries, which allow you to alter the mouse acceleration and have more control over your mouse cursor.

How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 7 And 8?

Following are the measures to do if you want to know how to stop mouse acceleration on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  • Then, in the computer’s search bar, enter the word “Mouse.” The mouse choice will appear in the list with a 3D mouse icon to indicate that it has been selected. To access the mouse settings, simply click on the symbol. Select the Pointer Optionstab by clicking on it. Increase pointer precision may be disabled by deselecting the checkbox next to it.

How To Turn On Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10?

If you have previously removed the mouse acceleration feature or had it disabled by default but now require it to be enabled, please follow the procedures outlined below to do this:

  • To access the Settings application, press the Windows + I keys together. After that, navigate to Devices. Select theMousetab from the left-hand panel at this point. Additional mouse settings can be accessed either at the bottom of the page or on its right-hand side by clicking on them. Navigate to thePointer Optionstab and choose it. Click onApply once you’ve selected theEnhance pointer accuracy checkbox to allow the changes to take effect.

Bonus: How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Mac OS?

Users of Mac computers have also expressed concern about similar mouse aiming issues. Disabling the mouse acceleration on a Mac is also a straightforward process. The following are the two methods for disabling mouse acceleration in Mac OS X:

Via System Preference

  • Click on theMouseoption from the mouse settings menu and then onPointClick to activate the mouse.
  • There are also more mouse options to experiment with, such as tracking speed, secondary speed, and scroll direction. To modify the speed of the mouse cursor, move the mouse cursor up or down the tracking speed slider as needed. Although this will not totally deactivate mouse acceleration, the functionality may still be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Via Mac Terminal

  • Open the “Utilities folder” from within theApplications folder and then click on “Open the Terminal” to begin. You may also launch the Terminal by using the Cmd + Spacebar keys to bring up the Spotlight Search bar, and then typing Terminal into the search bar to bring it up. To find out whether or not your mouse is accelerating, enter the command “defaults read.GlobalPreferences” in the Terminal
  • If you wish to turn off mouse acceleration, enter the command “defaults write.GlobalPreferences -1” in the Terminal. Log out of your Mac system and back in again in order to save the modifications.

In the event that you off mouse acceleration on your system, what happens next? Immediately after turning off the mouse acceleration, you will notice that your mouse pointer is moving in a different manner. At first, the new movement will appear to be extremely sluggish. Always keep in mind that the mouse movement is now fully scaled to the cursor movement and is not impacted by the velocity of the displacement. You will find it difficult to get used to the mouse at first, but with time you will become accustomed to it.

  1. In addition, if you desire more accuracy and precision in games, you should play at a lower sensitivity than the default.
  2. Final Remarks This page is intended to provide you with a better understanding of mouse acceleration as well as information on how to stop it.
  3. And it is on the basis of this information that you may decide whether to enable or disable the mouse acceleration option.
  4. FAQs Is it better to have mouse acceleration turned on or off?
  5. It is possible to improve your muscle memory and performance when playing video games by using this setting.
  6. Is the acceleration of the mouse truly so bad?
  7. Despite its limitations, mouse acceleration can be useful for developing your muscle memory when combined with other techniques.

Navigate to the Control Panel and then to theHardware and Soundoption. MousePointerOptions may be found by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Uncheck the option to improve pointer precision and then click onApplyOK. Also, have a look

  • How to resolve the issue when the mouse pointer vanishes in Windows 10
  • It has been resolved that the mouse left click button does not work with Windows 10. It has been resolved that the USB Keyboard/Mouse stopped operating after the Windows upgrade. How to resolve the issue when the mouse pointer vanishes in Windows 10
  • Google Chrome is not downloading files on Windows 10
  • This has been resolved.

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How To Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows [Get Better Aim]

Even if you haven’t spent much time looking through the controls settings in a PC game, chances are you have come across an unobtrusive and seemingly useless tick box somewhere in there – one that has the words “mouse acceleration” written next to it. But what is mouse acceleration in its most basic definition? Does it have an effect on your ability to perform in games? What is the procedure for disabling mouse acceleration in the operating system? All of those questions will be addressed in greater detail later in this guide.

What is Mouse Acceleration?

In accordance with its name, mouse acceleration provides a direct relationship between the distance traveled by your pointer and the speed at which your real mouse is moved. If you want to put it another way, the faster you move your mouse, the faster your pointer advances on-screen.


Mouse acceleration is often highly handy for office work or even just browsing the web on a daily basis. To put it simply, it helps you to make the most of the movement space that you have at your fingertips. The circumstance where you had to raise your mouse and move it to the middle of the mouse pad while continuing to move your pointer in the same direction because you simply did not have enough physical room to “cover” your whole screen is one that you have definitely encountered. If you choose lower sensitivity settings, this is a regular problem that you may encounter.


Unfortunately, mouse acceleration may frequently have a negative impact on your gaming experience, and this can be due to a variety of factors:

  • Inconsistency in movement and decreased precision If you are playing a shooter game, the precision of your targeting can be seriously compromised by the acceleration of your mouse. Being that there is a direct relationship between the speed with which you move the mouse and how quickly the camera moves, high-pressure situations requiring quick reactions will invariably lead to your moving the mouse with greater force than usual, resulting in you missing your target
  • However, this is not always the case. Muscle memory formation has been hindered. If you are performing an activity that demands precise movement, muscle memory is essential. It enables you to do these motions precisely and naturally, without having to think about them. How does one go about developing muscle memory for certain tasks? The answer is simple: via repetition. The uneven movement response caused by mouse acceleration, on the other hand, makes it impossible to form muscle memory in your hands. As a result, reducing mouse acceleration can result in better, quicker, and more accurate aiming over time.
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How to Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

  1. Open the control panel
  2. Select Hardware and Sound
  3. Select Devices and Printers
  4. And then click OK. In the “Devices” section, locate and select your mouse. NOTE: Your mouse may appear in the list of devices as “USB Device” or “Bluetooth Device.” It will be necessary to open mouse settings if this occurs, which may be done by right-clicking the relevant icon and selectingMouse settings from the drop-down menu.
  1. Select thePointer Optionstab from the newly displayed window
  2. Then click OK. You will find a section titledMotion at the very top of the page. Uncheck the option labeled “Enhance pointer precision,” which is found just beneath the sensitivity slider. You’re finished when you click OK or Apply.

Simply said, mouse acceleration is turned off in Windows 10, allowing you to make accurate and linear mouse movements on both your desktop and in games alike. To be on the safe side, make sure that the mouse acceleration box is always unchecked in any game that you are currently playing. MSI Afterburner: How To Install and Utilize It

Mouse Acceleration Windows 10 (How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration, Everywhere)

Because it has been a topic of discussion for a very long time, mouse acceleration is a word that is fairly common among gamers today. Precision targeting is required in almost every skill-based shooting game, and this is handled by the mouse movement in almost all cases. As you can guess, your ability to compete in such games is only limited by the quality of the mouse you are using to play them. As a result, in gaming, the factors like as sensitivity, polling rate, and mouse acceleration are extremely important.

The purpose of this article is to explain the term “mouse acceleration,” how it impacts your gaming performance, and how to turn it off on your PC.

Maintain your attention until the end of the article, when we will provide some extra suggestions for improving gaming performance on your gaming mouse.

What is Mouse Acceleration?

A great deal of progress has been made in the computer mouse during the last several years. Instead of the traditional mechanical mouse, optical mice provide more accurate movement since they detect even the tiniest movement on your mousepad. When you are playing a game, the movement of the cursor is essentially the input that is being supplied to the computer, and this input remains constant. Mouse acceleration is a built-in function in both Windows and macOS, which makes this process a little more difficult to complete.

Therefore, when you move the mouse quicker on your mousepad, covering the precise distance, you will notice a bigger displacement in the cursor location.

It enables users to go to a certain area on the screen more quickly and without having to move the mouse around a lot.

In such a situation, mouse acceleration is really beneficial.

Why Should you Turn offMouse Acceleration?

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages of mouse acceleration, let’s talk about the drawbacks of mouse acceleration and why you should turn it off immediately. This area is particularly crucial for gamers since the acceleration of the mouse puts a significant amount of imperfection and inaccuracy into the movement of the pointer during gameplay. To aim in games such as CS:GO, Battlefield, Overwatch, and others, you will need to move your mouse across the screen. As a result, a gamer who has spent hundreds of hours playing a game develops muscle memory for the game’s mechanics and targeting speed.

If you flick your mouse quickly enough, you will almost likely overshoot your goal if this function is enabled.

Consequently, in order to get the required outcomes and create muscle memory that can be relied upon in a crucial battle situation, it is vital to disable mouse acceleration in such situations.

Types of Mouse Acceleration

Before we get into how to stop mouse acceleration, let’s have a look at the many types of mouse acceleration that are available and how they function together.

1. Positive Mouse Acceleration

Generally speaking, the mouse acceleration that is noticed in the vast majority of PCs is the positive mouse acceleration.

With an increase in the movement speed of the mouse, the positive mouse acceleration increases the distance traveled by the pointer while decreasing the movement speed of the mouse. To put it another way, the pointer will traverse greater distance when the mouse is moved more quickly than usual.

2. Negative Mouse Acceleration

Negative mouse acceleration, as the name implies, works in the opposite direction of normal mouse acceleration. With an increase in the movement speed of the mouse, this function reduces the distance traveled by the mouse while simultaneously increasing its movement speed. In most cases, problems with the mouse or the mouse driver are to blame for the negative mouse acceleration you’re experiencing. On the other hand, some applications utilize this functionality to provide a combination of positive and negative mouse acceleration, which might be advantageous in some video games.

How To Disable Mouse Acceleration

Now that you understand how critical it is to disable mouse acceleration, allow us to walk you through the steps necessary to do this. There are a variety of solutions available depending on your operating system as well as the version of the operating system you are using. As a result, from this guidance, select the most appropriate option for your system.

1. Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most popular version of the Windows operating system at the moment, and it is utilized by a large number of enthusiasts and professional gamers alike. If you are also running Windows 10, you may switch off mouse acceleration by following the procedures outlined here.

  • In the Windows 10 search bar, type “Mouse settings” and hit Enter.
  • Click on the first result that has a mouse icon next to it. Basic parameters such as primary buttons, scrolling speed, and cursor speed may be found in this section of the menu. Additional mouse options may be found by selecting the ” Additional mouse options ” link on the right side of the screen.
  • Check the top half of this window and select the “Pointer Options” tab from the drop-down menu
  • You will notice a section titled “Motion” at the top of the screen, which contains the cursor speed and acceleration options
  • Disable the checkbox labeled “Enhance pointer precision,” and then click “Apply.”
  • You may have noticed a sudden reduction in the fluency of your cursor movement
  • This is due to the mouse acceleration being turned off.

2. Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 7 and 8

If you haven’t had a chance to switch to Windows 10 yet, or if you simply prefer the look and feel of the old-school Windows operating system, you are most likely still running Windows 7 or 8. You may stop mouse acceleration on your Windows 7 or 8 PC by following the steps outlined below.

  • Enter the word “Mouse” into the search box on your computer’s screen. The mouse choice will now display in the drop-down menu, complete with a 3D mouse icon. To access the mouse settings, simply click on it. You will now be presented with the same window as previously, which has a variety of settings and parameters relating to your mouse
  • Select the “Pointer Options” tab from the drop-down menu. Next, uncheck the option that reads “Enhance pointer precision” and click “Apply” to save your changes.

3. Turn off Mouse Acceleration on a Mac step-by-step

Gaming on Mac computers is becoming increasingly popular these days, thanks to the official availability of Steam on Mac, as well as the availability of popular titles such as CSGO. In order to stop mouse acceleration when gaming on a Mac laptop or PC, follow the steps outlined below.

Option 1: Terminal

  • The Terminal is the most efficient method of disabling mouse acceleration on macOS
  • However, it is not the only method. Start up Terminal on your laptop or desktop computer. This may be accomplished using the utility folder located in the Applications area. To run the command, simply type it into the Terminal and hit the Enter key to start the process. defaults write.GlobalPreferences -1
  • Write.GlobalPreferences -1
  • You should restart your computer after the command has been completed. Check your mouse movements once you have restarted your computer. You will see that the mouse acceleration has been turned off.

Option 2: System settings

  • The System Preferences menu on a Mac offers an alternate method of resolving the problem. You may do this by simply clicking on the Apple logo on the main screen and selecting “System Preferences” from the menu. Locate and open the “Mouse” section of the document now. It is here that you will discover practically all of the options relating to the mouse as well as mouse movement
  • The tracking speed of your cursor with relation to your mouse movement can be controlled rather than the mouse acceleration being disabled. While this will not completely eliminate the effects of mouse acceleration, it will significantly reduce their severity.

What To Expect After Deactivating The Mouse Acceleration

Your cursor will travel much more slowly than it did previously as soon as you switch off mouse acceleration, so be prepared to notice a difference immediately. However, keep in mind that the movement you are feeling is completely proportional to the movement of your mouse and is not impacted by the displacement speed. You will experience some difficulty while adjusting to this at first, but you will ultimately become acclimated to the situation. If you believe that the mouse movement is too slow, you may increase the cursor speed from the mouse settings as well as from the keyboard settings.

Low sens on a gaming mouse lets you to move more accurately and lowers the possibilities of missing a shot due to superfluous mouse movements, which is beneficial in competitive gaming.

If you are still not experiencing any differences in the games you are playing, you should consult your system administrator.

And, if you are still dissatisfied with the performance of your mouse after disabling mouse acceleration, you may try a couple of the other suggestions listed below to see if that helps.

Other Options To Enhance Gaming Performance

A number of additional functions are available in gaming mice that are not available in conventional mice, which increase the overall performance of the mouse and provide the player a competitive advantage in gaming. Aside from the mouse acceleration, there are a few more things that you may customize. In this context, mouse sensitivity refers to the range of sensitivity options available in the operating system, which turns your mouse movement into digital cursor movement and vice versa. In the mouse settings box, you will discover a slider that allows you to adjust the sensitivity.

Mouse DPI: The majority of high-end gaming mice come with software that allows you to alter the DPI.

Increasing your DPI will increase the speed of your cursor for a specific mouse movement, while decreasing it will reduce the speed of your cursor for a certain mouse movement.

Mouse Polling Rate: If the control program for your mouse has the ability to adjust the polling rate, simply increase it to its maximum setting without thinking about it.

External Mouse Modifications

In addition to software modifications, you should consider making some exterior modifications to your gaming mouse in order to increase its overall performance. In general, investing in a high-quality, large-sized mouse pad is beneficial since it allows for more fluid movement while also providing more room for greater coverage. Aside from the mousepad, your desk itself must be large enough to accommodate the mouse’s movement comfortably. As a result, if there is insufficient available space, you will be forced to boost the in-game sensitivity, which will result in even more inaccuracy in aiming owing to minor undetectable movements of the mouse.


In the course of using a mouse, it is rather usual to think that the pointer on your screen moves in tandem with the movement of your mouse, which is only partially correct. Although, if you are using mouse acceleration, it is not fully constant. When it comes to mouse acceleration, there has been a lot of debate in the gaming world over whether it should be turned on or off. Even though a large number of professional gamers have been using their gaming mice without acceleration for decades, some are now experimenting with a customized version of mouse acceleration to obtain even better performance out of their mouse.

Detailed instructions on how to disable mouse acceleration on a variety of operating systems are provided in this document.

You will also discover information on the consequences of removing mouse acceleration, as well as some further tweaks that you can make to the mouse to make it even more responsive and responsive.

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